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You are listening to trinity employments, a player Matchmaker podcast starring your Tulsa Staffing host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and thank you for joining the a player. Matchmakers. We’re always looking, I was looking

to add value to other job seekers and employers in the title of this podcast is 10 career experts share their number one piece of job search advice. However, in this particular article that we’re going to talk about, there’s like 10 pieces of advice advising. They notice that. Yeah, I think, yeah, I think each, each career person just gave, gave their number one and uh, may maybe, maybe that’s it. Yeah. I’ve got one piece of advice that is, that is really, that’s really helpful. I’m going to share here in a second. Okay. You know, we just, we just want to ask, uh, before we get started here, if, uh, you know, we, we try to do this content to help anyone out. Please share this with people that, you know, um, we want to bring more and more people to it. It’s not that we’re trying to make money off this, we just want to help people to get some of the best advice out there.

And um, you know, this, this particular article is a, is a great example of that because if you, if you ever announced that you’re looking for a new job, unsolicited job search advice is inescapable from everyone. Uncle Larry and Suzy mom dead the best buddy who really their careers in a complete tank but they seem to always have the advice, you know, video resumes in the future. Go back to school, you’ll get, that’ll help you talk to my cousin’s best friend, man, he’s got this business and you can get a job there, you know, all sorts of stuff. And I’m sure that Facebook might escalate this even though I would probably recommend that you reach out to people and network on Facebook. But well well all of the people sharing job search advice, they’re all well meaning, you know, they’re usually not career connoisseurs. And the whole reason that we started this podcast is to be able to give expert advice.

You know, we live this, we do it everyday and it’s something that a lot of people don’t just put a lot of focused attention on. And I think that we have a really interesting perspective for a lot of people. Even even people who aren’t or do not use staffing firms. We’ve got a great perspective of it. But we want it. We want to get started here and just talk about some good sound job searching advice. Not what uncle Larry Your Tulsa Staffing suggested, but we, because because we’re trying to avoid the uncle Larry here. We might want to start out with some statistics. What are some stats? Sure. So the Liberty Department reported this year a record high of 6.6 million job openings early on the year. That’s an all time high affecting 50% of us employers. But what’s kind of staggering, we’ve talked about this before, is that um, 6.6 million job openings is really great, but unemployment is really, really low right now.

Oh yeah. It’s really difficult to find the right people. It is. And that actually kind of flows into the next step that I have from the Labor Department. It’s, you know, talent shortage. It’s a real issue. I mean, almost three quarters, 72.8% of employers are having a difficult, difficult time finding skilled candidates and 45% of employers are legitimately concerned that they won’t find employees with the necessary talents. And this is a great thing for employees, which is why this is that I think very timely and that is because if you are in a position that you really wish you could get into a certain field and you never had the opportunity to do that right now would probably be the very best time to go and do that. And so that is for someone who feels under employed, um, feels like they have so much more to offer, but they’ve never been given the opportunity to.

Um, this is a really great time to be able to utilize, um, the current employment market to your benefit and go out and be able to try to reach your potential. Yeah. And you know, this kind of just, it reminds me of a quote actually at Richard Branson said one time, he said, hiring the right people, it takes time, the right questions and healthy dose of curiosity. So what do you think is the most important factor when building your team? For us it’s personality and I mean that just kind of speaks to, I mean you can have all sorts of different qualifications, all sorts of different experience. But really when it comes down to it, they’re looking for you as a person, as a candidate. A lot of people are. And so some of these, you know, job search advice, tips that we’re getting today are there to help you get there, get in front of a recruiter and the hiring managers so that you can show them, hey listen, you know, I know you’re looking for everybody.

You’re worried about talent search right now, but here I am. I’m worth it. Gimme a shot right now is the best opportunity you have to sell to your skills because they, they likely don’t have a lot of options coming to them right now. So if there’s any time that people are willing to train and, and sync their efforts into creating a career for people, like right now, is it, in fact what’s so crazy cool is think about how many new careers are going to be created in just this quarter alone. There’s going to be a lot of people that get opportunities they would never have, have had previously. And it’s really, it’s really kind of an exciting time for job seekers. It’s difficult for us. It’s very defined, pretty great for them. So let’s get started into this. Um, we, we’ve got, we’ve got several things here.

The first, the first thing that job, uh, job experts, a career consultants, HR, HR specialists, the one thing that they thought that is important is that you have a job target you believe in. And so it, especially if you’re trying to change careers or get into the career you wanted to, you want to know exactly where you’re going to go. Um, uh, a mentor of mine once told me, if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to know when you get there? And that’s, that is, uh, that’s really, uh, that’s really true in this case. And so you need to be clear on what you want and why you want it and what qualifies you, you know, with, without clarity from the start, virtually every stage follows will be based a little bit more on a hunch and a guess. And that’s a really fragile foundation for navigating your Tulsa Staffing job search.

And so make sure that you know where you’re going. Yeah. In that target that you believe in or that you’re, you’re striving towards. It doesn’t have to be like a, a specific job, you know, maybe you don’t have, you know, an exact job title that you want to do really badly, but having job targets, you know, something like, man, I want, I want to work for a company that is like this, or I want to work for a company that’s this size as this type of atmosphere. So at least know kind of an idea of what you’re looking for still in not just firing from the hip it, anything that’s posting a job. Yeah. You know you brought that up and I have something that is is very unique. That might be some good advice for people. If you could break it down like that, you know, so how many, what size of company do you want to work for?

What industry is it that you’re wanting to work for? What kind of position is that that you’re wanting work for? And you can identify companies that have these things in common. You can go to the library here in Tulsa if you’re a, if you live in Tulsa County and you can go to reference USA and it is free and it is one of the very best databases. Even even trinity, we use it here to identify, you know, if we wanted to identify medical facilities in Tulsa and it has the HR representative, it has some of the executives phone numbers and everything in it. It is an unbelievable resource. So if you did take the time to get that data and figure out this is what I’m looking for, you can plug in those numbers and those industries in reference USA and they will bring up every company that might be a potential to you.

And the thing about Tulsa is there a lot of hidden gym companies out there. Definitely. Yeah. And, and with that practically it helps. And, and as well, it really does just help kind of narrow it down. You know, for example, for me, um, I definitely would not want a job where I’m pretty isolated and I don’t get to talk to many people. I’m a people person. I really thrive in that. And uh, you can find yourself, you’re just kind of, again firing from the hip, taken any job that presents itself to you, that you’re going to find something that maybe it’ll pay you decent money. But I mean, you’ll be miserable sometimes, you know? So you want to really make sure that you have an idea of what you want and where you’re going before you get there. Yeah. Just be very intentional. Yeah. So the number two is create a plan.

You know, you’re gonna want to identify a few features such as, you know, finding, uh, finding the job. Just like what Ethan was talking about, you know, create, create that plan, go to reference USA or go to Google and find all of the people that are out there and then systematically begin, uh, working on getting to know you can connect with people on linkedin and you can get to know some of the staff. And if you’re already employed, what a great time to say, listen, I’m already employed and I’m happily employed. However, I would really love to be in your industry. It would you be open to speaking with me because I think I would be great at this particular position. You know? And, and you can create a plan, a systematic plan and get your and begin getting your name out there. Yeah, I agree.

And, and as well as a, yeah, a plan. I mean, sometimes, you know, for me what I would have to do is innately have to be like, okay, so today I’m looking for a job today. From this time to this time I’m going to be doing is gone to the library and researching, uh, you know what Corey just said or you know that from this time to this time I’m going to actively be looking at job boards and applying for jobs and just having that plan. I mean it’s really helpful. I mean just for productivity as well, getting stuff done, especially if you already have a job and you’re looking for a new one. I mean by the time you get home, you know, after a long day at work, sometimes the last thing you want to do is do a little bit of research and look for jobs, you know?

But well, plan really helps that. Yeah. Part of creating a plan, you can just, I always tell people this when I’m asked to go speak to a school or you know some, you know when unemployment is really high, a lot of times you have employment groups and stuff like that where they meet for just moral support and to trade information and always tell people, get as many systems working for you as possible. Get all of the linkedin get indeed, career builder, Monster, all of those things working for you. Um, so that you can create a plan. So when you, whenever you get home at night, you’ve got things to look at and you’ve got some action items. And really that’s what those systems do. They give you action items and sometimes they just deliver jobs right there to your doorstep and uh, and it just makes it so much easier.

The, the next thing is, is to develop a career story. Um, one of the, one of the things in ways that you can brand yourself really well in just any kind of sales. You know, I just went and did a big sales presentation today to a bunch of executives that they’re going to be starting a new group. And, um, one of the things that they asked me will tell me a little bit about trinity. Well, I don’t just tell them what we do and that’s it. I tell a story. I’ve got a long, not a long story, but like a quick and decisive planned out story on why trinity was created, why we decided to focus on quality, um, why we hire and try to create the culture that we do. Um, what our Tulsa Staffing culture is, what you should expect from us. You know, I don’t tell them the focus intensity over time multiplied by God equals and unstoppable momentum, which is our Tulsa Staffing big, you know, theme that we try to, that we try to live from here.

But I do try to tell them, listen, we’re always going to do the right thing and we’re not going to run up the price on you. We’re not going to, surprises are not going to happen. But I tell the story on why. Like it’s really important for you to be able to do that because it’s one thing to say, well, we’re not going to run up the bill on you. We’re not going to do this writing to do that. And then it’s a different thing to say, listen, when I used to use staffing firms, one of the things that they did is I seem to always get a surprise all the time from from them and it drove me crazy and I didn’t want to work with them sometimes and then I didn’t know who I could trust. And so when I started trinity we decided not to do that.

That is a much more impactful way of saying something. And so you’re going to want to create a story of your career path, why you made these moves, why it was a good thing, why it was a bad thing for you, why your experience is going to benefit them and that story is going to help sell you more than anything else. Yeah, I think that’s a really good point. It will help sell you a lot. I think it will also just be beneficial for you to figure out what you want. Um, you know, kind of reminds me, my older brother is currently studying at Princeton theological seminary. He’s going and he’s going to seminary there and getting his master’s in divinity. But when he applied, I remember him telling me that he had a, a a paper where he had the right about his whole life story.

Like tell us about your life and how you got to where you are now and what led you here basically. Oh by the way, it can’t be more than two pages and goes man, I’ve lived 28 years. I got a lot to cram into two pages, you know. But he ended up telling me it was really cool because as he kind of started describing his life and really hitting some of the key points, it really helped like him. Like he realized, man there’s this under underlying theme my whole life that’s pointed me to like really wanting to do what I want to do right now and, and the why I want to go to seminary. And it was really cool for him and I think that’d be really neat for you as well. You know, the job seeker, just to reflect back on like your Tulsa Staffing career story and, and I think that might help you as well for them.

Some cohesiveness of what, man, I left this job because of this. And then I really enjoyed this about this job. And maybe that’s kind of pointed me towards something I really, really want to do. You know what I mean? Or something that I thrive in, you know? Yeah. It’s, it doesn’t matter where you go to read about sales. Um, having a story is always the foundation, uh, at which they always recommend for you to build from. And, and the thing is, is like an, you know, you’ve, you’ve recruited, you know, long enough to get this, and I’ve done this for many years. Not many people have a story. They don’t, they don’t share things in form of a story. Um, or you know, especially when you have a good opportunity too. And, um, and it’s a, it’s a great missed opportunity. I think the, the next one is apply even if you’re not a hundred percent match.

And that really describes staffing firm, you know, definitely. You know, and this is one that I have mixed feelings about because on the one hand I get a ton of applicants that they apply for a job. I’m like, man, why are you doing that? Like you have no business applying for this job. You have none of the requirements that we need. None of the experience we need. But on the flip side, I realized that I’m currently a professional recruiter working for a staffing company. And it was all because you took a chance on me. My job before this, I was amazed. I was general manager of a snow cone check chain. And so like I said, none of the qualifications, but he took a chance on me and here I am now. So it’s kind of hard for me to speak to that one because I applied for a job.

I had no fit, you know? Yeah. But I mean, if, especially with a staffing firm, one of the things that I love that we get to do is we get to see talent in people and we have, we get to share our Tulsa Staffing influence with that person and call some of the people that we know say, Hey, listen, I think this is a, in fact, I’m going to do that with someone this afternoon. As soon as I leave here, I’m going to call this guy. I’ve been working with them for a long time. They’re going to bring in, uh, a manager at this new place that they’re building. And, um, and he’s probably going to be a good candidate and it can be a great opportunity for them. But I mean, he didn’t train for that. Yeah. You know, it’s just, it’s just something that, that I know about.

Oh yeah. I do that all the time as well. If I have someone apply for a job and maybe, you know, maybe it’s not exactly a good fit for that job, but I see, man, this person’s got really great work history that seems like they’ve got, you know, really great potential. I give them a call anyway, even though they’re not a fit for that job, I give him a call because I want to meet with them in case we can put them somewhere else. Yeah. The next one is go on informational interviews. I always used to tell candidates this all the time when they would decline an interview, I would know what they were declining, but they didn’t. Yeah. And because I was the staffing agency, they didn’t really a hundred percent trust us because the stigma, sometimes it’s staffing has. And so I was like, I would always tell people this and I’m going to tell you out there listening to this now, um, knowledge gives you power, but if you refuse to go get the knowledge, you’ll never really know.

And so the only way that you should really go out and make a decision is only after you’ve heard about it. If anything else, it’s going to give you a unique, a unique way of practicing interviewing. This is a good thing for you. An interview is a very good thing for you. Um, you know, as a staffing firm and if, you know, you’re not going to take the job, sometimes we might be like, please don’t take your time. You know, but, but for you it’s a very good thing. It’s always a good thing. Be careful too to not to turn down an interview opportunity. I think it’s a bad idea. Um, the, the next thing is to brand yourself. We’ve talked about that a little bit. You know, you’ve got, especially now in the digital age, you’ve got to brand yourself with social media. Um, you know, just, just yesterday you and I did a podcast about mind your media because it’s getting ready to, it’ll bite you.

They can do the work for you or against you. And by branding yourself properly, you can talk yourself into a job. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. And that ties in kind of well to what you were saying a little bit earlier about, you know, have a career story. Um, and that really brands you well and, and I think what you had said as well, you always talk about, you don’t necessarily always mentioned the focus and intensity over time. Multiply by God equals and an unstoppable momentum. But what you do mention is that we always strive on hundred percent to do the right thing and do best by our Tulsa Staffing clients, you know? And, and that in and of itself is a brand. And who doesn’t want to work with a company like that, you know, who doesn’t want to work with a company that, you know, they’ll always do the right thing by you and by your, by their clients.

Yeah. The, the biggest, the biggest thing though that has been hard for me is that everyone says that. Yeah. And not win when money gets involved, oftentimes there are many other companies that decided not to do that. And I’m, I’m very proud, at least so far from my knowledge base when it came that we were going to lose money, we elected to lose money rather than, you know, manipulate a situation where it wasn’t the right thing to do. Yeah. And that’s the brand that we’ve created by, you know, by, by example, by doing what we say and build up that social equity. Yeah. It’s such a personal thing for me. Um, the, the next thing is to supplement online applications with offline efforts in good grief. Angela Copeland, who’s a career coach, gave this advice and good grief, I thought this was great. I’ve never been able to say it like this.

I’ve always wanted to tell people this, but the way that they communicated this was very important to me or I think it, it communicated clearly supplement online applications with offline efforts. And I think most many people go online and they hide behind that dadgum computer and they just fire off applications. You get a bunch of them apparently based off the frustration that I’ve perceived from you off that but, but listen, you know, sites like glass door, all of them, you know, indeed Ziprecruiter, they provide such great information about job posting, salaries, company information, you know, but man, just getting out and showing people your face, your personality, your initiative, your drive. I think that is one of the most important things that speaks to me. Yeah. And we’ve talked about it before as well. Just the, the little things that you do, a little things like, um, and I know this one is still technically you know, online, but you know, you apply for a job where you finish an interview and you shoot him a quick email or a thank you letter and say thanks for this.

You know, making that personal touch I think helps so much, especially when so much of job searching and hiring is done online. The last thing that I would suggest is to get referrals. Um, on social media. It’s a very powerful tool if you utilize it correctly. I would say that 60 to 70% of people do not use it to their own benefit. It’s just more of a muse to, to look at things and post things up. But if you use it appropriately, you can use, um, you can use the people in the context you have there to help you and get referrals and just asking for a referral in a professional. But a commanding and a confident way, I think is really is it speaks a lot. And when you’re unemployed or whether you’re looking for another job, I think especially unemployed, it’s much easier to say, listen, I’m currently unemployed.

I specialize in this. I, I’m, I’m a great worker. I would love to hear from you if you happen to know of a good referral for me. Um, I think you might be surprised at what you get because one thing that I’ve learned over time is people love just helping other people out. Um, if trinity can help you at all in your Tulsa Staffing job search, we would love to do that. You can give us a call at nine 186-222-FIVE, eight eight or you can go to our Tulsa Staffing website. We have, we have a lot of great information including this podcast@trinityemployment.com.

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