Tulsa Staffing | How to Navigate Choosing a Career Path Part 2

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You are listening to Trinity employments A-player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists. Cory Minter.

Hello. Welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. Trinity. We are a company that partners with employers and specifically managers who staff their offices. We work with them to create a pathway and a system for obtaining and holding on to a players, figuring out a way to find them, hire them and hold on to them. When you do this, a players do one and a half times the work with our amazing Tulsa Staffing solutions. Oftentimes they stay longer in your company. And then eventually they begin to bring other a players into your company because a players like hanging out with other a players. This is what Trinity does eventually. What, what we want to do is work ourselves out of a job and it works. It’s crazy how well it works. When people are willing to follow the system that they set up, we work with people and try to help them set up that system.

That brings them to a success rate of hiring that they never thought possible today. I’m talking about choosing a career path in nine steps. How do you do this? How do you find the right career path? So this is going to be for someone that’s probably new in their career, or they’re trying to create a transition. Lot of people try and do transitions right now. We’ve got COVID at a Bay, basically shut down certain industries with the top Tulsa Staffing today. The oil and gas industry in our area is almost all. But obliterated. We’ve got some talented people out there trying to figure out how do you create a career path now? How do you transition these skills? Listen, uh, we, we’ve got some really great ideas for you. This is part two of this section. I’m starting out on part on, uh, on item number six, but it’s really important that you kind of create a system for getting you there because most of the time, especially with these guys come in to the oil and gas field, good grief, man.

They have been employed for most of their lives. They’ve never had to look for a job then all of a sudden their entire industry shut down aerospace. Same thing. I cannot believe the life of me, what the aerospace industry’s done. Um, you know, in most manufacturing groups here in town, none of them are hiring right now. Very few of them are. Lot of them shut down. We got one of them’s getting ready to shut down. That’s uh, is a big staple in Tulsa, but you can create a pathway it’s very possible to do, but it takes some intentionality we have the most amazing Tulsa Staffing today. And so that’s what this is about. Number six, please, in and check on number one through five, which was outline your career goals. Um, create a five and 10 year plan. Discover your personality top. All these things are super important. You know, compare your job requirements to your education right now.

We’re we’re on assess your current skillset. Listen, you gotta be honest with yourself and try to figure out what you’re good at and what you’re not. It’s really important to know. It’s one of the greatest assets that you can have to know what it is. You’re good at. What is your, not what it is that energizes you and what does not. There are some things that you can do. You’re capable of doing them, but when you get done doing them, it, you don’t feel positive. In fact, some certain things on your calendar you may do and you’re capable of doing them, but you want approach KRAS, sedate them as long as you can, because the thought of doing it de-energized as you, there are many things on your calendar that you do, you’re capable of doing, but when you do them, they don’t energize you. They don’t de-energize you, they don’t do their it’s kind of a neutral item, but there are also a hope for you. There should be things on your calendar that when you get done doing them, it is a huge up arrow. It’s a green light, it’s a green. You want to do it again. And whenever you do these things, it’s easy and you’re super successful.

And when you can get a job where those items are, the green lights for you, it makes all the difference in the world. And that’s what we want to get to. That’s what you want.

Assess your current skillset. Try to find, try to understand your green lights, your yellow lights and your red, The lights, and Begin to try to understand and get more in yellows and greens, not yellows and reds. I hope you know what I’m saying. Number, number seven, take note of your interests. As you go through

All Of these different jobs that you’ve had as you go through the, your different hobbies and the things that you do in life, pay attention to the things that you actually like. Just pay Attention to your interests. It’s helpful.

It’s hopeful. It leads you to the green light. So Pay attention to your interests. Take note of what they are. Take note of the things that whenever you put your activity to it, things just seem to happen. It’s not even that hard, but it just really seems to happen. Take note of these things, take note of the things that whenever you get done, doing them, you feel great. Take note of them. Number eight, identify your core

Values. Listen, identifying your core values can help you focus on a career that you find personally fulfilling. It can also help you find fields or niche areas that you’re just passionate about. You’d want to do Anyway. And making a list of these qualities that you think are important in a company or the staff that you’re going to be surrounding yourself around with a better Tulsa Staffing option. Keep in mind, you’re going to spend more time around these people than you do your family. Most likely in many cases and less

You’re in a COVID stricken state or company where you now work from home all the time. Which

To me, that sounds miserable to some other people.

I think that might sound pretty good, but yeah,

You can use this list as search for companies and job descriptions that share these values. What’s important

To you. What are your green lights, knowing your green? Lot’s really important and taking note of them, knowing them with the top Tulsa Staffing today. Well, I literally keep a cardboard stationary in my truck that has all of these green lights on it. For me, pioneering, if it’s adventurous, if I’m creating something good for other people, I’m coaching other people, um, let’s see here. What, what were some of the other items on it? Um, adding value to people every single day. All right.

So I look at this list every time I’m presented With a new opportunity, quote, Quote, see, listen, when you see a certain level of success, you are going to have opportunities. He’s come to you. Hey, You’d be so good at this. You could help us out with this. Oh man, would you want to sit on this board?

All right, listen, When you have an opportunity, go to that list. And if it hits those four or five Things on that list, you know, your green Lights, you don’t need to have more than four or five, But if it hits those things say yes, but if it misses any of them, you need to say no. The difference between the super successful and just those that are that achieve success is the super successful say no,

Almost everything. The Last thing you should be looking at is your salary Needs. She needed consider your salaries, but I’m telling you, you’ve got to have a description of what leads you to the green In light in your job. First, then you look at salary. I know. So it sounds different. Some people need a certain salary. I get that. But listen, I’m trying to get you to a place where you’re actually moving in a net positive way, as far as fulfillment in what you do,

Salary will come. Okay? Because if you can get to a place where you’re working in a mostly a net positive type of job, listen, salary is going to come. You’re going to promote. You’re going to move. It’s going to be good, but you’ve got to get there first. So consider your salary. You know, depending on your lifestyle, you may require a certain salary when using our Tulsa Staffing. Find you find average salaries by job title. You can look at indeed salaries, all sorts of different things. You can go to online. This can be a good starting point in determining how much money you can possibly earn when starting out, but you never know how you can promote when you figure out that net positive while salary, certainly it doesn’t equal and engaging satisfying job. It’s also an important factor we don’t want to, we don’t want to miss it.

Listen, if you Need a staffing firm to work with you do this. We are one of the top staffing firms in this industry. And, and definitely we’re one of the highest rated staffing firms, um, in our area.

Give us a call. We’ve got, we’ve got a lot, A lot of things we’d love to speak with you about try to help you get where God wants you. You can call us at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online where there’s a lot of great information on our website, as well as his podcast@trinityemployment.com.