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How to Interview People by Trinity Employment, a Tulsa Staffing Company

As a staffing company in Tulsa, we interview people every day, all day long. As interviewers, we are much more versed than your average human resources person within a company. It’s because we have heard and seen it all, and we hear it every single day.

As an employee, I would like to throw some helpful hints to you at some things that we hear over and over and over again. Because we hear them over and over and over again, these particular words that are generally used to describe an employee during the interview, they don’t carry nearly as much weight as they used to. I’m going to go over three words that people use to describe themselves and I want you to consider maybe using some other words because everyone else is using them and if you change just your vocabulary in some ways, I really think it’s going to make you stand out in an interview as someone who is a little bit different and a little bit more intelligent.

The first word that we hear all the time is, “I’m intelligent. I’m smart.” If you interview enough, you know that not everyone’s intelligent and smart. Not nearly as much as what they say that they are. If you’re going to say this in an interview, I really think that if you want to say that you’re intelligent, I think that you should use it as an example.

Here’s an example, the way that you could use it. “In my position, I use some of my intellect in the industry to be able to create this, this and that. In meetings, I was able to use some of my experience and some of my intellect to be able to help us identify this, this and that, and it helped us to generate more income for the company in this way.” Rather than just saying that you’re intelligent and leaving it as that, I really want to encourage you to give real examples of how you can back up your intellect in your industry. Don’t just say it and expect everyone to take your word for it because everyone thinks that they’re intelligent. Go walk around this country and ask yourself, “Is everyone you meet intelligent to you?” I bet if you ask that person if they’re intelligent, of course, they’re going to say yes. Give examples. Don’t just say it and expect someone to believe you.

The second thing that we hear in interviews is “I’m successful.” We hear this all of the time, and they talk about how successful they are but rarely do they tell us how. When you say, “I’m successful,” a lot of times, it almost comes across as you saying, “I’m a beautiful, wonderful, attractive human being in America.” It just sounds as a little bit arrogant. I want to give you some ways that you can try to differentiate yourself a little bit.

Rather than saying you’re successful, why don’t you give some real life, proven things that they can go back and verify examples of how you were successful. If you want to say that you’re successful, tell them how you were successful and in what different ways. How you created this, that or the other, or how you were able to develop a program and make it better. Give some statistical numbers that can back up your success. You don’t have to say you’re successful. You can give examples using stats and quantitative data that will be able to imply and make the other person come up with that conclusion on their own. I think that will be able to help you.

The third thing that people say about themselves all the time is, “I am reliable.” If you’ve hired someone who said that they were reliable and they weren’t, you feel like you got burnt and you do not trust people when they say they’re reliable. Let me tell you something else. Generally, when people make it a certain point to say, “I’m reliable. I’m dependable,” this and that. If they have to say that too much, there’s something it seems like they’re covering up for. If you are reliable, again, I’m going back to this over and over again, don’t just say that you are something. Go back and give examples of how your manager was able to rely on you for this, that and the other. Then, I would also encourage you, if you have the ability to give that manager as a reference and encourage your employer to ask them about it. I really think that that is going to help you to be able to become more reliable in the interview or appear more reliable in the interview.

Take that advice and see if that might be able to help you to appear more reliable, more successful and more intelligent in your interviews.