How To Find the Perfect Job

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How To Find the Perfect Job

An article written by Tulsa Staffing Company, Trinity Employment Services


Sites that will help you find a company’s website are:

Most company websites will communicate only positive aspects of the company.  All negative information and/or facts will usually not be highlighted.  So, it is important that you are able to research information that will give you the full picture.  Resources such as stock and investment research tools will give you this kind of information.

Listed below are great free websites to use to find stock and investment information: 

On both of these websites, you will see a section that asks you to enter the company symbol.  It is asking for the designated stock symbol for the company that you are researching.  If you do not know the company’s stock symbol, do not worry.  Simply click on the symbol lookup to the right and the websites will take you to a section to research for the stock symbol.

Once you are on the stock’s information page, you will see a chart.  Under the stock chart will be a list of recently published articles that report the companies’ most recent happenings.  These articles are a great resource for you to make yourself aware of the most recent events within a company.

FYI – If the company that you are researching is not a publicly traded company, they will not be accessible using this research tool.  In this case, you will want to use any networking tools that are available to you.  Also, do a simple search on the internet to see if they have any information on the web.  It is not always possible to locate recent updates on all companies, but most will have enough info to help you be better prepared than your competition

Know your resume

First and foremost, you must know your resume.  There is nothing more embarrassing than having a question asked regarding your personal resume and you do not have an appropriate response.

The first thing that a good recruiter or interviewer will do in an interview is to go through your resume.  They will ask detailed questions to learn more of your skill-set.  You do not want to set yourself up to make this line of questioning change from learning more about you, to determine if you are lying or stretching the truth.  If you do not know your resume and the interviewer is able to catch you stumbling while explaining it to them, you will lose some of your credibility.

At the Interview

When you finally have completed your research and arrived at the company to meet the interviewer, you must make a good first impression.

Body Language

As the major percentage of your credibility is communication (55%), your body language can convey a stronger message than your words.  Proper body language is critical in interviewing and business situations.  Your entrance, handshake and eye contact all leave an impression; good or bad.

  • A Confident entrance is a good start to any business situation.  When entering someone’s office, check your posture, hold your head up, make eye contact and smile.
  • Always initiate the handshake, as it will make you appear more in control and more of a leader.  Handshakes are often an indicator of a person’s frame of mind, so practice your own with friends and be conscious of the return handshake that you receive.

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