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Get a Raise by Trinity Employment, a Tulsa Staffing Company

Hi, my name’s Cory Minter. I’m with Trinity Employment Specialists. As a predominant staffing company in Tulsa, there are several things that I’ve noticed over the time has really set certain employees apart and made them look really good to their managers. The purpose of this is that I want to encourage employees and go over some things that will help you probably 1, get a raise, and 2, look good to your employer and get you set on a career path of growth. Let’s get started with this. I’m going to go over 3 things for you real quick.

First thing that a lot of employees do, is they only perform their duties and that’s it. They have a me and not we type of an attitude. What this does for a lot of managers, they can see people like this immediately. They stick to themselves, they only do their jobs, and anything outside of the scope of what they’re doing is just not even anything that’s on their mind. Some of the best companies, they have to have people that cannot just look at what they do but also look outside, or past their own nose, and look at what other people are doing and seeing how they can be an asset to them. That is the first thing that employees need to do to set themselves up on a good career path of growth.

The second way that people realize why they don’t get raises is that they didn’t earn it. Let me go over that, just real quickly. Most managers can identify each employee in 3 categorizes, and they can do it really quickly. Are they an A, B, or C player? Every manager knows who their A players are. Every manager knows who their B players are, and C players probably should be there, but they probably know who those are, too. They’re probably on their way out the door. I want to go over with you and make you ask yourself the question, which player are you? Are you A, B, or C?

Once you can identify that and really be introspective, it will help you to at least know where you stand and know what kind of effort. Let me just tell you what an A player does. An A player is someone who does literally everything that they can to get the job done. Nothing is going to stop them. They want to get the job done regardless. Not only that, they have this internal pressure to do the job right. Your B players are typically the type of people who are going to do their job and do it well, but when it comes to doing anything outside of the scope or doing anything extra, they’re probably going to be resistant to it. C players, they barely do what it is just to meet the minimum requirements. You need to ask yourself, which type of player are you? If you’re trying to figure out why you’re not getting the top kind of raise, that’s a big indicator of it.

The 3rd thing is you did not let your boss know what it is that you accomplished. This is a big reason why people don’t get raises. You just don’t let your manager know. There are many people that I’ve managed in the past. When it came to the review time, finally, they let me know some of the things that they’d accomplished. Yeah, as a manger, I wish I would have known those things, but the reality of it was, I had so many other things on my plate, that I just did not recognize that they did some really significant things for us. The reasons was was because they just remained silent. They just did it, they were A players, they did it and they didn’t say anything about it.

As a manger, I wish they would have at least sent me an email and let me know about these things. It makes me wonder, how many people are really performing at an A level but their mangers have no idea about it, just because they do their job, they do it exceptionally well, and they don’t let anybody know when they’re finished. Let me give you a couple of examples. When you finish a big project, just notify your manager and say, “Hey, just wanted you to know that I’ve completed this project, it was completed on time. This, this, and this happened in this project.” 1, they’re not used to getting good, great emails. Generally, when the managers get an email, it’s something about something bad or something that needs to be handled. Just by sending emails of accomplishment, I believe is really going to turn the head. I really think that if you would just take some time to notify your managers of your accomplishments, it’s really going to help you.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you to just work to your ability to become irreplaceable. Try to find everything that you can do that would help your manager in some way. That is one of the best ways that anyone could think about getting a raise. When you work with that kind of intensity, over time, doing the right things, it equals an unstoppable momentum for many employees to do this. Go and be irreplaceable this year.

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