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Improve Your Hiring Success | By Trinity Employment | Tulsa Staffing

Over the past few years in hiring for different organizations all throughout Tulsa Oklahoma, I got to thinking about the percentages of frustration, mistakes, and failures that have been caused by having to work with mediocre and low performing employees. It blew my mind to realize how much time money, and headaches that could’ve been better hiring me measures could’ve been performed. Many of the managers that I work with and many of the hiring professionals that I’ve heard speak on this topic record such a high percentage will managers that say that one of the least enjoyable things about their jobs are caused by misfires of B and C level employees. And so wanted to go over something that I can be quite helpful for many looking to improve their hiring success.

The first thing that I would hire someone to do is to put measures in place to attempt to discover dishonesty. Many teams are easily able to get hard by most companies because they have a really great, and the right personality over the years have realized that most of these boys just simply have a good ability to sell themselves. You can tell is pretty when someone comes in and they are so outgoing and personable and friendly, yet the work history is just awful. This is someone smoke and headline too many employers. There is immediate experience with them was so positive that they just imagined and how great they would be if they continued acting and behaving this way. The background they ignore the work history which indicates that there is a completely different side to this intimate. As a hiring manager if you notice this type of behavior I highly recommend that you do some checking on the references. And I would even recommend that you go for that would be to have them set up references for you. Only your best candidates will be able to do this, do this quickly.

Recommend for any hiring manager to take a look at before someone is over, insufficient information. B and C level candidates can conveniently leave out information regarding their work history and skill sets. You’ll notice this because they are so really be able to disguise things are negatives by way of really entertaining story which in reality is actually a cover-up. So I want to encourage any employer read is that if the story just doesn’t really make sense, is sounds good, but it really doesn’t make sense; then you really need to ask follow-up questions. A good rule of the one asking follow-up questions is to ask the following: who, what, we, how, why. If you can find out the answers to these questions, it will really help you to understand the full story. Do not let these candidates who are great at telling a good story and are great at cover-up for one over on. You will pay the price if you do not figure out those five questions: who, what, when, where, why and how.

The last step in this process that I think can be so helpful is to verify information. In our current society lawsuits are frivolous and it has created a fearful group of employers that are scared to release too much information. What this has done if it is allowed your B and C level employees to be able to tell their colorful stories without them being able to be verified. I highly for you have each employee to set up reference calls for you the employer. By doing this you’re putting the responsibility to set up the references for you and by that alone, you will see whether or not they had good relationships with her past employers or not. Please keep in mind that many great employees might have had suffering relationships with their previous employers and that’s okay. But by having potential employees do this, will give you the opportunity to hear about those stories in a much greater detail.

Being able to verify information, find dishonesty, and determine when somebody is giving you insufficient information is paramount in being able to assist you in hiring the right person for your next car. No questions there are so many barriers, laws, and hurdles in the hiring process. However if you have a process you follow that helps you to determine the good from the bad, your company will greatly be impacted in money and time will be saved. I hope this helps you in hiring your next employee.

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