Tulsa Staffing | Dealing with Anxiety when Interviewing

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Tulsa Staffing | How to deal with Anxiety when Interviewing

You are listening to trinity employments, eight player Matchmaker podcast starring your Tulsa Staffing host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter.

Hi and welcome back to the a player matchmakers. And I’m here with a different guests today. I’m here with a mentor of mine. His name is Terry Ewing. He runs a great, great a service here in town. It’s called plum line ministries where they provide counseling to people who likely would not be able to afford it in many ways they get it for free. Um, and it’s just a great, great service all around. So there, there are all sorts of different ways that you can, uh, utilize plumb line. And if you have any interest, please, uh, give trinity a call. You’ll have all of our contact information. I’d love to get you in touch with them because they, they are just one of the best groups hidden groups here in Tulsa in, in my opinion. But I’m just so glad to have teary here in art.

Our title today is how to deal with anxiety in an interview. Now I’ve got a guru right in front of us, um, how to deal with things I didn’t interview. And really, if you’re struggling with your interviewing process and you don’t know exactly what’s going on and you don’t know why you’re not getting the interview, um, and you’re beginning to just not feel right about it, you may be dealing with some anxiety in your Tulsa Staffing interview and we’re going to read some statistics that are going to say that you are not alone. And so this content might be able to help you. Um, you can see all of our new content on our website@trinityemployment.com and if you’ll just go and see our podcast tab up there, you will see we have like 50 episodes. Now. I can’t believe how long that this has been in play and I’m, I’m so, I’m so excited about it, but also, um, you know, I’m excited to hear some of the replies back that we’ve gotten from it.

So, uh, I think that we are helping some people, so, and that’s what we’re wanting to do. Um, and so I want to go ahead and get started into this. And so we’re going to start out with some statistics. And since Ethan’s not here, I always have Ethan kickoff our statistics. So, um, Terry, you’re going to, you’re going to have to deal with me trying to do the very best I can with statistics, but, um, it is, it was really interesting it said, um, and this is a 2013 job interview, anxiety study, um, survey conducted by Harris Interactive and they found that 92% of people of anyone that go into an interview deal with Tulsa Staffing interview anxiety. Does this surprise you Terry? No, I would, if I was walking into an interview, I’d be anxious to, yeah, I remember the very first time that I went into an interview and, but it was in college and I was this young buck with a ton of testosterone that thought I was the man.

Okay. And I was so excited about it and I finally got my first, um, you know, business type interview. So this was different from me and I honestly thought I was just going to go in there and fill in an application, be done. And they brought me not only in with just one person, they brought me in with a panel of people. This was for the University of Oklahoma. It was for an internship. How many on the panel? There were four. Okay. Yeah. So they start asking me real questions, you know, that I’ve never answered before. I had no idea what was going on. And um, you know, before long, I mean, absolutely. I didn’t get the job and, and so I, I had, uh, I Tulsa Staffing interviewed two or three times until I understood, oh, this is what the process is like, you know, so I think you’ve got, you’ve got people that are going to be dealing with this, that are like, I don’t know, there are college graduates or high school graduates.

They’ve never dealt with this. Or somebody who’s been in, who’s been employed for the last 15 years and their company shut down there was like, oh, what’s going on? So, you know, most people deal with this. But what this survey said that I thought was interesting and you didn’t, even when we were talking about earlier, you didn’t even think that this would be the case, but it, it said women and men differ on, on their anxiety and fears of interviews. So this is what it said. It said that American women are the most afraid of being too nervous, 19% or not being able to answer specific questions, which was also not 19%. I thought this was funny cause I’ve known interpretation of this. It said, well American men are most worried about being overqualified, overqualified. What do you think that is Terry? Was that, that was take that on?

Was that that testosterone that I was talking about when I was younger? Um, maybe, maybe ego is involved in that. I’m not sure. You know, it also went on, went on to say the income had a difference, uh, to be done. Uh, you know, had a difference in that those with the household income of less than 50,000 said they’re taught beer during a job Tulsa Staffing interview was being too nervous. That was 22% and compared to just 11% of the highest income earners, those with the house coat household income of $100,000 or more. Um, and so that was quite a difference. I’m also noticed that there was a doubling 22% of participants with a high school diploma or less ranked being nervous 22% whereas once you got into college, uh, it went down to just 11%. So that, those are some of the interesting statistics that I, that I noticed. Was there anything else in there that you noticed Terry, that you thought was interesting cause you think about things completely different than me generally.

Yeah, just the idea of, of odd raised the issue of what’s the alternative. If you’re feeling anxious, you can try not to feel like just getting in fight your feelings. That’s, that’s, that’s a whole different category than the alternative. The alternative is to go a different direction and that is to enjoy yourself, to sit in and, and get to know somebody could be in a different place. Uh, just relax into the environment and see what comms.

Okay. Well let me ask you this. Like how would you suggest someone to do that? Because when, when all you’ve got on your mind is you’ve got an Tulsa Staffing interview going on and you don’t, you don’t know exactly what’s going to be asked. That’s all going through your mind. What really, what are some things that you might be able to do to change that thought process? You know,

for you and me, I mean, we’re going to go in with the idea that God’s got a plan and it may be for us to be here. It may not be first be here. So we’re not just going in on their own. We’re going in within the context of God’s provision, God’s craze cuts, uh, safeguarding our reputation, those kinds of things. Uh, but otherwise you want to go in with, uh, just like a confidence that the world’s opened before you, this is a new starting point, this transition. You want to embrace transitions and say there’s, there’s more out there than, I know this, we think we see the good and this is what we want. We don’t know all it all we want. There may be the next thing may be better. So you just leave it open ended and that gives you lots of room for a just embracing transition.

Yeah. You know, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve also told people a lot of times when you, when they didn’t get the job is that you can think of it like, oh my gosh, why didn’t I get that? But to, to think about it from a perspective that, man, that might be the very best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve, you know, I did, I did a podcast not long ago and I was trying to share this with someone. Um, it was, uh, you know, someone come to me, they were just so frustrated. They got terminated and I was like, you know, you’ve talked to me about this job and you are so frustrated, like with so many things, like was this a good fit for you? Did you enjoy this everyday? What if this is the very biggest gift that you’ve been given all year long? You know, because if you think about it, you’re spending more time with these people, then you likely are your family. You’re miserable the entire time that you’re there. Um, I don’t know why you’re miserable that you got let go. This might’ve been the very best thing that’s ever happened to you. And you know, I, I think that they thought about that from for maybe a minute or so and it really helped him. I kind of saw a shift, you know what I’m talking to?

Yeah. Hey, this is a, this is a good part of our day. Like you said, we’re so part of the Tulsa Staffing interview, I think probably the biggest part of the interview is literally just discuss sound weird, but it’s the Tulsa Staffing interviewing wondering if you like them. I mean, we’re worried that the interviewer is gonna like us, but the interviewer has got his own same thing going on is, you know, are you going to like me? Are you gonna be, you know, good to be around for me?

Oh yeah. You know, um, when I bring people on here and I’m a little bit different of a, of a guy now I, I use this, um, before I’m getting ready to grill them. So they’re going to be tough questions. Um, anything that I have concerns about, I’m going to call it out right then and there. And, um, before I do that, I don’t want to create the type of feelings that those kind of questions normally create. And so it’s, I say the exact same thing. So if you’re in, if you are an Tulsa Staffing interview are out there, I use this and it helps me so much, but this is what it helps me with honesty. Okay. It really does. And this is what I say. It’s exactly, it’s exactly what you say, but I’m like, listen, you and I are both in the same boat.

I’m really anxious about hiring the wrong person. And I know that you’re trying to wonder, hey, is this the right place for me? So both of us are in the exact same boat. Now what we need to do together is we need to try to figure out, is this the right fit for both of us? And so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to ask some questions and some of it is going to be challenging. You know, the things that I’ve heard before. But what I want from you is, you know, if the more honest that you can be, I promise you I’ll be honest with you on whether I feel like this would be a good fit for you. Excellent. You know? And that way you not can kind of work on this together because really this is a mutually beneficial type of a thing that we’re trying to go after.

And so I try to tee this up because I want them to be honest with me and I don’t want them to have this wall of, man, I’ve got to really try to do, right? Say Right? Like, let’s lay it out there together and see if we can’t come up. So that’s, that’s really great. You brought that up. They’re going to be in dozens of situations just like that, trying to resolve, you know, how do we move forward together? Yeah. Why not start that way, right. So we have some action items, but now that we chase that bird dog all the way down the hill, you think, do you think we should get back on the action items that you have here? Okay. All right, let’s, let’s do it. Um, so the, the very first one that you had had come out, uh, had come into is to what, what was it Terry?

What was the first one we were talking about how to, uh, redirect the anxiety. And one was just, you know, through, uh, acknowledging it and, and one that we kind of both landed on was the, uh, power postures and you’re like, oh, yeah. All right. So he put this in here and I was like, one, the world, we, are we going to be doing some yoga? Like what is going on? Kind of. Really, no, no, no. Let’s hear it. Yeah. So, uh, just, just imagine you had the, the superman pose, you know, and he’s got, he’s standing straight. His back as a wrecked, his face is halfway turned. He’s got his chin jutting out. He’s got his hands on his hip and his chest thrust out. There is literally a chemistry that takes place in our body when we just take the pose, which is yeah, we’re, we’re calm, we’re confident. It’s a strong pose. And if you just take that pose even just a minute,

it literally changes the chemistry within your body. Let’s thing Zion go to a different, uh, two different mode of empowerment because anxiety and excitement are, we call it trans positional feelings there. They’re actually what filled the same in your body, but the interpretation becomes different. And so then it feels like power rather than, it feels like, you know, threat.

So is it really just sitting up like,

yeah, the superman pose, you’re standing up or like there’s the victory pose. Like you just ran a race and you cross the finish line and you got your arms extended and you’re, you know, test out and you’ve get this big smile on your face that, I mean literally just you putting forth the effort, you’re visualizing, you know, something, some good coming from it and it changes the chemistry of your body and let you, uh, think of, of what you’re doing in, in different framework. You are on your adventure. I mean, you’re, you’re reaching out, you’re stretching yourself. And it puts it in a different frame of, you know, I’m a, I’m up for judgment and I’ll see if somebody thinks I’m good enough or not. That’s, that’s an anxiety pose.

You know, when, when I, when I used to have to do sales, especially when I was trying to build this company, um, I had to stand up because my voice changed. Okay. It stood up. Yeah. It change. No, it, it really did. Like, it’s a common thing that you, that you teach salespeople is that, listen, if you’ll get up and stand up or do whatever it is, you’ll hear your voice change. And that that is confidence in the, there, there are all these weird, no nonverbal signs that the human brain can pick up on that we don’t even realize that we’re doing sure all the time. And so your Tulsa Staffing interview will be doing that. That, that kind of makes sense. I want to caution you though. Um, you might not want to do the victory pose. I’m right out in the middle of the parking lot. You know, when, because you never know. You never know who your bathroom before you enter into the yeah. To it. Do it in the stall. Okay. Was there anything else on that one? You are

no, that’s good. I mean that’s, it’s kind of, uh, you can visualize it.

Yeah. The next one that I have is to be prepared. And so we talk about preparation. Um, you’re probably going to rise to the level of your preparation and we want to always remember that knowledge gives you power. Preparation gives you power because you are going to feel, you’re going to feel like you’re ready and you’re going to feel like you’re, you’re ready to go. You, you, if you prepare appropriately, you’re not going to be concerned about hardly any question being asked of you. And so preparing yourself just from that standpoint, that’s what I know about what can we do emotionally to get ready for an interview.

Right? It’s, it’s, uh, this is going to sound strange again, but I think what interviewers are impressed with knowledge wise is your knowledge of their company. Yeah. So I mean, you know what, you know, you’ve been trained for what you’ve been trained to, uh, but do you come into that interview knowing about the company? Oh yeah. When you come in with that knowledge, it again, it makes it mutual where we’re, you know, we’re relating to each other and the Tulsa Staffing interviewer likes that. I’m like, yeah, you, you know something about us.

So, um, when you want to go and find out information for four or about a company, um, obviously you can go to their website and read about it, but you’re going to have just general information. But I want to give you, I want to give you guys and girls who have, uh, an Tulsa Staffing interview with a larger company that might be a sold on the stock market exchange. So you can go to Yahoo finance is a free, uh, financial, um, information and you wouldn’t believe the information on almost every publicly traded company that is out there. And so you’re going to be able to really read the new stuff that’s come out and it’s going to be very rare that you don’t see something that’s come out within the last year or so. And, um, I always recommend some of our higher level executive level, um, uh, applicants or candidates to go and know this information and then have a good, well structured question prepared to ask them about a very recent event in their company. And so you’re not having to tell them, hey, by the way, I went and researched you out. Uh, Hey, I was reading the other day about this particular thing that, that went on. This, uh, you know, less, less few months. Um, what was your perspective on that? Did that work out well for the company. And so basically what you’re doing is you’re saying that, hey, listen, I know about your company and you do and it may make you excited some of the information you might find out. Yeah.

And relationally that gives you like literally a foot in the door. They, they, they consider that you are involved to some extent. And so I asked if it works out really well

and I love how it, it equals the playing field for a short while. Yup. And all of a sudden you guys are now colleagues discussing rather than, rather than it being the other way around. And so that might be able to be a way of giving you power. Right? Yeah. Was there anything else on purpose?

Uh, are we still talking about anxiety? Well, I mean I think it can be from, from any, from any perspective because,

because I’m sitting with you and I’ve, I feel like I learned so much from you in, in different areas because you think so radically different than me. Of course I would. I would love to hear more about things. It part of it just for our listener.

Yeah. Okay. So let me just give one more anxiety, relaxing technique that is just so easy and you can actually do it in the Tulsa Staffing interview and nobody knows you’re doing it. And that is literally just a, we call it isometrics. You’re just tightening some part of your body, whether it’s your leg muscles or your muscles. I mean, you don’t have to take any pose. You can just be, you know, pushing a hand against your leg and what that, what tightening of the muscles does is, uh, when you release it, it releases stress throughout the body. So I mean, this is something you can do anytime, any place and nobody even has to know, but it really does help you just to relax and helps your body, uh, take that message of, I know what stress is like, I just stressed this muscle. Now it’s relaxed and it’s so your, your emotions have been heard. They’ve been heard that, you know, they’re stressed, your body is emulated it, and now it’s let it go. You can do that.

That’s it. That’s exactly what I was talking about. Okay. You think completely different from me, I would have never thought to do that. So like in sales and stuff like that. Yeah, tense up and it helps your legs. Great. Um, the last, the last topic we have here and then we’re, we’re running, we’re running a little bit out of time cause we try to keep this under 20 minutes, um, is accentuate the positive. What do you think about this Terry?

Uh, again, I mean it’s, it’s a mutual thing. You want to feel good about yourself. You want to feel good about them. So you want to, you know, put across the idea that we are good fit. You already know something about them. We’ve talked about that you’re not feeling intimidated because you’ve, you’ve relaxed yourself. Uh, you are having a good time with the person at the moment, in the moment, present, right then it’s not going good. That’s, that’s the positive that I’d ask you to. I mean, then of course you apply whatever, a history and whatever wisdom and insight and knowledge you have. Uh, but I think the most important positive is just I with that person. Just connecting with the person. Yeah.

Well Tulsa Staffing interviewer, well listen, all of these things you’ve got, you’ve got so many different things that, uh, that you can think about from an anxiety standpoint. Was there, was there any other thing that you wanted to talk about before we wrap up here? Terry. Dot. That covers it. You got it. Well listen, listen dude, thanks. Thanks for being here. I appreciate it. This is kind of on a whim. Terry comes from office with the very first time and that, that’s not very, that’s not very often. And I was like, Hey, I got something that you can, uh, help me with this. This would be great. And so he was very, very kind to sit in on this. Um, listen, if trinity can help you in any way with your interviewing, you know, our, our, our interviewers are constantly helping people to not just get a job through us, but other, in different areas. We’re, we’re always of the belief that God’s got a place for everyone and it’s not always through our company. And we’re, we’re proud of that. Um, and we, we do a lot of Tulsa Staffing interview assistance for people because this really is a big deal. And so if we can help you in any way, we would really be honored to please give us a call. You can call us at nine 186-222-FIVE, eight, eight or you can visit us online at Trinity Employment.