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How to Position Yourself  by Trinity Employment, a Tulsa Staffing Company

Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m with Trinity Employment Specialists. We do staffing in Tulsa in the medical industries, accounting, and banking. I want to go over some things today that I think might be able to help your typical employer in the recruiting effort. This is targeted towards the employer but if you’re an employee, I think this is some things that might be able to help you as well in thinking about how you should position yourself. Let’s get started real quick, that the thing that we’re talking about is our economy is so weird right now. As employers, we’re trying to figure this whole thing out.

Just recently, we’ve had tons of oil and gas jobs just dissipate. What is happened, is put a lot of new talent out in the industry. I’m going to go over some ways to search for that talent. I’m going to go over some things that you may really want to watch out for in hiring that talent and using it as a great opportunity to get some better people in your organization. I just want to talk about this topic and see if I’m not be able to help our employers in recruiting in a really unstable environment where your business might be doing really well. There’s a lot of options for talent coming up. Let’s see some positives and negatives that you might be able to take advantage of and watch out for, all at the same time.

One of the things that employers can really take advantage of this in market is that you might have a very highly qualified individual, be open to a much lower salary. This is in a situation where they have looked around and their company was a high level company. All of a sudden, they got laid off and they realized that the market, the general market did not support that salary. They’ve made some adjustments in their lifestyle and have gotten ready in prepared to accept a lower salary. This is a way for you to get some exceptional talent into your company.

Here’s what you look out for: if you can go and find the companies that you know … The largest companies have some kind of article and newspaper that’s going to help you to identify who these are. With our current recruiting tools, you can go to LinkedIn and just find anyone in that company in a position that’s really relevant. Where jobs could transfer or skills could transfer into that industry for your position and see if you can find someone in one of those other companies using LinkedIn. That is a great way for you to be able to get somebody that is just really well-qualified to help you go to the next level. Employers can use this time, this uncertainty as a huge benefit for them. A lot and another industry isn’t doing well but yours is, and all of a sudden, you can grab some of that talent and really escalate your company to the next level.

The second thing that I want you to bring up, is yes, it is true that you’re probably going to be able to bring in some high quality talent. I know I’m contradicting myself here, but it’s not a contradiction as much as it is. I just want you to know about it, and be aware of it, and watch out for it. It is the over-qualified employees may accept the job in your company now, but how long will they stay? I think it’s a really good practice to ask the employee just the question is, “What would you say if your company offered your position back in the next three or four years once they start to rise up again?” Is that something that you would accept? Engage their answer on that, either they were burnt by that company and they really didn’t lock it and they have no desire in going back. They’re more open to a new different kind of culture which is probably small kind of business or they might kind of tell you what you’re wanting to hear but you’ll be able to know it.

I guarantee, you can see through it if they start going, “Well, I would really like to stay here if I could” and they don’t directly answer the question. I really want to encourage you to find questions. Good solid questions to ask your potential employee about what they would do if they were offered a physician back in their old industry. Do they want to go back to that industry or are they really open and excited about a new career change? That’s a real good indicator on whether or they’ll stay. The great thing is, you’re going to go get somebody great. The concern is, is that they might leave once their industry opens back up. Your job is to make sure you at least ask the questions and are certain about whether or not they are open to staying with you or not and if you have a chance of retaining there. Hope that helps you there.

The third thing is about how to recruit for these positions. Let me give you an example. You hear on the news that a company is laying off a lot of talent, and so you would like to try to take advantage of that. How do you go into it? First, you need to stay up on the news and whenever you hear that it’s happening, there are couple of things to keep in mind. If it’s a large organization, most likely, they have hired an out-placing company and this is a company … It’s a good political move for them, they are going to hire a company to help their employees to get back into the workforce somewhere. The first thing to do is to find out what that out-placing company is and go to them and let them know that you’re looking at hiring. They will gladly and quickly get you over the talent that would within your skill set. That’s one thing.

The second thing is, is use your social networks to be able to attract that talent. You can use LinkedIn, you can use Indeed, and Indeed also offers an opportunity for you to go and research certain keywords on people’s resume. All you have to do is just type in the company and see the people that have just put their resumes out on Indeed. It’s a great tool. It’s so easy to do it and you’ll be able to find a lot of this talent really quickly in using these two methods.

It’s such an unfortunate event to hear about all of the cutbacks that are happening and some of the uncertainty in our economy. Really, it’s only in one industry at this moment in Tulsa and that’s in the oil and gas industry. Still, it can create some great opportunities for small business to gobble up some of this talent and take advantage of their experience level. Just keep in mind that things are going to flip around and make sure that you put some measures in place to retain the talent that you’ve been able to acquire during this time period. When you stay on top what’s happening around you as a company, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the unfortunate things that’s happening in the company. If you’ll follow these things, it’s going to help you to not only attract but also retain the talent that you’ve been able to find. Good luck this year.