Personality Fit Tulsa

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Personality Fit Tulsa 

**This article was posted by Tulsa Staffing Leaders, Trinity Employment Specialists

One of the most important elements of successful recruiting is often missed by many recruiters.  It would seem as though something that is this simple would be obvious to most veterans.  However, many recruiters that I have worked with in the past as well as our customers comments, it is obviously something that is severely overlooked and ignored.  So what is this simple thing?

Are they a good personality fit for your Tulsa office?

So many people look great on paper and they no question have the ability to perform the Tulsa job.  This seems to be the most important thing on the mind of the recruiter.  They want to have someone look like a great fit on paper so that they can show their client that they have done a “good job”.  Forgetting or not asking and learning about the culture of the office and the type of personality fit that works best does a disservice not only to the customer, but also to the employee.

Most managers will agree that it is crucial to address personality fit.  However, when I ask them to describe the personality fit for their specific group, they are sometimes unable to give a good description of their inner-office culture.

I think that inner-office culture is a great thing for any manager to know and be able to describe to any recruiter.  If the recruiter will take time to pay attention to it, they will 1) reduce their margin of error, 2) reduce their unemployment, and 3) attract many more customers due to having happy customers talk about them.

From my experience, paying close, meticulous attention to this one element is one of the most important things that we do daily.  We have won over so many customers, reduced their unemployment rates and all the while saving both our firm and our customer money.

If you are having consistent turnover, I highly recommend investigating and determining your inner office culture and make sure that all potential employees meet those qualities.  You will do your team and that employee a great favor.

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