Confessions of an Employment Recruiter

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Confessions of an Employment Recruiter – Posted by Tulsa Staffing Company Provider – Trinity Employment

You know, I meet with quite a few hiring managers throughout each week and it is my goal to find out from them what they prefer and what they do not.  What is interesting is that when I begin to ask the questions such as:  What are you looking for specifically?, What type of personality do you feel fits well with your office?, etc….  It usually leads to them having a venting session on the past interviews that they have had and what frustrated them the most.  As a current job seeker (which is all too common in now days) you may be interested in hearing some of their comments.  Make sure you are not doing similar things.

Here’s my best description of what one recruiter said today:  “I cannot believe what some candidates will tell you!”  What she was referring to is that she asked a candidate a question:  “Are you very attached to your cell phone?”  and the interviewee answered “Oh yes.  Absolutely!” .  This recruiter couldn’t believe her ears.  The candidate basically told her that she would either be texting or on her cell phone quite a bit.  It is obvious that the candidate in this situation did not think at all before answering.

Another scenario:  She asked: “Do you know of anything that would keep you from coming to work on time?”  In this situation, the candidate answered:  “Occasionally with my children, their father sometimes does not pick them up on time to go to school where I might have to stay until he shows up”  Well obviously there will no doubt be a problem at some point with her showing up on time.

This hiring manager also mentioned another scenario where she listed specific hours on her job description that were 5:30AM – 3:30 PM and when she asked if they were ok with those hours, they immediately asked: “ Can you be flexible with those hours?”  There again, she immediately knew she would not hire them.  But still could not believe they said that knowing that they knew what the hours were when they agreed to the interview and read the job description

There are countless situations that I hear regularly from HR and office managers that are very similar stories, just different scenerio’s.  My advice to all of the job seekers out there is to be very careful what you say in an interview.  You may very well talk yourself right out of a job and not even know it.  The best rule of thumb is to try to put yourself in the hiring managers position.  Ask yourself, would the scenario’s that you describe to the hiring manager frustrate you if you were in their position.

One of the ways that you can better prepare for not incriminating yourself in an interview is to prepare by getting a list of interviewing questions and going through them in your mind on how you would answer each question.  Go through scenerio’s of possible questions in your mind and know what you would say if they asked you____________???

Doing this may help keep you from talking yourself right out of a job with a quick 2 second answer.

Following are links to interviewing questions for you to view:

Good Luck this week in your job search!