Tulsa Staffing | Hiring Stats, Trends, and Data for 2019

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You are listening to trinity employments, eight player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists. Cory Minter. Hi

You for joining the a player myth matchmaker. I’m here with the Great Great Ethan May and we’re going to be talking today about 2019 hiring statistics, trends and data. What we’re always trying to do is add value to different people who are seeking for a job and the employers trying to recruit the top a player talent, uh, in our area. And so this particular topic is really important. So if you’re struggling with trying to figure out what is it that I should do with my career right now, I don’t know if I should try to find a different opportunity or what’s going on if you’re an employer trying to figure out recruiting trends. This really hits this topic kits for both parties. And so, you know, Tulsa Staffing thinks this content is going to help some people just knowing the stats and seeing what’s coming up. And so the good news is with this, the really great news is that things are really looking good for job seekers.

It’s really looking good for our economy. In fact, we were talking just a second ago about a stat that you were talking about about how many jobs have been added and that there’s not enough employees to take over for the jobs. And so things are really looking good. If you’re an employee. Go ahead and kick us off with some of these statistics. We’ve got a lot. So put on your hat is getting ready to start steaming over here. You know, we’ve got, we’ve definitely got a few. Um, and I’ll say a couple of start in then we’ve got a lot in our action items. You know, we’ve got an action item and following up with a lot of stats, but there was a lot of, this was from a study from job ADDICO [inaudible] dot com like sabbatical, but job job, article.com um, sabbatical. That’s what you used.

Yeah, like a sabbatical. I think that’s the plan. The word there is sabbatical. Sabbatical. Oh, it was just weird word. Go ahead. Sure. All right. You know, sorry. So that was a weird inner job at [inaudible]. I thought I had a good job. Good job in a, alright ApolloMD sorry. So sorry, I’ll just spell it out for you instead of g j o B B a t I c a l.com. Do you have out of carry on? Um, they’re, they’ve got a lot of stats that they did some research on. They say the Labor Department reported that a record high of 6.6 million job openings earlier this year in 2019. Uh, we’re open. That’s an all time high affecting 50% of us employers 6.6 million job openings. And that’s what you were saying like in, in, not in the break, but right before we started this, Ethan was saying, man, that is a lot of jobs.

It’s lot of jobs when you take into consideration that unemployment’s like one really low 3% so there’s, so this is the one thing that we were having, I love this part of the conversation. Yeah. But this is the truth. Like there’s no way around it. It just, it is what it is. We do not have enough people to facilitate all of the jobs that our economy is pushing for it. I don’t know that we’ve ever had that. Maybe we did in the industrial revolution where you know, we were really, really cranking, but even here in Tulsa, one of Ethan specialties is hiring for CNC machinists right now with the work that just came into our area in Tulsa, and I know this isn’t for everywhere, but here in Tulsa we have a huge need for CNC machinist. And one thing is for sure Tulsa Staffing do not have enough machinists to go around for the work that’s here and we don’t even have, we have a great tech school, a great, great, great tech school, but even them, they don’t have the ability to push out good trained CNC machinists at the rate that our, that our economy is growing in that area right now.

Yeah, it’s true. I mean, I mean the problem in Tulsa is like a, the, the small version of what’s happening nationally. You know, we’ve got, you know, five companies and they’re like, hey, we need to CNC machinists. I interview a couple of guys and I send them to all five companies. I’m whoever gets them first, get them. And the problem as well as that guy that I interviewed as interviewed with five other companies already, everyone wants them, you know, so there’s not enough workers for the jobs. Um, because unemployment is so low. But that, that was a big stat there at 6.6 million job openings earlier this year. Yeah. And Ethan’s even dealing with just getting people, if they just to show up, they don’t, they don’t need to show up. They have so many options. They can go wherever they want. So one thing that’s coming out of that is the longevity of work history is, is a lot lower and they’re just going with where the bonuses, the bonuses, the highest pay.

Yeah. You know, you know, if you thought about it, some of the bonuses that Tulsa Staffing are aware of that are getting thrown around by these bigger companies, man, think about if you just went, got signed at guts, your bonus left went to the other one that had the next bonus. I mean you could really play it, you would kill your social equity, but oh definitely. And your future, I mean when this all comes down, which I’m assuming you will at some point or when we start getting more upset if you will, it will kill you. I mean if you’ve, hey, in 2019 you had four jobs, five jobs, why you know the bonuses everywhere. No one wants to hire you. Yeah. What’s, what’s the next one? Well, talent shortage, it really is a real issue in the current market. So almost three quarters, 72.8% of employers have reported that they are having difficulty having a difficult time.

Skilled candidates in 45% of employers are con are concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents. I mean, again, almost three fourths of companies in America are saying, Hey, we have trouble finding people. And almost half of employers, they’re like actually concerned that they might not find enough people. Well, and I think, and this isn’t a big plug for recruiting firms or staffing agencies or anything like that, but I believe that to be able to go get the talent that you need, you’re going to need a recruiter to go and get it for you. You’ll either need to have an in house or reach out. And I love this for our business, at least for this, at least for this little time period because I’ve, I mean, we’re already seeing it. We’re, we’re busting at the seams right now. And so it’s a great, great problem if, if you’re, uh, if you’re a staffing agency.

Yeah, Tulsa Staffing love it. We love getting to work hard and get more people coming in for jobs. But, um, but yeah, those, those are two big stats that I was thinking are a great way to kick us off going into these action items that we’ve got going where we’ve got even more stats that will be thrown at you. And a couple of quotes that I got for you. Yeah. So the, the, the action items for this is for the employee to just be considering, because right now you’ve just, you’ve gone into a complete different market. This market is unlike anything that we’ve ever seen before. It is a good thing for you. Yeah. It’s a really great thing for you. But I think there are some things for you to consider or at least be aware of as you’re going through your journey on trying to find the right fit for you.

Yeah. You’re trying to find the right fit. And this actually leads really well into one of the quotes that I picked. Um, there’s a guy named Scott when trip and he said dating and hiring have a lot more in common than you think. And it’s super true right now as you’re looking for a job, especially in the employee’s market. Like we keep saying dating and hiring. I have a lot in common. One of those CNC machinists that I was telling you about had interviewed at so many places and he confided in me. He’s like, man, I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance right now, everybody wants to dance with me. Said I got people offering me jobs over the phone. They’ve never even met me. They don’t care if they don’t, they need people so badly. And so, you know, we’ve talked before as well, Corey in our, in our previous podcasts about, you know, in college and such, you know, when Tulsa Staffing would meet a girl, we’d pretty quickly know whether or not this has yes, no, or maybe or maybe.

Exactly. And it comes the same thing when you, when you, you know, get, start making new friends, new jobs as well. So this is definitely, I love that, you know, dating and hiring of a lot more in common than you might think. That was pretty intuitive. That guy. See that when, where I’m from, I’m from where you have all of these old saying. Sure. And so that guy has gotta be from a small town and he’s gotta be right. Oh it, well, so let, let me bust into our first action item. What you want to do. If you’re an employee and you’re beginning to seek a position, you want to remember, especially if you’re working with the recruiter, that right now more than ever successful placement is really important to a recruiter, so be prepared to make sure and impress them. They will go to bat for you.

The statistic here says, a total of 31% of recruiters list the quality of hire as the measurement tool, um, of their success. While 23% of recruiters consider the retention rate as their primary management tool, but you, Tulsa Staffing measure this every time. We want to see how many of our, how many of our placements are going permanent and our placement rate is really, really high. And I love it. I love talking about that, but it’s very true. A good recruiter, that’s what they’re going to be looking at. And so now more than ever, they’re going to be really trying to pay attention to some of the details and make sure that they get things right. Yeah, definitely at the, yeah. A quality hire isn’t someone who’s going to be on the job and then quit after three weeks, you know, or someone who’s not going to do great when they get there.

So you really do, even though it is an employee’s market, really impressing that recruiter is important because they’re there. There are people that I interview every day that I will definitely go to bat for him, that I will put my social equity out there to try and get them a job. And there are people that I won’t do that for. Absolutely. And so you want to be in the first group, not the second group. Yeah. The, the next, the next item here is be responsible or I’m sorry, not responsible, blah, blah, blah. Be reasonable with your hiring timeframe and do not become too frustrated when you have the right opportunity in front of you. The reason we’re bringing this up is that it is very possible that you are going to have multiple opportunities thrown at you. So we, Ethan just brought up to God said, listen, I just feel like I’m the prettiest girl at the dance and everybody’s trying to trying to come over and, and, and get a minute.

Well it will, it could become very easy to get an offer really quick, but if you accept that offer and ignore the other ones, you might be at risk of missing out on the perfect position for you. And so I think that doing your due diligence and really asking questions to interview the companies and find the right place for you, the right position for you in the right direction for your overall career path, I think would be very, very helpful. Even if that particular company might be taking a little bit more time to get the decision made. So you might want to keep that in mind before you just jump and go with the first one. You know the first, the early bird gets the worm. Yeah. You know that we’re might not take, you know, you might go, you might go get one of the nicer tasting Martin’s, I don’t know how many, how many times have you eaten worms?

They’re really compare the taste there, Corey. If I were a bird selected, I mean you’ve got to have the play of me. You’ve got to have a boy name in your forms. If you’re a bird, there’s gotta be one that’s good and there’s gotta be one that’s horrible. I can tell you that is definitely not something I’ve ever thought of before Cory, but you might be right, man. Hey Man, I’m, I’m there for you. Yeah, I appreciate it. Hey, num number three, keep your social media site kosher. You got to remember that social media sites are becoming common in recruitment as a, as a recruitment tool, at least 84% of organizations are currently using social media for recruitment. And 9% of those who don’t currently make it a regular part of their process are going to be doing so very soon. And so you, the, the thing is, is that in your background, social media, anything that you post it is there, it’s public record and anyone can go and view it and be honest with you.

If they’re considering hiring you, they, they might should. And so that’s becoming a really consistent practice. Just make sure and get on there and make sure that you are giving people what the top of representation that you want. Yeah, I mean it says 84% of organizations are currently using social media for recruitment and that means a lot of things. That means like they’re posting on social media for jobs. They’re using that as a job board. Well, when you start to interact with them on that social media account, guess what pops up your social media account and it’s, it’s got to be good. I’ve got a friend, a friend of mine who works at a staffing company, was telling me a story. Um, she, she had met with a met with a guy looking for a job and on his Facebook page because they connected through social media for the job on his Facebook page right there.

His last status, two days before it was anybody have a medical marijuana card. I can get the numbers for gotta, convince my this company I’m clean like right there, boom. And you’re like, wow, whoa. Would you put that on? Like when you’re using Facebook to message this company and talk with them about a job? Right. That is a great example of that. It was too, it was terrible. So, and obviously that’s an extreme, you know, not, not everyone here is going to try and use someone else’s, you know, medical marijuana card for, you know, getting a job. But you just gotta be careful, especially when you’re starting to use, when companies are starting to use social media as a recruiting platform. Well, if you think about it just in general life anymore, if you, you know, if Tulsa Staffing were sitting here talking and saying, Hey, do you know this person? Well, what’s the first thing you’re going to do? Facebook. Well, I think, yeah, I think I might know. Well, let’s, let’s, let’s look up, look them up real quick, that, that’s just a common day place. So keep that in mind before you ask for someone’s marijuana. [inaudible]

all right, excellent. We have here is choose your references wisely. References are being used as a screening method now by eight out of 10 recruiters. I think that’s really interesting. I, I know that especially before Tulsa Staffing hire someone, uh, here, I want to do the reference checking myself and I go very detailed into it and just make sure I’ve shared the story two or three times, but just finding, I, you know, I made a really bad hire one time because this person sold me a big, you know, but a bucket of goods. That bucket. Yeah. Ever Ethan’s looking at me here I am on a roll, but they, you know, they, they sold me over and I was really, really interested in, had I not checked the references and gotten really into it, I would’ve made a big mistake. But I think that is the real way that you can check, you know, Tulsa Staffing just did a topic earlier about whether, whether or not people lie and the percentage of people that lie on their resumes.

That’s, that’s another way for you to really validate that when you validate that with your, you know, the things that they claim with their supervisors. And just, just to make sure. Yeah. You know, why not. Yeah, definitely. I remember before, um, before I worked here at Trinity, I was working up at my college. I’d went to Oklahoma Wesleyan University and, and um, with one of my coworkers, one of the students on, on campus and put him as a reference, one of my coworkers. And, and I was there when he got the call from the job when I was there when I heard him say, you know, so-and-so’s really nice, I really like them a lot, but don’t expect them to be on time. I mean, you just can’t. Uh, they, they’re almost never on time. And he was honest with them. And that that’s something that I also would have said, but you’ve got to realize as well when you’re picking your references, you gotta be picking people that you’ve made a good impression with as well.

Um, because those people will be called on, those people will go to bat for you. So you got to make sure that you are making good impressions with people you work with, people that you associate with because references are called. Yeah. It’s something that a lot of people just don’t think about when they’re in the, in the middle of the emotions of work and they don’t realize, oh, I might need to use this first than that. I just loops. Yep. Told that. All right. Let’s, let’s wrap it up with the last one here. Um, brush up when your interviewing skills and research alternative interviewing styles. And one of the things that I wanted to bring up was just video technology is being used. What are the statistics on this may have video technology is getting huge. I mean it’s being used by 60% of hiring managers or managers and recruiters here in 2019 a survey of 506 companies showed that 47% used video interviewing to shorten the hiring timeframe, which is great when you realize that the hiring timeframe on average between start to actually getting the job is a little over three weeks.

People want to show it into hiring time. Um, so we’ve started using this in, one of the things that I’ve noticed is that it kind of freaks people out. They really don’t know exactly what to do. Maybe it’s because they haven’t done it before. Um, sometimes it’s because they don’t, if they have the right platform camera’s, most people have it can’t a camera on their phone so they can do that easily. But don’t be thrown off by that is what I want to say. It begin to embrace that I believe. And just think about the convenience of not having to loot, leave your house to be able to do an interview. Yeah. That’s a big convenience for the employee, more so than the employer. The employer isn’t tribal traveling somewhere. And so I just want to encourage people to embrace that and not, and not be alarmed whenever, whenever that that becomes an option because I think that’s a good option.

Yeah. I mean, I wouldn’t get, I wouldn’t have been hired here at trinity without it. I was, that’s right. You were in Pittsburgh. I was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the time. And so Tulsa Staffing didn’t interview two video interviews and um, I was very nervous. But yeah, I went to, you know right there, like on the table, I wanted the camera to be at least kind of face height. Yeah, I know, I know. I laughed and I stacked probably like 10 books right there and like books and a couple of things from the kitchen to even it out and put the laptop right on top. So it’d be like a good Ian and like another version of a selfie you can really was. They just got to be the perfect angle. You know, I, this is my one impression, so yeah. Well, it’s important. These are some really interesting statistics. Some, some new things to be thinking about if you were looking to move jobs or if you’re just trying to find the right fit for you. Um, give us a call at nine 186-222-FIVE, eight eight. If you want to reach us here as a staffing agency at Trinity, or you can go to our website@trinityemployment.com.