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Transcription: Tulsa Staffing

Cory Minter: Hi, my name is Cory Minter, and I am the President of Trinity Employment Specialists. And, this morning I want to talk just real quickly about – I had, had to go speak just couple of nights ago to an Air Force division, but it was primarily with younger individuals Tulsa staffing.
And, so they were getting ready to go into college and some of them were in college, but they were really in that transitional point in their life, and trying to figure out probably what they’re going to do. A lot of them were going to try to go and resume being in the Air Force, and then I think there are probably some of the people that might not.
They might go on to try to figure out what they’re going to do in their career, but it’s a real transitional point that the crowd was in, and so, I talked just a little bit about something that really resonated with them.
I was asked to go and talk to them about fear and how fear relates to success. Now, there’s always this relationship that goes back and forth with one another. And, so I’d given them this scenario that I thought was pretty interesting.
And, it wasn’t anything that I’d really ever thought of before, but it just kind of came to me, and it was based on something that I’d heard earlier that day. So I want to share that with you real quick.
When you are trying to succeed at any general Tulsa staffing thing, it’s like a constant type of an effort to go against the grain, and you come to like a fork in the road. Remember that what started the thought process for me was I was hiking.
I went to, it’s like an urban hiking environment where you can have like 10, 15 miles. And, I went out there to just clear my head and try to get my vision right. I saw two roads, one was going up and it was the high road, and one was going down, and it was the lower path Tulsa staffing.
So, like a fork in the road, you go up, or I could stay and go down. I knew the path that went down, because I’ve been on it several times before, so I knew that pretty much it was a straight constant path.
There’s not a lot of hill changes, it’s one of the easiest walks that you’ll go on, and really it’s actually something that I really enjoy. It’s just a great nice piece of walk, but I’ve been on it a lot of times.
And, then there was this other pathway and it went up, and in my mind I was like, “You know, there’s probably some good vantage points up there. There’s probably some things that I haven’t seen.” But, here’s the thing, like this might be a difficult climb because I don’t know exactly what’s up there.
So, I had to make a decision, which way am I going to today? I chose to go on the high road, and what came is I was right. It was a much steeper climb, and there were some trails that were barely even carved out.
But, once you got up to the top, it was just one of the best views that I’d ever seen, and it was remarkable. I actually grabbed a picture of it because it was kind of weird. You don’t have this happen very often, but right about the time that I got there, there was this huge rainbow that goes across the sky, because it was just raining in the background.
It wasn’t raining there, but it was raining obviously far off where I was looking across the river. This was the learning point for me that I want to share with you today, and that is, that we all come to a fork in the road probably on a daily basis, on whether to take the high road or the low road Tulsa staffing.
The low road for this scenario represents something that is common, it’s something that you’re used to. It’s something that you’ve done before. It’s easy, you know it. You’re all good. And, I’ll bet in life, you probably have a lot of scenarios that are similar to that. You’re very comfortable in things that you’re comfortable with.
And, I’ll tell you, I think about 90% of all Americans live life on the low road. They just take the path of least resistance, and that’s the low road. And, then you’ve got the high road, where you know that there’s going to be some obstacles, there’s going to be some unknowns, you don’t know exactly what to expect, but there’s opportunity there.
And, the people that are successful, and you know even in trying to gauge the success that I’ve had, it would have never happened had I not made a series of decisions, like constant decisions to take the path of least resistance, agree to have to walk uphill, something that was more uncomfortable Tulsa staffing.
And, I’d agreed to go and try to do something that I hadn’t normally done and I wasn’t comfortable with, and I was out of my comfort zone. But, at the top, the view is so much nicer in spots, and I’m not saying that when you’re successful, that things are easy.
In fact, sometimes when you’re successful, things can become more difficult. But, it’s just a much more rewarding way of living. It’s like when people say that, “You know, life is not necessarily better when you have a lot more money, but it’s definitely easier.”
You’ve heard a lot of people talk about this. But, when you’re on your pathway to trying to succeed at something, I think that most people get Tulsa staffing caught up in thinking about the wrong things.
Success to some people means that life is easy. And, if you take the easy life, the low road in this instance, the likelihood of you getting somewhere significant is probably going to be pretty small.
Whereas, if you had made a conscious decision to yourself, that you’re not always going to take the path of least resistance, you’re going to look for opportunities to try to take the high road.
And, you know that it’s going to be more difficult, but you take it anyway. You know that you’re going to encounter things that you’re not comfortable with, but you’re going to take it anyway.
But, all the while, the reason that you do that is you know that you’re trying to unturn stones and look under them to see if there’s some opportunity that can really benefit you there. And, if you do, if you make decisions like this over and over and over again, and make more decisions to go on the high road than you do the low road, it’s unguaranteed you’re going to see some success Tulsa staffing.
You’ll fail a lot, but you’re going to see some success just buy the mere fact that you’re turning over stones, and looking for opportunities in different areas that you wouldn’t normally have done.
I was listening to a guy talk yesterday. He’s a really, really successful manufacturing owner, so he owns a really large manufacturing plant in Tulsa. And, he was talking about how his Dad always taught him to seek opportunity.
And, I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but to me it resonated with me. I hope it resonates with you. But this is what he said, he’s like, “You know, I always keep three $100 bills in my pocket.” Now I was thinking immediately.
I was like, “Man, I don’t know that I’d be wanting to admit that to everybody. You’re going to get robbed.” But, he keeps three $100 bills in his bill fold at all times because he never knows when opportunity might come.
And, he wants to have the means to be able to take advantage of opportunity, even though he knows opportunity is going to take him into areas that he might not normally be comfortable with.
But, if you can commit to making decisions strategically, and strategically deciding when to take a high road versus the low road, I can almost guarantee that you’re going to see some of your circumstances change in life.
And, what I mean by that is if you’re one of those people that wonder why opportunity never comes your way, I would probably argue to say that you’ve probably seen some opportunity come your way, it’s just that you’ve not been able to see, you’ve not been able to take advantage of it, in moving towards it Tulsa staffing.
And so, hey listen, I hope that this helps somebody out there. It was a nugget of good information that I had received yesterday and that I presented in one of my presentations I thought is worth repeating. It’s worth thinking about.
And, I hope this helps you. If Trinity can never help you out, we’re a staffing company in Tulsa, we staff for everything from the banking industry, insurance industry, accounting and finance, that’s one division that we have.
Then we have another division where we focus on staffing everything in the medical field. If we can help you or any of your friends, we would love to speak with you, please give us a call. Our number is 918-622-2588 or you can give us a call or you can visit us online I’m sorry at trinityemployment.com. Thank you.