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How Staffing Works | Tulsa Staffing

I want to talk a little bit today about how staffing works, because I think that a lot of companies in Tulsa that use staffing some of them don’t really understand the end result. They go through and use staffing companies for years and they don’t really have a way of measuring whether or not it is a successful or not. There are three main things that I want to encourage other people to consider when you’re using a staffing company. One, does it save you money? Two, does it save you time? Three are you getting A players in the end? The first thing I’d like to talk to you about is how staffing saves you money. This is probably the most important thing for companies, but this is really how that works.

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When you are a staffing company what you’re wanting to do, is be able to bring in quality employees into your company. If you’re going to have a problem, most of the time it’s going to happen in the first 90 day. Most of the managers that used staffing companies they know this, you start seeing how somebody’s going to paid right about the 90 day mark. The whole idea behind staffing and the way that we’re able to save you money is that entire … That first 90 days is going to be on our payroll, while they’re on our payroll we’re covering their Federal and State employment taxes which is about 30 percent, 20 percent of their salary. We’re covering liability insurance, workers comp, any unemployment insurance we’re taking care of for the company. All of these cost are going to be handled in the first 90 days.

If there’s going to be a turn over time it’s going to happen during that time period. If there’s going to be an issue we want to take on the brunt of that and that’s how we’re able to save people money because we’re taking on all of that. But in the end whenever you go through and somebody’s made that 90 day marked you have a really decent idea on whether you have a really good employee that’s worth investing in and you’re not having to worry all of the junk that happens with most employee that you hire in the first 90 days. That’s part of the way that we saved people money. The second thing is that we are able to save employer’s time. This should be pretty easy to understand why, the thing is if you’re going to hire somebody you’re going to have to bring in a lot of people to be able to get a decent number of people to choose from, to have options to choose from.

To do that, one you’ve got to go through in source resumes. Let me give you a little bit of a hint, 90 percent of the people that we hire we don’t get them from some job Ad from Indeed or from or the Tulsa World or from the Craigslist or whatever job site you’re using. We generally and not getting those in from Ads, those are people that we’re going out in finding. We’re finding passive candidates who are probably working, they open a new opportunities and we go and get those people for you so you’re getting a higher quality person. That takes a lot of time, but the thing is we are meeting with roughly about fifteen people every day for you and so you’re getting a lot of options when you use a staffing company. You’re having the staffing company weed out all of those people that would literally waste your time on bringing them on.

We’re able to easily saved time for our employers, because we are going to be able to sourced through and weed out the bad people. Narrow it down to two or three really good candidates, have you meet with those and know that you’ve already … In using a staffing company you’ve eliminated twenty people to get down to three and we’re able to get you the top three and give you three good quality candidates that can actually be considered for your job and they meet the description that you’ve given us. In that way we’re really easily able to save employers a lot of time. The third thing that we do is we saved employer’s time, money and we get them and A player that’s the big deal. An A player and you know who those are.

If you’re an employer and you’ve managed people you know who you’re A players are. This is why you know it because they do double the work, but what if as a company we figured out a way to get every person on your team to be an A player. How much more would your company get accomplished? It would literally revolutionizes companies whey they get A player. We do it for company all the time, when you get an A player the way to get them is very difficult for a lot of people when they’re not using a staffing company but this is how we make it easy for staffing companies to get an A player. This sounds harsh, this sounds bad but it’s really not bad it’s not even bad for the employee, it allows you to release them early without any kind of consequences and that is a very important aspect to being to get an A player. Giving you the opportunity to be able to release them quickly when you know that they’re not a right fit.

When you bring them onto your payroll immediately a lot of companies have to go to a lot of red tape to be able to release somebody. It saves a ton of money for people, they can just say, “You know what, we know they’re not a fit, we know it right now. It’s so obvious to us, but we’re using a staffing company so we’re not going to have to go through that red tape we just need to let them know that, hey this is not a right fit” Here’s the thing, God has a place for everybody, it’s not always through that company but us as a staffing agency we’ve got ten to fifteen other opportunities that we could consider that person for, especially if they really worked hard they really tried it’s just wasn’t a fit there. We can go try to go find a fit for them somewhere else.

Companies can use us in that way and use our other opportunities to give that person other opportunity. This is not necessarily a bad thing for them, but the thing is they knew that they weren’t a good fit there anyway, so why have that employee sit there for who knows how long working the job that employer knows it’s not going to work anyway. They’re just going to their process we’re able to help employer’s find an A player quickly but we’re also able to help at the same time employee’s find the right position for them quickly. The thing is if you’re an employer when you find an A player, you’re going to get double the work out of that A player almost guaranteed and you revolutionize the way that you do business because you’re going to get so much more out of the team that you’re with. That is how you find an A player and that’s how it changes your businesses culture very quickly.

We currently work with the company that we worked with for probably about the last five years. When we very first started working with them, they literally had a turnover every week. They were having to terminate somebody and bring someone on, it was almost an nightmare to try to staff them because they turned over people so quickly, but when we started working with them and working really defining and understanding what they were needing and providing that for them. Asking them tons of questions and asked them what specifically did not work there? Because what we were doing and this is what a lot of companies do, they’ll go and they’ll find somebody who has the right skill set and they write on paper and someone will bring them in because skill set works. People hire for skill but they terminate because it’s just not a good fit, or they don’t play in the sand well with other people.

Putting a strong emphasis on learning about what the type of personality fits in a company just as much as we do the skill set? We’ve really been able to help companies get a lot better. This is the thing, we worked with them for five years I don’t remember the last time we had to place somebody for them because we’ve got them an entire team of A players. We used to use them all the time, or they use us all the time they don’t have to anymore. We got a whole group of A players. We really saved them a ton of money over the long haul, that sounds like from a business standpoint that would be horrible for staffing company if they wouldn’t need to us anymore because they don’t have very much turnover.

Here’s the thing, they have referred us out to I don’t know how many different people and it’s been a great thing for Trinity, it’s been a great thing for that employer, we get them A players. We can do that for every company in Tulsa if they’ll give us a chance. That’s how we’ve been able to saved people money, saved them time and get them A players. It’s been great.

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