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Hiring Medical Coders | Tulsa Staffing Company

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Today, I want to talk just real quickly about our company’s experience in hiring Medical Coders in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area. As a staffing agency in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, we are constantly having to recruit for good quality Medical Coders. We’ve developed a process of how to hire exceptional Coders and weed out those that really do not know what they’re talking about.

It is so vital for this position that you get someone who really understands the full billing cycle before you hire them. I’m going to go over a few things that Trinity looks for in our procedures that might be able to help you, but they are a key ingredient to the physician or the hospital getting paid. Let’s dive into this and I hope that you can learn some of the nuances that we’ve learned in recruiting for this very specific position.

The first thing that you need to know and just be aware of and have in your head is that good Medical Coders are very difficult to find in both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area, for sure. Just recently, if you’re watching this you probably know this, but if you don’t this is something important for you to know, but our government required every healthcare facility throughout the nation to move from an ICD-9 coding system to an ICD-10 coding system.

When that happened, there were an influx of requests from us as a staffing agency in Tulsa and Oklahoma City for good quality Coders that had experience in the ICD-10 coding system. Many clinics brought on a lot of Coders at that time and it just wiped out and depleted the good Coders that were out there looking for a job. They all found a job. Now in our current industry, trying to find a good Coder is really, really difficult.

When you’re trying to go after someone, the likelihood of a good Coder that has ICD-9 or ICD-10 experience is going to be very difficult to find because they are most likely working if they want to be. You have to go and do some specific things to try to find good quality Coders, but I want to let you in on Trinity’s processes to see if our process in trying to hire for good Coders might be able to help your clinic or hospital.

Let’s dive in this next topic and see if you might be able to learn some things that can help you. Do not rely on job ads for these individuals. If you do, what you are going to end up with is you are going to find those individuals that other hospitals and medical clinics do not want. As a professional staffing agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we staff for Medical Coders constantly. I can assure you because we are always recruiting for them, most that are answering job ads are the type of individuals that you do not want in your clinic.

How do you go and find them? You have to utilize resources. A lot of it is social media. The first is to use networking, meaning good Coders hanging out with other good Coders. They all know where they are and they all know who they are. In both the Oklahoma and Tulsa markets, I know that both of these two cities seem like they are very big cities, but let me assure you if you weren’t aware of this already, Tulsa and Oklahoma City turn into small towns when you start asking individuals about the coding industry.

A lot of people know who they are. Developing good relationships with other good Coders can be the best tool that you can use in recruiting for good Coders. What you want to do is always make efforts to ask, “Is there anyone that’s out there that you know of that’s a really good Coder that might be looking for a job?” That is the best and most reliable resource in hiring someone is by a network and being referred by another good professional Coder.

The next thing is you’ve got to not rely on job ads coming in, like what I said. You’ve got to go and utilize whatever resource is out there for you to try to work on the back end. Indeed has an ability to research resumes. LinkedIn has the ability to reach out to people who might not be looking, but you can send them an email if you’re connected with enough Coders, you can either ask them are they interested or ask them do they know of someone who would be interested in an opportunity with your organization.

That is the best way that we’re able to find good quality Coders. The problem with that is that it takes a lot of time. In your organization, if you want to find a good Medical Coder, you need to invest and commit to a good deal of time to try to go find some of the great ones, or else what you’re going to end up with is someone who is sub-par, who’s not an A player and this is connected to your billing cycle as a healthcare specialist.

Trying to cut corners on your Coders is probably not a good idea for your revenue cycle. Let’s take a look at the last thing that I think might be able to help you in hiring for your Medical Coders. The last thing is to not rely on an individual who is not a Coding Specialist to try to hire your next Coder. For example, you don’t want to assign someone who is in Human Resources at your organization to try to go and find your next Coder because what is going to happen is they’re not going to have the knowledge to be able to ask detailed questions to know whether or not that individual truly knows what they need to.

You have to have someone who has done this job before and who has done it well before you can have somebody try to hire for this position. Like I said earlier, the last thing that you want for your medical facility or your hospital is to have a Coder who really just barely knows their way around it or they know how to talk about it, but they really don’t know the job. You have to ask detailed and specific questions and have a knowledge base to where you can tell whether or not that individual truly knows how to code using ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes.

That is so vitally important in finding the right person for you. If you do not do these things, you should expect to hire probably seven or eight individuals and have to terminate before you find the right one. If you follow some of the things that I suggested not to do and you’re just guessing, don’t guess. Make sure that you’re certain. Make sure that the people that you have hiring for this individual are good quality professionals in that industry before you assign them for hiring this person. I promise it will help you.

Good luck in your hiring. I hope that if you need any help, please contact us. We are a specialized healthcare staffing agency. We would love to help you. Our number is 918-622-2588. Thank you.

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