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How to Hire During the Holidays by Trinity Employment, a Tulsa Staffing Company

Hi. My name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity Employment Specialists. We are a recruiting and staffing firm here in the Tulsa area. I want to talk to you today about the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas and generally what to expect when you’re trying to retain or attract talent during this time. It’s usually one of the most difficult times. As everybody knows, no one wants to leave during one of the most expensive times of the year, especially around Christmas.

I want to give you some helpful hints to help you to recruit during this time period. As a staffing company, this is what we experience. We experience to have a difficult time from November all the way into February. I don’t know why, but that is the typical trend of having difficult times recruiting. I think these are some things that we have done that have really helped us, and I think by sharing with you they can help you as well. Let’s dive into this and see if this doesn’t help you a little bit.

The first thing is to have a referral program. In meeting with so many different companies and watching their recruiting efforts and learning about their recruiting efforts, because almost every meeting we have we talk to them about what they are doing so that we can understand how they recruit, this is one of the most successful ways I’ve seen companies hire, and that is to have a referral program. One thing that we know as a staffing industry is that good employees hang around with other good employees. It’s just a general trend. If you have a referral program and you make it advantageous for your own employees to go out and do the recruiting for you, one, that is going to help you retain some of the top talent. I promise you, your best talent is going to come through some kind of a referral program. It is much better than trying to find their resumes and start from scratch.

Two, you’re going to have an instant reference that has the company’s interest in their best interest and I think it’s just going to help you so much to just have a referral program. Ways you can do that is offer some kind of incentive to your employees to bring people to you. I would really encourage that you make it something that is really attractive. If you were going to hire a company like ours, you’re going to spend a good amount of money trying to attract talent. If you will just offer roughly half of that to your employees, you’ll never know how much good talent may come and you can save yourself some money all in the long run.

When you’re setting a referral program up, try to put in place the cost that it normally costs you to advertise, to use a staffing company. Whatever it is that you do, put those costs up and at least give your employees the opportunity to get half of that cost offered to them. I think that you’ll get better employees and you’ll be able to do it at a cheaper rate. Maybe that will help you.

The second thing is to look into your database, especially if you keep one. Hopefully you keep one. Who knows how many people have already applied for this position a long time ago that maybe you didn’t have the fit for them then, but now you do. Going back into your database with people who have applied years and years ago may really help you, and it would be worth a phone call just to call them and see if they might be open to positions right now.

Having that database is insurmountably helpful to your recruiters. The thing is, it’s something that’s easily forgotten by most recruiters. During this season, especially when you don’t have employees reaching out to you and responding to your job ads, go to your database and see if you might be able to pull somebody from it. It may really bring you that perfect candidate that the timing is just right now. Try that. See if that helps.

The third thing is to really step up your efforts during this time and encourage your recruiters to do so. It’s important to have a direct conversation and just be honest and say, “Hey, let’s be honest with one another. It’s really difficult to recruit right now.” Relying on your ads to bring people to you is probably going to be a losing strategy for you. But if you put some extra effort and you encourage your recruiters to put some extra effort into recruiting during this time period, it’s really going to help you.

Go after the passive candidates. Use Indeed to be able to find people for you. Not just have them bring them to you, but go and find them. Use Linkedin to find passive candidates during this time. Use Monster and CareerBuilder, whatever is available to you. To go and get the people and not wait for them to come to you during this time is going to help you to have a leg up and it’s really going to help you.

Recruiting is always a difficult task to do, but during this time period it can be more difficult, like we just said. If you can put these things in place, I really think that it’s going to help you get a leg up on someone who is not willing to do some of these things that we talked about. If you do this, you know you’re going above and beyond and it’s going to help you to attract talent during this tough period and be able to stay on track with your goals. Good luck during this season. I think you’ll do great.

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