Tulsa Staffing | Character and Integrity

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Speaker : This next set that I want to talk about for our training video series is, I want to talk to you about what we want each one of our employees to strive to when working at Trinity and Tulsa staffing. I think that of all of these training videos that we do, this very well may be the most important one. It’s because I’m trying to define for everyone on our team, what we expect in the way of character and integrity. I believe that it’s the number one thing that we do at Trinity. We’ve talked to you probably in your interview about how we’ve grown, and we continue to grow. We’ve won all of these awards, for the things that we’ve done.

I would say that at least 60% or 70% of our big business, comes by way of referral. It is because we’ve done a good job for people. On the journey of doing a good job for people, we’ve shown character and integrity. We just want make sure that we’re doing the right things, over and over again[sic].Even in the Bible it says, “Let your yes be your yes, and your no be your no.” That is something that I really want us as a team, to incorporate into our lives. I want to share just a quick story with you, and it’s a scenario. I want you to imagine this Tulsa staffing.

Imagine that there were some thieves that broke into a jewelry store, and they didn’t steal a thing. Instead, what they did is they went to the Rolex aisle, and they took the $15,000 tag off the Rolex, and they went and put it in the $99 Timex. Then took the $99 Timex price tag, and put it on the $15,000 Rolex. They didn’t stop there. They did that with everything in the store. The next day people come in, and they pay a lot of money for something that’s not worth anything, and they pay almost nothing for something that’s worth a lot Tulsa staffing.

That’s kind of what people have done, when it comes to greatness. They’ve put a $15,000 price tag on flashy things, a car, maybe even a career. They’ve put a $15,000 tag on clothes that they wear, those sort of materialistic things. They’ve put a $99 price tag on character and integrity. If you look at our culture, that’s what’s happened. There’s a $99 price tag on character, and a $15,000 price tag on what kind of car you drive. It’s the craziest thing. As a company, I want to flip that back to probably where it once started maybe in our society. Even if it wasn’t ever there, I want to bring it there.

Let’s put a $15,000 price tag on our integrity, but let’s not stop there. I know this is an employment thing, and I’m not trying to tell you in any way what to do Tulsa staffing.

I want to to encourage you, everyone on our team, that we let our character, our integrity, and the way that we live our lives flow out outside of our office into our friendships that we have, into our family, and that we become the type of person that every single time our yes is our yes, our no is our no.

As a recruiter if you have an opportunity to be truthful with one of our employers, or fudge the truth a little bit so that you can get a placement, I want us to have high integrity. I don’t want us to not inform our customers about a certain element of something that you know about one of our candidates, also that they will take the job or that they’ll hire them, so that you can get a commission.

We don’t want to compromise the law. We want to follow the law to the letter of the law, regardless of whether that hinders our ability to place the person or not. We always want to be doing the right thing. We want to make sure that we don’t have the $99 price tag on our character Tulsa staffing. We want the $15,000 price tag on our character, with everything that we do. That’s the type of culture that will win. It will win. We will lose occasionally. When you throw character and integrity in something, occasionally we’re going to have to lose money to do that.

We will. Trust me. I know it might sound like we won’t. Trust me on Tulsa staffing. We will. We will run into problems, but here’s the thing. In the long run, that wins. It always wins. In your family life it always wins, with your friends it always wins. When you live your life with an abundance of character, it’ll always win in the end. I want to remind everybody of our equation, and that is when we have a focused intensity over time, which means we work hard. We work hard over time, and we multiply it by God, which in this case I want that to be your character, your integrity.

When you do that over time, you multiply it by your character and integrity, God, it equals an unstoppable momentum. That is what Trinity is all about, when it comes to the way that we place people with our customers. I hope that that helps you. Thank you so much for joining our team. We’ll get onto the next video series, where we’re going to start getting into some details of your job. Thanks so much.