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Transcription: Tulsa Staffing

Cory Minter: Hi. My name is Cory Minter and I’m the President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a Tulsa staffing company that specializes in staffing for the medical field in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. Really, almost now it’s become more of the surrounding areas. We’ve got people working all over the place.
But I wanted to talk with you just real quickly about a position that we’re constantly recruiting for, and it’s something that’s becoming more and more demand in a really big way. The reason for it, I believe, is the Affordable Care Act has changed things so drastically in the medical field when it comes to medical assistance.
That’s what we’re recruiting Tulsa staffing for, and just in the last, I would say, almost year, we have watched the salary of a medical assistant go up by about 30 to 40%. It’s crazy, I would never guess that. But the reason is, is because the Affordable Care Act is mandating that the clinics who utilize, who file for insurance for people or they work with insurance companies to get collected for their payment, you have to be a certified medical assistant or a registered medical assistant before you can put information into the database or into their EMR system that will allow the clinic to be reimbursed.
Every clinic around is scrambling trying to either get their current medical assistants registered, or to try to hire someone who is registered or certified. It’s really become a big deal. What’s happened in this that is somewhat unfortunate is, we have a lot of medical Tulsa staffing assistants who worked with a clinic for years.
Like 15 or 20 years, they’ve got 20 years of experience. They’re some of the best, most qualified individuals out there. But in order to get certified or registered, they’re going to have to go take a $5,000 or $10,000 class to be able to say that they’re certified or registered because their years of experience does not suffice for them going through the proper curriculum.
What’s happened is, the salaries increase because the quantity of people has decreased. It’s just like supply and demand. It’s just happened, so this is something that we are constantly recruiting for. What a medical assistant is responsible for is rooming patients, taking them in, to take the chief complaint for the doctor, recording all the information in the EMR system, which is why they need to be certified or registered, and helping the physician and the patient while they’re in the patient room.
They might be assisting the physician with minor procedures, or they might be just assisting the patient with something that doesn’t require the physician: taking blood pressure and that sort of thing. But the reason I’m posting this is because we are constantly looking for new medical assistants. Medical assistants have become very difficult to find, and highly sought-after. It’s something that we’re consistently recruiting for Tulsa staffing.
We have a referral program at Trinity that pays individuals for sending us good quality medical assistants. We’re trying to do everything we can to get the best quality talent for our customers. Our customers are always in need of this position, but the problem is that this is becoming a higher level paid position. But it seems as though in the industry alone, there is a high level of turnover.
What Trinity is focused on is not getting those individuals to our clients. We’re trying to find only people with a good solid work history. That’s something that has been very difficult to find in this industry. It just seems as though that a big majority of the employees will move for just a small increase in pay or for some of the smallest reasons.
There’s just turn over all throughout the industry. There are very few people that have a good solid work history and that’s what Trinity is looking for. In that case, this is what we know. We’re looking for A players only, and A players hang out with other A players. The reason I’m posting this video is, I’m requesting, if you are an A player, in a medical clinic, we want to encourage you to contact Trinity today. Refer us anyone you know that you believe is an A player, to consider coming to interview with us.
We have many opportunities throughout the entire Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. We would love to share those opportunities with you.
This is how you would apply. Go on to our website, at trinityemployment.com and you can look at our current positions and you can submit your resume for consideration. Or if you just want to skip to the chase and give us a call, we would love you to do that as well.
Our website is super easy to navigate through, it clearly describes all the positions that we’re looking for in it. But if you want to give us a call, please do that and reach out to our lead medical recruiters. Our phone number is 91862 22588. Trinity is a staffing company that wants to put quality over quantity, but we also want to be an organization that really puts value in the people that we send out to be employed.
We want to make sure it’ll be great asset for them. If you don’t believe this, go on to our Google reviews and just read some of the things that people have said about us. Like an overwhelming majority of the people that have posted reviews on Trinity have been very positive. Here is the thing, we have two that have said negative things, but I wish I could share those scenarios with you. With all the people that you work with, you’re never going to make everyone happy Tulsa staffing.
Please go and look at what Trinity does for its employees. We help change lives in a good way and we help find extraordinary employees for extraordinary companies. We only agree to work with some of top companies in town. I think we can do a great job for either you or someone that you would like to refer to us, and you’ll make money by doing it. Please reach out to us anytime. Thank you so much for your time today.
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