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Dedication is something that most people have a tough time doing on a day to day basis.  There seems to always be something that gets in our way.  Hiring the most talented employees in Tulsa is something that definitely takes dedication…to be able to find great talent consistently.  It seems that we, as hiring managers, always run into issues in finding the best talent and sometimes the best talent just lacks the work ethic that most successful people in the workplace have.  Trinity Employment Specialists, a Tulsa staffing company, can help anyone hire the best talent in Tulsa.

We have a general philosophy in our office.  We continually ask ourselves if we would want to have that person work in our office with us.  If the answer is no, our decision is automatically no.  In the staffing world, there is always the temptation to send someone if they have the appearance and interview performance of an “average candidate”.  It is always hard to not send the “average” person when you just don’t have another alternative.  The thought process is that we would rather send someone than no one.  When in fact, the office manager you are working for would actually rather you do the opposite.  At Trinity Employment Specialists (Tulsa Branch), it is our policy to only send above average candidates.

Another thing that Tulsa staffing companies seem to have developed a reputation for doing over the years is interviewing just about anyone that will come in to interview.  The problem that this has created for hiring managers is that the staffing recruiter is not spending time recruiting specifically for them, but rather interviewing anyone and everyone and just hoping that they would meet the right person that may just happen to have similar experiences that matches the job order.  This has also led to the negative stigma that Tulsa staffing companies have developed over the years.

At Trinity, we are dedicated to focusing our attention specifically to our customers’ needs and not taking walk-in interviews and spending our time with candidates that are not specifically selected for our clients.  This allows our staffing company to select only candidates that have a good work history and not require us to spend valuable time with candidates that just don’t meet our standards on paper.  We definitely are not in favor of hiring candidates that job hop.  As job hoppers have created much unnecessary work not only for our customers, but for our staff as well in the past.

We would like to invite any successful company to contact us at 918-622-2588 to see the difference that Trinity can add to your companies hiring quality.  We will cater our search for your specific needs and will not send over someone who we are not willing to work with in our office ourselves.  We would love the opportunity to discuss with you any of your staffing needs in the Tulsa area.  If you would like to visit our website, you may reach us at

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