History of Trinity | Tulsa Staffing

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History of Trinity | Tulsa Staffing

Trinity Employment Specialists have been in existence for about 8 or 9 years now. We got started for 3 specific reasons. The first reason is we… I had worked at a company for a long, long time and there was a really big integrity reason.

So the first reason is, I wanted to start a company that was very strong in integrity. The second reason is, because I use to have to use staffing companies all the time and they literally drove me nuts, because they did not focus on quality. So the second reason that we started our organization is, because of quality. The third that I wanted to start a company is, because I had never really worked in an environment, where people just made the decision to do the right thing, every single time. Those are the three reasons that I wanted to start a company.

This is what had transpired, when that happened. We focused on quality over quantity, every single time. We… I hired people that had a strong sense of integrity and then as a leadership team, we always made the decision to do the right thing. In doing that, our business has been like a snowball and we just keep having new and new businesses contact us. I think mainly because of the quality over quantity, but what we’ve been able to do from individuals has just been remarkable.

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We also have every morning in our meetings we talk to our staff and let people know we literally change lives. So there’s this business model out there. The business model, is if you send this many resumes out… There’s actually a software that we use and it’s tempting sometimes. You do a resume search and you can get people out, out the door really quickly, that have the experience that our clients are asking for, but the problem is, you don’t really have a gauge for quality there. So many staffing companies do this. They run a number scan, but what gets missed there is that our clients have… They do not get the best of what a staffing company can offer. So our clients suffer.

We also, on top of that, really put a strong emphasis on treating our employees right. Here’s the thing though, our employees our number one resource and if you’ll just go and treat people right, you wouldn’t believe the referrals you get. So if you treat your customers right, you’ll get remarkable referrals. If you treat your employees right, you’ll get remarkable referrals.

The reason we are able to beat people in the industry, is only really one thing. I told you three things that we do, but it’s really one thing. When you treat people right and you provide quality, to not only your employees, but also for the employers, everyone refers you. You don’t even have to hardly do sales after awhile and in the end were winning awards, because we put quality first, we put integrity first and we always do the right things with our employees and with our customers. That’s what makes Trinity great and that’s kind of the history of how we’ve become what we’ve become.

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