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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity employment specialists. We’re a staffing firm located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Um, one of the things that we always try to do is add value to job seekers and employers. It’s really important to us that we’re always trying to at least add value. Um, and so that’s the reason for this videocast that we’re doing today. I’m talking about different recruiting strategies that are gonna be for 2020, we’ve just gone through, or actually we’re still in the right, in the middle of it. We’re in July of 2020. No one’s ever going to forget 2020. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And, uh, you know, from a, from an employee or from an employer standpoint, it’s really weird time. Recruiting is not what it used to be. We are completely in a candidate’s world with our great Tulsa Staffing solutions.

Um, and that is weird because our unemployment rate shot up. I would, you would think that it would be the other way around, but it really is not right now, candidates have a little bit of time to try to figure out where they’re wanting to go to work. Most people who have been laid off got a really decent, uh, salary package. That was, uh, you know, if you, if you made a lower salary, all of a sudden you started making 50 grand a year because of the stimulus. I don’t know where this money is coming from. We just put $4 trillion into the market of Tulsa Staffing. I don’t know what this means for us longterm, but I do know that we really need to get serious and focus. If you’re going to try to bring in top talent, what is really weird. It w it’s not really weird.

It’s just true. Um, Steve jobs said that, uh, a T team of plus players will run circles around a team of B and C level players. And really you don’t want to bet on your strategies. I would bet way more on the people that you have. And so getting the best people in your organization, it really, really matters. So how do we go about recruiting them? Well, this is part two of, uh, of a section that I, that I, I just completed, but, um, I want to try to keep these underneath 10 minutes. So we’re going to go and do part two. The first thing that I talked about earlier is just your employer, branding. How is it that you’re going to go brand your employee, your, your company, um, and how do you go about to do it? What is it that you’re, that is being said about your company?

If a co if a candidate is going to go research you know that this is a candidate’s market, what are they going to read about your organization when they apply for a job? Is it going to take less than five minutes? Because anything over five minutes statistics shows, they’re going to log off your website. Isn’t that crazy? Um, you know, and in a lot of, a lot of us who have, we’re just older, I mean, I’m 45 years old. Um, I just an application filling out an application that meant something. So I was, I was really, truly willing to invest a lot of time in that. I didn’t think anything of it, if it were a difficult process, I just wanted, I thought it was something important. And that was something that I did. And it wasn’t a hindrance to me if it weren’t quick, fast, and easy with our great Tulsa Staffing services.

Um, but in today’s market, it’s quite different. Um, I remembered there was a guy that did, uh, he did a research project for, um, uh, the casino is one of the top casinos. I can’t remember which one it was, but it was one of the top casinos in Las Vegas. And what he wanted to do is he wanted to see, um, how long does it take until that somebody can wait in line to check into their hotel where we don’t need to be offering them a drink or a snack or something because of their frustration level. Now they did this same test. God, I wish I knew which hotel it was. It’s bothering me. And I can’t remember it. Um, they did the same test back in the eighties. You want to know how long you could wait in the eighties and it is no big deal when it comes to our Tulsa Staffing.

People were willing to wait for a little over 10 minutes in line, um, to check into a hotel until they become frustrated to the point where somebody needed to be coming in and bringing them a drink or something like that. Um, they did the same thing in 2018. You want to know how long people could, were willing to wait in line in checking into a hotel until they became frustrated. It was a little under a minute. So you, this should tell us a little bit as employers, what the general census of America is. And if you think about it, we’re used to getting things right now, you know, in, in my generation, we never had cell phones until after college. And so I remember a time where it, you know, if I didn’t know the answer to something, I was willing to wait until I could go research it and we are ready to get the top Tulsa Staffing solutions today.

Well, most people now are very used to it, and they have an expectation that they are going to get things right now. So it’s really important that you make your website, uh, tour. They can apply very, very quickly because you’ll lose a candidate. I spent a lot of time on that, but I need you. I want everybody to understand the importance of making sure that everything is easy, quick and efficient, because if not the attention span of the average human of the average American is not what it once was quite different. 10 minutes in the eighties, less than one minute in 2018. So let me, let me take it, look at the next thing. You know, we, we know about the, uh, the importance of that. The next thing is talent pools. How do you create your talent pool? Well, you can place ads and have ads come in for the best Tulsa Staffing today.

It’s really helpful to have thought, you know, save the resumes. You can index the resumes so that you can make them searchable on an applicant tracking system. All of this is important. Most larger companies are going to have access to this. Um, but you need your recruiters to be able to have access to talent pools. And so how can they do that? And one of the things that I think can be very helpful is having a group of people that they can reach out to, to ask for candidates, let them know we’re looking for someone and getting a referral service going to is a real, real. And it’s an, it is, uh, an attractive thing to employees and other people that you reach out to, um, every phone call from your recruiter needs to, uh, reach out to that person. See if they’re interested if they are not interested in the best Tulsa Staffing by far.

And they just don’t happen to be a good fit. A followup question is, do you know of anyone that might be a good fit for this? We would love to give you a referral fee. Um, and this is one of the most powerful recruiting tools that you can get. Also, you can implement this same kind of referral system on social media platforms, and you can utilize the power of your employees, uh, social media profiles to be able to do it if you make it advantageous for them. And so not only do you need to make it available to them for a referral service and let them get paid, but you also need to train them on. This is the most effective way to do it with each different social media, medium. Um, and so by doing this, you’re going to open yourself up to so many more applications and apples and get this.

It is almost free because if you just pay a thousand dollars to an employee for a referral, a good, a good referral, it’s really going to be able to be helpful for you. Uh, the next, the next thing is relationship management. Um, in the past, it was an employers market to some extent, way more so than it ever has been before. And so you were eating, you know, the employee was completely fine, or the candidate was completely fine with interviewing and then waiting to hear back from the employer. Um, this is no longer the case with our great Tulsa Staffing services. One reason is that I think employers really violated or really overstepped their there. They use the fact that employees wanted to come to work and they were in the control seat and they just quit communicating with them. And so now, because of that one huge advantage that you can do that is free by the way, is stay in good contact with your candidates.

And if you are in charge of any recruiters, making sure that they do a great job of that, um, is a great indicator on what people are going to say about your company and whether or not they are willing to come and work with your company in the first place. And in addition to that, I’m going to overstep, uh, into another area because of time getting ready to wrap this up in, in addition to that, you need to make sure that when you onboard this person, you’re prepared for them, you do not ignore them. You need to make sure that they feel really, really great in your company, because right now, more than ever, they can leave. And they will, you have a responsibility as an employer now to make sure that they feel very welcomed and you bring them in as a part of the family, you can put together like a mentor for them, somebody that can walk them through the very first days, I would absolutely have an onboarding system for at least a week of exactly what it is that they’re needing to do. Uh, give them a definition of what is winning as well. I hope these things help you in recruiting in this top of the season, give Trinity a call. If we can be of any help. Our number is (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit a lot about us as a staffing organization here in Tulsa and the state of oklahoma at trinityemployment.com.

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