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How to Succeed at Work by Trinity Employment, a Tulsa Staffing Company

I was thinking about job descriptions this morning, and there was something about it that I thought that not only could employers use as a gauge as to how to hire, but also employees as to what they need to become not only in the interview, but also whenever you get the job.

I want to go over some things about job descriptions that I think that almost every employer in the entire United States would just like to put this on the job description because this is what they’re really looking for. What happens is that, the job descriptions now, they have become more corporate, very structured types of pieces of language that people have just grown to accept as the norm. I want to go over some things that employers really want to say. If you could break down all of the political correctness and being structured and sounding corporate, this is what most managers really want, so get ready.

Here’s the first one. This is the way that the manager probably wants to say it. This is what they’re really thinking. Be amazing. I really mean this one. If you are not doing more than everyone else, then just keep being mediocre. Keep being mediocre. Just go somewhere else and do it. When we need somebody amazing, we need somebody that is wanting to go way above and beyond and do more than anyone else and, not only that, but have a good and happy face on their face. Like be joyful. Enjoy your work. Be positive. Be outgoing. Encourage the other people around you. If you are not a positive, up-arrow type of person, please don’t apply for this position. That’s the first thing that employers would like to say.

The second thing is actually enjoy helping other people around you. This is the total epitome of just being a team player. Ninety percent of everything in a job is just “can you play nice in the sand with other people,” but ninety percent of playing nice in the sand with other people is just actually enjoying wanting to help other people around you. Have you ever worked with somebody that just doesn’t want to help anyone? Don’t they drive you crazy? Like they’re just so me-focused.

One of the keys to life is if you will just go around and help other people, try to get what they want, you will not believe what will come back to you in response, but that’s not the reason people want you, the managers want you to do that. That’s the benefit that you get, but managers want you to go around and help other people get their jobs accomplished because they know that that’s going to help team camaraderie and, also, the job is going to get done much faster with a much more joyful staff, so actually enjoy wanting to help people. It will help you.

Third thing, dislike drama and work towards happiness. Have you ever worked around someone who just ignores the drama and focuses on the positive? How nice is that? How nice is that to work with people like this? If you enjoy being around people like that, why not try to become that type of person yourself, because not only are you going to create joy for yourself because everyone’s going to instantaneously start liking you more, but it’s also going to set you up for raises, set you up for promotions and get your career path set on a totally different trajectory.

That’s not even the most important part. The most important part is you’re probably going to enjoy yourself a whole lot more, so dislike drama and work towards happiness. That is going to help you so much. That’s what people are looking for in you.

The fourth thing is be detail oriented. Now, let’s be honest, not everyone is naturally detail oriented. Have you worked around these people? Like, generally, they’re more outgoing. They’re more of your creative thought-provoking type of people. If you are that type of person, one thing that your employer is looking for in you is to be detail oriented. There are some things that you can do that can really help you to be detail oriented, but this is something that your employer is looking for. I guarantee you.

One thing that you can do is just, if you know that you need to get something done in the future and, generally, you know it’s something that you would end up forgetting, set a calendar for yourself and follow that calendar. Be very detailed in the way that you plan out your day. You’ll get a whole lot more done. Be detailed in the way that you set out your calendar. Be detailed in the way that you respond to people.

You can consciously be more detailed. It takes a little bit more effort for those that are not. If you want to know what employers are really looking, they want you want to be detail oriented and the want to bring that real great personality you may have with it, so put that in the top front of your mind. If you are not naturally detailed, put things in place. Put items and activities in place that will help you become that. It’s going to help you.

Number 6, be independent and entrepreneurial. Let me explain that just a little bit because, yeah, you don’t own the business if an employer is looking at you, but this is what an employer really wants. They want you to treat the business as though it were your own. When you do that, you are not going to believe the success that’s going to come to you and you’re not going to believe what your employer is going to want to do to keep you. It’s just by treating their business as though it were your own.

Being entrepreneurial also means doing things that might necessarily not be in your job description, but you know that it helps and so you just try to elevate everyone around you by helping them to achieve their goals and being a part of the team. When you are entrepreneurial and you’re able to work independently and not need a ton of management, you’re not going to believe the asset that you’ll be. It’s what your employer is looking for. It just doesn’t say it in that formal job description.

In ending, I think that most employees would probably prefer a very honest and direct approach to the job descriptions and what their employer is looking for. I think we’d all agree with that, but the reality of it is you’re not going to get that. You’re going to get, generally, a formal job description that follows corporate protocol. It sounds like all the rest. It’s going to give you all of the HR functions, the lifting requirements, the “you got to do this, you need to do that,” that sort of thing.

You need to know. You really need to know that that’s really what employers are looking for because these traits are disappearing in our current marketplace. Nationwide, people do not naturally obtain the attributes that I just went over. If you becomes those, you are going to stand out as exceptional. You’re not even going to believe it, but you are. It’s just by doing some simple things that are going to help you.

Be amazing. Actually enjoy helping other people. Be detail oriented. Be a problem solver. Be independent and entrepreneurial, and bring some experience. You’re not going to believe what that’s going to do for you.

I hope that helps you. Thanks.