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How to Staff for Banks by Trinity Employment, a Tulsa Staffing Company

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m a Trinity Employment specialist and we staff specifically for banks in the Tulsa area. We’ve staffed for banks over the last four years. We’ve learned a whole lot about the banking industry in staffing for them for so long that I think that I’d like to share with you three things that we’ve learned that will help any bank be able to attract more talent, and retain more talent in the banking industry. Let’s start this off and see if we can’t help you out.

The first thing that banks generally have trouble finding talent for and is their highest level of turn-over is in the teller arena. This is not anything that’s just magically, we come up with. Everyone knows this. One of the first things that I would encourage any manager to do is to find the top talent in the tellers. Be very specific in hiring your tellers. One, they are the face of your bank, and they make your customers either happy or frustrated. It gives, it gives your audience or your customers a good indication on the quality of what kind of bank you are based solely on your tellers. The first thing that I would encourage any bank to do, is to put a strong emphasis in not just hiring anyone in your teller line. To try to find, and be very specific, and wait for that right candidate that you think is going to stay, has a good solid work history, and someone that really fits in well with your environment and the type of presence that you want to portray.

You get one bad teller in your bank and you’re going to have them meet with at least 50 or 60 people a day that are customers of yours. You don’t want a bad taste in your customers mouth. Hiring the best top level tellers that you can is going to reduce your turn-over rate. It’s also going to increase the quality at which your customers see your bank in. Hire good tellers. It’s going to be one of the best things that you do and it’s going to create a lot less stress for your human resources department.

Two, holding the best in top talent is one of the most important things that you can do, and here’s why. As everybody knows in the banking industry, there is a new bank on literally every corner. If you go and look probably across the street from your bank, there is not to much distance from the next bank. Everyone knows this. Because of that reason, employees in the banking industry can literally go wherever it is that they want, and recruiters are most likely hitting them up. At least one person is hitting them up a week to consider going to another bank or branch. It’s really important to know these things. Because of this, it’s really interval that you have your executive level and management staff really work hard on retaining your top talent. Especially at the mid levels.

Your mid levels are going to get hit all the time and your mid levels are generally what make you the most money if they are extremely talented. Not only when you lose them is it a big stress on your company because you lost somebody that’s great, but also trying to replace them is so difficult because the competition is so great because there’s so many banks around. Have your executive and your management team be aware and self aware that losing top talent is a big, big deal. Put measures in place to be able to retain those people for your branch. It’s going to be one of the most cost-effective and money saving things that you do this year. Hope this helps you.

The third thing is, is to never ever stop recruiting and let your human resources team know this. If you’re a smaller branch and you don’t have a specific human resources team, managers need to never, ever stop recruiting. That is because you never know when positions are going to be, when people are going to leave. The best and top companies around never stop recruiting. They always have a referral source ready. You always are meeting with people that could potentially move into that spot. The biggest thing that banks can do is to always be recruiting for their top talent.

The last thing that we want any of our banks to do is just be caught completely off guard whenever someone puts in a letter of resignation. By always recruiting, it’s always going to help you be on top of it and you’re going to beat your competition all because you’re always going to be ready for that resignation letter or losing someone that is great. When you’re ready to replace them real quickly, it’s going to help you to keep a leg up.

Lastly, according to Jack Welch, which is a notorious CEO, in his book, “Winning,” he talks about the importance of not only never stop recruiting, but also to retain your talent. The three things that he recommends is, it’s essential to reduce your turn-over rate. Put best practices in place, and be engaging in your recruiting efforts all the time. If you do these things, you’ll not only be following the advice of one of the top CEOs in our country, but you’re going to help put your company a leg up against your competition. There are many banks around, let’s keep your employees with you.