Tulsa Staffing | Five Ways to Fast Track Your Promotion

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You are listening to Trinity, employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello, and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast comes from a fellow named Jack Welch, who is the executive chairman of the Welch management Institute. But really he is known so much more for his leadership in GE. And he basically took GE from a company that was completely and totally floundering into one of the most successful companies in the country. And since then, he has just become a really great thought leader on all sorts of different things. And what we, what I want to do today is go over the five ways to fast track your promotion for the top Tulsa Staffing services. So this is obviously going to be for employees. And one of the things that we do at Trinity is we work as a staffing firm with other companies to create hiring systems, to bring a players, to companies, to create the hiring system that is efficient and effective.

And when you get an a player, these are some of the things that they do. So I want to, I want our managers to also pay attention to some of these things. These are some characteristics of a players, but these are some things, you know, the, the title of this is specifically directed towards the employee. But as employers, we can also learn from this on how to identify top performing employees. So here is a, here’s the first thing that you’ve got to do to be able to fast track your promotion. And that is you got to over-deliver. So what does that mean? You know, whenever your boss gives you an assignment or asked for you to figure something out, um, he or she usually has a pretty good idea of what, uh, the answer is going to be. For example, if your manager wants you to confirm that the market share of one of the divisions products is 35% and you go out and do the work, do the math, come back and just say, yes, you’re right. It’s 35%. That’s not over delivering. That’s what you were assigned to do with our Tulsa Staffing.

But when you come back with so much more information, yes, you’re right. About 35%, but this can be something that you need to be thinking about. And these are some things that you can think about. My suggestion is this you’re over-delivering, you know, here’s when, when you went to school, you know, the only goal you had was just to get an a, so you just need to get above a 90. And if you do exactly what you’re asked, you’ll get an, a, you’ll get above a 90, but see, this is why school is really not good for high performing employees, because work isn’t like that to over-deliver you’ve got to redefine the assignment and make it bigger and open your bosses minds to a larger horizon of thinking.

You know, you just don’t want to underestimate the incredible power of positive surprises. If you come back with something that is eye-opening, you know, it opens up the horizon, presents new opportunity creates a different perspective. I’m telling you, your boss is going to be wow by it’s. So important. Second thing is, is don’t make your boss play defense no matter where you work, your boss has a certain wonderful thing called political capital in the organization. And every time you begin to question things and you begin to, um, not be supportive. And in fact, almost worked against your boss, especially when they’re doing something that you don’t necessarily support at the front front end Mo generally, when this happens in companies, a lot of times it’s because the subordinates don’t understand it, and the boss has not done the best job of communicating it, but oftentimes any kind of change comes with resistance with our great Tulsa Staffing.

And so if you can be the person that can come up in support and lean in towards positivity to change, that is being visioned by your loss. You’re, they’re not going to forget that it’s going to be a really important thing for anyone wanting to, um, to get promoted, but you take away equity when you begin to argue and criticize or complain. And so you’ve got to be careful with equity. I’ll tell you what, with my wife, I do this. If I’m going to ask something from her it’s and let me start it out with this, I take five coins and put it in one pocket. And that is, and then every time I asked my wife to do something that is, you know, probably a little bit, it takes some effort on her part. You know, it’s probably not bad, but it takes some effort or she’s going out of her way to earn the best Tulsa Staffing.

For my benefit, I take a coin out and put it in the pocket. And the next time I do it, I take a coin out and put it in, in, in the other pocket. Now, when I do something kind for her, I’ll take a coin out, put it in the other pocket, keep those pockets balanced is my entire goal. And that means do not pull so much equity from her that she, anything that I ask her is just an eye-roll. But rather if you make sure and not pull too much equity, it can be a, it can be, you know, you’ll never run into problems and you really need to do that with your boss, but don’t make your boss play defense on every new idea of vision. Next thing is love everyone. When you’re gunning for promotion, you often start by being very, very loving to the people who can offer you the promotion. It’s just what happens. And it’s easy to spend all of your time, tap dancing for the powers that be. And it’s real easy to begin to forget about the people who work alongside you or below you and begin to ignore them or treat them less than the people that can offer you the promotion.

But yeah, if you do this, okay, your bosses are going to notice that the people below you are not happy, that’s going to be alarming. So it’s always good. Have some boss handling, for example, you know, how was your vacation? You know, I saw that your son’s Gord, some touchdowns, nice going, you know, it’s fine to do that sort of thing, but you have to go beyond just kissing up to your bosses and love your coworkers and all of those people who support you get to know them as human beings and find what you can authentically like about each one of them and not just in your immediate group, but also, I mean, in the whole organization for a top Tulsa Staffing, people who get promoted are liked by other people around them. Um, last, next thing is, is volunteer for tough duty. Listen, it, when you can show other people that you are willing to jump in the trenches and get some things done that other people don’t want to do, it’s just the bosses that pay attention to that.

It is also your coworkers and people around you, and in a way in an, in an indirect way, it’s showing love and care for them. When they see that you’re willing to get in and do whatever it takes, most people appreciate that last thing is seek mentors everywhere. Don’t just seek a high level mentor. Someone who, um, is known by everyone there, this Sage that everyone wants to go to. And it’s almost an honor to be able to call them a mentor. Mentors can be everywhere in our organization here. We’ve got so many different people that know more about certain aspects than I do. And being confident enough to sit and listen to and gain information from people that you can tell that they know a little bit more than you do in that area. It shows confidence, and it really helps out in the situation.

I mean, it helps you to be more successful and other people really appreciate it. When you see them as a form of counsel, it makes them feel great. So seek mentors everywhere. They’re everywhere. If you look around for it, don’t be the top guy on the Hill that knows everything because you don’t and quickly, if you think that way, you’ll easily be able to shove your foot in your mouth work with a solid Tulsa Staffing and, and show everyone very clearly that you don’t know what you’re talking about all the time. If Trinity can help you in any way with staffing, we were one of the top staffing companies in this area, in this region. We’re one of the top rated staffing firms in the state of Oklahoma. Give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.