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Hiring Loan Originators | Tulsa Staffing Company

Hello, my name is Cory Minter and I am president of Trinity Employment Specialists. Today we’re going to talk just real quickly about one of the key positions in banks that we recruit for regularly. At Trinity Employment Specialists, we do staffing for banks in both Oklahoma City and in the Tulsa markets and one of the key positions that we’re always looking for are loan originators and loan processors but primarily loan originators because they are one of the main streams of income into many banks.

In fact, this position, if they have been working as a loan originator in their area for a certain amount of time and they have a proven book of business, then they can literally go anywhere and work and almost any bank is going to be interested in them. What we have is a constant not necessarily war but a constant recruitment for these positions because they bring in such a high volume of revenue for the banks. At Trinity Employment Specialists, we get requested regularly for banks to bring in loan originators and it’s something that we’re constantly recruiting for because of the sole importance that it has on the banks.

At any given time, we’re going to have this position available and I want to go over with you just real quickly the main important things that we need to be able to present to our customers, the banks in Oklahoma City and the Tulsa markets and see if these things can help you to either prepare for your resume or if you’re an employer, to know what the main things that we look for. We’ve had eight, nine years of experience in recruiting specifically for these positions and we’ve learned a whole lot and I hope that this information can help you in making your decisions moving forward.

The first thing that we have learned is to have a book of business in that particular area. A loan originator, if they’re working on residential, they will have a group of real estate agents that just want to work with them. Every time they close a house, they go to that specific loan originator and they’ve developed enough relationships with enough real estate agents and other individuals who would be seeking a loan for their clients. Or just have relationships with the clients themselves but the reality of it is, is they have through a period of time woven themselves and created themselves as a specialist in their area.

It’s very difficult to bring someone who is out of the area and immediately begin generating business for a bank and that’s why the banks really want to make sure that someone has experience specific to that area and that they’ve developed relationships in that area. These are one of the key things that any bank is going to look for and so, if you are an applicant loan originator, maybe looking to switch banks, having this clearly defined and clearly communicated either in your resume or whenever you have a chance to meet with a bank, it will be very important to make sure that the bank knows what area you have developed business in and show a proven track record of that and showing yourself as an expert in that area.

The second thing that I would recommend to anyone is to make sure and show that you have a proven ethical DNA that is a positive thing for your environment. Over time people are going to notice you as reliable, unreliable, just kind of average and you want to be able to show anyone that you have a solid ethical DNA, that you do the right things and you always stand on doing the right things and not cutting corners when going through your loan process and cycle. It’s also extremely important to make sure that the people that you work with know you as being a reliable individual who is able to stay on task and stay in the production of the loan cycle and make sure that everything is performed on time.

That you are somebody who they can rely on whenever they need to be able to speak with you. That you are always available and you’re able to get back quickly. These are some key areas that I’ve noticed that we check for when we check for references and make sure that these are commonalities and they are a part of who that individual is. The third thing that we always look for is to have a solid work history of course, but this is the most important thing. We want to make sure that when we contact references that they immediately have something positive to say about the individual.

Checking references is I believe one of the very most important things that you can do and ask good solid questions when you’re checking references. During the interview, anyone can sell themselves, especially if they’re a professional, especially in this field. They should be a professional and have the ability to really support themselves, communicate about themselves and sell themselves. It’s so important that you go and check the references because anyone can sell themselves in a short thirty minute, hour, two hour long interview.

They can put on a good show during that time and period. What you want to do as an employer is check references and make sure that the individual that you’re talking about has good, solid leaders in their industry saying good things about their experience working with them. Trying to hire for this position can be the best thing ever for a bank or it can be a big huge waste of money and it’s so important to follow these steps in trying to find great loan originators in your area. If you miss one of these steps, you may find yourself wasting a whole lot of money and bringing in someone who did a great job selling themselves so make sure that you find quality, high producing loan originators for your bank. I hope that this helps you and I hope that this helps the loan originator looking to make a match in this industry. Thank you.