How to Recruit During the Holidays : Tulsa Staffing Company

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How to Recruit During the Holidays by Trinity Employment, a Tulsa Staffing Company

Hi, my names Cory Minter and I’m with Trinity Employment Specialists, we’re a staffing company here in Tulsa. We’ve been staffing in Tulsa for years and years and years, and I wanted to share with you something that most recruiters are probably experiencing during this time of year. Is the time of year of Thanksgiving and Christmas, let me tell you what happens during Thanksgiving and Christmas season every year.

Employee’s tend to stay in their positions and hold it out at least until the end of the year, so if you are needing to try and replace a physician during this time of year that we’re in right now, don’t be discouraged if you are having a tough time. I think that people that don’t recruit all the time, like we do, I don’t think that they realize the significant decrease in the top talent that’s available during this season and sometimes if you can wait until the first of the year, you’re going to see quite a difference.

I’m going to talk about this just a little bit and see if I can help you during this season to at least give you a piece of mind that you’re not going crazy and there’s not something that’s horribly happening to your recruiting skills. It’s not you it’s the season, so let’s talk about some specifics here. The first thing is just to understand the why and this should be pretty common sense to most people. But it’s still, sometimes when you’re really deep in the weeds of recruiting you forget some of the obvious things and one of the obvious things here is that you. People do not want to lose their benefits and their insurance coverage throughout this season. Plus, they don’t want to see a gap in their paycheck because as we all know we’re expected to travel on Thanksgiving generally, possibly travel on Christmas again and then also provide Christmas presents to your family members and anyone else around.

Going to Christmas parties, all of these things create people to have to spend money and so, if for any other reasons people are just going to try to stay in place for their own security during this time. Expecting people to leave their jobs during this time period is going to be difficult, especially some of your top level talent that have a mindset to plan. Don’t be too discouraged when it’s really difficult to get some of the top people to resign their positions during this time. Being patient and waiting until the first of the year will help you be able to attract a little bit better talent to your company.

They second thing is, is I think it would be a mistake for most companies to just have a really tough season of recruiting during this season and they’re like, well I just cannot find anyone else so I’m just going to go ahead and go with this person because they were the best of the worst. I really think that this is a mistake if you can keep from it, I get sometimes that it’s really difficult to go without some key positions. But especially if you’re trying to hire someone in a key position one of the biggest mistakes you’re going to make long term is bringing someone in that really didn’t fit what you needed but it was somebody that you just settled with.

Settling is never a good idea, Jack Welch in his book Winning constantly mentions that hiring companies with the top talent always to rise to the top. When you don’t want your company to settle with a B level talent all because you just didn’t find the right person in enough time, so being patient during this season is one of the first things that I would recommend people to do. Be patient and wait, your talent will come it just may take a second. I hope that this Christmas season and Thanksgiving season has been a good one for you and being really persistent and going after the top talent and really going aggressively during the season is really going to help you out.

But like I said earlier, making sure to not jump the gun is going to really be a integral decision you can make for yourself long term. Don’t get, don’t get too antsy and hire the wrong person during this season, you will be sorry if you just jump the gun. Be deliberate, be patient and you’ll win, good luck.