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Cory Minter: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m the president of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity specializes in staffing in the medical field. We staff for every position that you can even imagine in the medical field, and one of the main positions that we are constantly having to really put a lot of effort into recruiting for, are for LPNs, and here’s a primary reason for it. There are couple of reasons. Most of the hospitals have stopped using LPNs, and they moved everything to RNs, and that happened about four-five years ago. Now, it seems as though they are starting to try to bring back LPNs into the hospital, but what happened as a result of the hospitals stopping the hiring of LPNs, is that the schools who trained LPNs really put the brakes on trying to get LPNs certified or registered. That is one of the reasons, is because the schools have slow down, especially when the hospitals did, but all of the LPNs that used to work in the hospitals then moved over into home health care, and private care, and long-term care facilities Tulsa staffing.
These types of facilities utilize LPNs regularly, and to be quite honest with you, they pay them a good deal more than what the clinics and the hospitals had the ability to pay. There’s a really big trade-off when we hire an LPN. The first thing is that we need each one of these LPNs to have actual experience in a clinic. There’s a large difference in between providing service and providing care for a long-term care facility, or a nursing home, or that sort of facility versus a medical clinic. In a home health care or long-term care facility, you’re going to be there with the patient every single day. It’s probably going to be a much slower pace, and because of the amount of money that those facilities are getting paid right now, those facilities are able to afford a much higher salary. But if you go over into the clinic, it is a complete different ball game. You’re going to be rooming patients, taking care of patients, assisting the physician in the back of the room with real medical procedures, whereas in the long-term care, in the nursing home type of scenarios, you’re really only going to be providing the basic needs, dispersing a medication, that sort of things Tulsa staffing.
There’s really a complete different set of responsibilities for each one of them. Every LPN, most are in a home health care or long-term care facility. We’re always looking for anyone who has any kind of experience in a clinic-type setting. If you have some experience in a clinic-type setting, it’s going to be much more relative to Tulsa staffing and what the hospital needs, but because of this shortage of LPNs, the hospitals and the clinics are now seeing a desire to bring them back in, there’s a large shortage. There’s a long, long way of trying to say that we are constantly recruiting for good solid LPNs with clinical experience. It’s really important that we find someone with a good solid work history. It’s no problem at all if this individual has experience in the long-term care facilities and home health care, but it’s extremely important that they have some kind of clinical background so that they have a decent understanding at what it is.
Because it’s very possible that someone who has not worked in that clinical type setting, really just wouldn’t like it, and it’s not in our clients best interest to let them try to figure out what they might want, or if they would like the clinical setting while they’re training them. That’s not the way that they’re going to want to work on it. This is something that we’re constantly looking for. We also need someone who is an A player Tulsa staffing. Someone who shows up to work, works well with others, works positively with others, leans in towards positivity, focuses on the work, and not the drama type circumstances that can be known to happen in medical clinics. We really want to try to find a topnotch individual for two of our clients at the moment. If you happen to know of someone or if you are an LPN that has this type of background, we would really love to speak with you. If you could give us a call at 918-622-2588, we’d love to talk with you. Thank you so much.
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