Documentation is Key

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Documentation is Key | Article by Tulsa Recruiter, Ginny Morgan | Trinity Employment Specialists

My coworkers call me ‘Documentation Queen’. It’s a joke based on a fact. I believe good and consistent documentation is crucial. The longevity of any good company depends on it. Writing everything down may take time, but it truly is worth it in the long-run. It can benefit businesses of every size.

Correct documentation is the key to business success in all areas, but especially in human resources. “Documentation provides protection to both companies and employees by presenting concrete evidence of data, facts and actions in the case of investigation, arbitration or litigation,” states a 2011 article ‘The Importance of Employee Documentation: Part 1’. This statement is so true. Accurate documentation is necessary to guard employer’s best interests and protect from unnecessary lawsuits and loss of profit. It also protects employees’ welfare and safety.

Let’s face it, documentation is a big hassle. Not too many people, especially sales people really like to document every conversation they have during the day. I know how much it can slow people down, but remembering to write it all down can really save a sales team time and money. Sales agreements are one of the most crucial pieces of information. This contract should be kept in an easily accessible place and documented when it was signed and received. Keeping track of this bit of information can help when there is a dispute in price, quantity, or quality and serve to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Documentation is not only key for human resources and sales, but is also critical for a company’s policies and procedures. Keeping these forms updated and in-line with current stated and federal regulations is mandatory for protecting a business.  It also helps guide employees as to the vision and culture of a company. According to ‘The Nest’ magazine a company’s documented rules and guidelines can serve as a road map for employees to follow. It states, “Policies and procedures connect a company’s vision and goals to internal operations.” Spelling these out early to an employee during the orientation process can help eliminate any confusion as to conduct and future expectations.

Documentation is needed in every business. Whether it is a high-level advertising agency or a mom-and-pop plumbing team, keeping good records and knowing how to access them is critical. In today’s digital age it is easier than ever to keep consistent documentation in a secure client data base. However, the importance of writing it all down does not just apply to the business end of a company. Documenting employee relations issues, schedules and future goal are just as important to the longevity of a company. Hearing the words, “did you document that?” should not be frowned up as an inconvenience but should serve as a system of accountability in every business today.

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