Tulsa Staffing | Big hiring mistakes – part 2

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You are listening to trinity employments, a player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi, welcome to a player, Matt.

I’m Cory minter. I’m here with Ethan May. We’re talking today about 19 hiring mistakes were in the second part of this that managers often make. And just discussing some of the nuances on why and how some of your mis-hires happened and some of the things that you can do to save your company a whole lot of money. And so if you’re struggling to figure out how to grow your organization and making the right hiring decisions in your growth pattern, um, this content might be able to help you. And we wanna remind everybody, you can see all of our new content on our website. We have a, uh, a tab there at the top of our website called podcast. And we’re getting some more and more and more people start to watch this. I start seeing, uh, more and more clicks in, uh, people commenting on it.

Um, and so, uh, we would, we would love to have you invite people also if you find this content helpful. But we’re going to go ahead and move in and wrap up the second section here. Ethan, do you have any stats just to kind of get started in the, into the second portion here? Sure. Uh, when we were talking about hiring mistakes, it’s really important to not make hiring mistakes. Great quote from, or a great stat from careerbuilder.com is talent shortage is a real issue right now in the current market, uh, almost three quarters, 72.8% of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates. And 45% of employers are concerned about finding employees or they’re concerned that they won’t find employees with the necessary talents. And so like we understand in, in such a low unemployment rates, um, economy right now, it’s definitely an employees market.

And so making the right decision is super important because with so little people looking for jobs, but so many companies needing to fill positions, you might lose an a player if you bring them on and you’re not, you don’t bring them on. Well, um, or because you are scared, you’re not finding an a player. You might be hiring someone who’s really not a good fit. So hiring is really important and then not making mistakes is critical right now. Well, we’re listening. We’re dealing with the same kind of issues that other employers are having. You know, we used to have employees coming to us. That was great. Yeah, that was really great. That was much, much easier. Now we’re having to go after people strategically, we’re changing our recruiting process. I mean the, the entire recruiting industry is shifts every like four or five, six months.

And right now we’re, you know, we’re still dealing with the shift, which I think, I think our Tulsa Staffing team is finally got solid in the shift, but it, but it happened about four or five, six months ago where people stopped coming to us as much. We’re having to go out find people for companies in every company that I go out and speak with, which is roughly about two to five, five probably that being the most is our sales that we do. But when we’re having a sit down in depth meeting about the hiring struggles that they’re having, and would trinity be a good solution for them? There is. There is very rarely anyone that says, Yep, we don’t have any problem getting the right talent. We’re in fact it’s changed from, yeah, we’re struggling getting it to desperately going. We really need to get the right people cause they have all of this growth potential, but we don’t have the skilled labor in place to do it.

And so that’s why a lot of companies are starting to come to us just to get firepower in the recruiting team app. Definitely. And so we got a stat here that we’re going to roll into that role into our first point at which has to do with marketing. But, um, there was a study done called the 2020 outlook, the future of employer branding by Universum and, uh, and what they’re, they’re basically, they were talking about what do CEOs and HR and marketing leaders expect branding and marketing to do for their companies by 2020. Um, and the, they were hoping, um, for the most part, 40% of them were saying they were hoping to secure some longterm recruitment needs. They’re hoping that the marketing would help them do that. Um, 31% said they wanted to build their employer brand on a global level within the next five years.

That’s what was so important to them. 28% of them said that five years from now they want this marketing to have differentiated themselves from their competitors to stand out more. And 15% said that they want to do a build their employer brand on a local level, um, within the next five years as a big, big, um, push for more of that global level marketing more than their local, um, and a big push as well from a differentiating themselves from their competitors. Well, we have different companies that are going to be doing local grassroots type marketing and then some that are global. Obviously that’s a, that’s an enormous company that has a, a very large reach. But our, our first point here that we’re going to talk about in our second segment of this is failing to strengthen your employer brand with content marketing. And listen, this is something that we work on every day.

This, this is kind of my new role. I’ve, I’ve, uh, in our company’s history, I’ve switched roles probably three times. I’ve, I’m, I’m switching roles again and this is really what I’m spending a lot of time with and that is every week making sure that we have content going out that strengthen our Tulsa Staffing brand, let people know who we are as a company and um, and then also let people know of what it is that we offer. Um, employers, we’re always trying to let them know we have two different people that we’re marketing to, employers and employees. We have content going out to each. And I will tell you, social media is something that is very, very powerful and it’s, it’s a huge marketing, um, a schematic that you’ve got to get out and learn. Um, you need to find out what channels you’re going to use and you don’t have to use all them.

You don’t have to be all things to all people, but you’ll want to find, um, some popular channels, maybe three or at the very most for, and just make certain that every week you’re relevant. Um, this is what most people do and 50% of our workforce now are millennials. So we know a lot about the patterns of millennials. And if you haven’t seen or heard some talk on millennials, well you’ve been kind of hiding out a little a little bit because we see and hear about it a lot. And what millennials are going to do is they are going to research your company. And one way to know that you’re not relevant is the last post that they see on there is a Facebook post from night, from 2017. Um, all of a sudden that’s going to say a lot about your employer brand. And so you need to move to, um, to become an authority in the field that you’re in.

Uh, one of the things that we always try to do with that’s what we’re doing with this podcast is giving information for, to people for free, for free. Like you’re saying, we don’t get paid for this. Well, you do, but I really don’t. That’s right. So, um, and on the topic of millennials, that is super important. Um, our, our next point will be talking about millennials a lot, but in 2014, uh, UNC Kenan Flagler study said that 34% of the workforce where millennials, by the end of this year, PR it, it projects that 46% will be millennials. Um, I think you just said a second ago that 50% right now are millennials 50% now, but check this out. They are, they’re projecting that by the year 2030, um, millennials will be 75% of the workforce. And so what they’re suggesting, um, in this, in Harvard business review is that you’re going to want to start your Tulsa Staffing awareness now and working on this new generation because this is going to be how they validate you.

Yeah. Well that’s, that that you just took was the one I was just about to say. So thanks for that. Yeah. So by the end of this year, 46% and then in a decade from now, 10 years from now, 75% so a quarter, would you say that it’s kind of important to embrace a culture, a coaching culture, to attract millennials? I think that it’s important. You got gotta, man, trying to create that is difficult. I think it’s one of the more difficult things that I’ve done, but I think that it’s extremely important because everybody needs something different from you. And as a manager trying to figure out what is it that’s important to that person is really, really important, important, important. But I, what I’ve noticed is that there are some people that want you to be a good personal type of a resource for them. They find that very valuable. Yeah.

Um, and they don’t want to talk about work, but that’s what they want. Now most managers would say, well, I’m not, I’m not ever going to talk about that. But in my mind, that’s where you get loyalty when you meet people with where they’re at. Um, some, some people they want to know how can I grow in this business, in this company? How can I get better? How can I get better? How can I get better? How can I get better? Um, that, that’s great. This, um, you know, I’m meet with people here in the, one of the people that I meet with every month, um, set Nast and this is something that’s probably unique to trinity, but she said, you know, I really would like, if you wouldn’t mind to mentor me spiritually. Um, now that’s not going to be for every company. In fact, there, there’s some, you know, bigger companies that you could never do that.

But here at Trinity, I mean, we’re, we’re a Christian company. We let people know about that. Um, that doesn’t disqualify you, qualify you from working here for certain. Everyone here would tell you that. But, um, but at the same time, that’s what is important to them. So that’s something that I’m going, you know, I started that day just sending emails and that sort of thing. And so it is very difficult to try to figure out the best way to impact someone who is a millennial who wants to be coached and lift it up. Um, and so trying to learn that, I hate to tell you this, but the only way I’ve learned is by trial and error and that is trying to, trying to teach someone and coach someone in the same way I’d be wanting to be coached and then they end up in tears because I like somebody to be right in my face, you know, so, and so, uh, I don’t know if, I don’t know if that helps any manager’s out or not, but that’s what my journey’s been in trying to learn it.

Yeah. And you know, Kinda, that also ties into our Tulsa Staffing next point that we are going to go on here saying not having, uh, an office space millennials want to work in. There’ll be a big mistake. And there’s a quote that goes with a John, um, John Feldman who is in content marketing at a place called Insperity jobs. Um, he’s got a quote in and, and, and what I like about it here is very endocoat. He says, offering a salary and office perks isn’t enough. Candidates want to know how they will make a difference at work and in the community. And that really kind of ties into what you were just saying a second ago about how so often, you know, it’s, it’s not enough just to go to work and go home, but people will come to you and say, Hey, listen, I need this from you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and um, and being aware of that.

I’m making your Tulsa Staffing office space something that millennials want to work in, that those people want to be a part of is super important. I think it’s the overall picture though. You know, when, when we, when we created the atmosphere, in fact, we’re getting ready to create a new office. I went and looked at some new office space today actually because we’re growing. And one of the thing, we, we have vibrant colors. We have it to be, you know, we want people walking in here, you know, this next office I’m going to have some more digital stuff. I’m going to have a big screen TV out and we’ll create some kind of video that pops up. We’re going to be doing something like that. This is what is our Tulsa Staffing office once, Ethan, I don’t know that you could give two rats p whatever about that. But, but I mean our office as a whole, they want a kitchen.

Yeah. I mean we’ve got a small little thing. I mean, they want to sink, they want a kitchen, they want to break her room. And for me, I just don’t get that at all because I could care less or not at all. No, we’re going to be wasting autos. I don’t care. But again, we were like the only two, you know, men in the office. We’ve got Jose as well. We probably do not care, you know. Um, but, but that’s what, you know, a big chunk of our office staff does want. So we’re going to go and create a break room and listen, I’m going to make it cool. I’ve got some water spouts. I don’t know what I’m gonna do an ounce. Well I have, that’s so cool man. No, they, they’ve got water running into the walls. And so I’m thinking how much does a Soda Fountain Cost?

Ooh. Do you see what I’m saying? Cool. Like what, what could we do? Sure. And so, you know, I, I’ve, I buddies were, this is not us, but uh, and I would never do this in our Tulsa Staffing company, but I have some people that put beer on tap, you know, that, that are buddies of mine. I don’t think that’s our culture. But there’s something creative that you can do if you have a waterline coming in, right outside of what, most likely your office is going to be a man. Like you could do some cool stuff. Um, even if it’s creating a high powered water gun or stuff like that.

Yeah man, we be talking about something productive for managers right now. Yes. High powered water guns in the break room. It’s a necessity. Well. Alright, but managers take, take note of this. All right. Me Talking to Ethan about this. I’m just telling you like most likely I’m going to make something happen like that. Okay. That excites you. Yeah. It’s fun man. Yeah, it does. It does excite me. So pay attention to the exchange that you just had there because I could like it. Really excited him. Sure. That I might put a Soda Fountain Inn. You’ll gain weight if I put it. Totally. Don’t do that or I don’t need that man. I’ve been trying to be better. Yeah. All right. So you kind of get the point there. Sure. Yeah. So, uh, what’s our next point so we don’t divulge into another yeah. Our next point about using data and I’ll die optimize your Tulsa Staffing hiring, but uh, we, we’ve got a, a, a quote from James Macgregor who is the cofounder and CEO at [inaudible] and he says, hiring too slowly as big mistake two dates.

We’ve only hired people when it’s become critical. A one piece of advice I received recently was just assume everything is going to go to plan and hire early for that expansion. At a time will tell if that’s good advice. But we’ve changed our Tulsa Staffing mindset and we are now hiring for growth rather than hiring to fight fires. Listen, I that, that’s exactly what we just did with this last hire that we did. We hired for growth potential. Um, and I believe, I believe that it’s going to happen, but really you’ve got to give yourself the platform at which to grow. And when you’re, if you, when you wait for the opportunity, I’m mean you’re going to be way behind the gun. I remember the linkedin founder, he said something that was really, really interesting and he said, when, if I would have waited, if you wait this way, he said it, he said, if you wait for your website to be perfect, you started way too late in that.

Interesting. Yeah. And so basically you just, you build a platform that you can actually build from and listen, it can get costly if you, if you make that hiring decision in everything go, you know, exterior things can happen or disruptors can happen and yeah, that can be devastating. However, you’re, you know, a mentor of mine told me a long time ago, he said, at least just throw your name in the hat. Yeah. You know, and that, that’s what helped me as an entrepreneur of just throwing my name in the hat and giving myself an opportunity. And that, that right here is what this guys is talking about. And uh, and so just making sure that you’re using that you’re just hiring someone and you’re never really gonna know. You can put together all the things that you can, but you let that person come work for two weeks, you’ll know.

Yeah. That’s super true. That’s super true. Not letting someone come to work for two weeks. You’ll know. You’ll know by then. And um, and I, everything we’ve talked about before about hiring wrong man, it’s going to cost you money. And so I’ve, I’ve really enjoyed when we’ve brought in people, I’m bringing them in for like a working interview for like a week or so, getting to meet him and know him. I think that’s helped. I think that’s helped management decide whether we want to hire them and it’s up to team as well on that cultural fit to get a feel for how’s this person kind of fit in culturally. And that’s, that’s where the big my, my idea on Ethan is just to get people bought in and to where they feel like, Hey, I’m a part of that decision making process. Cause then you’ve got some, you have some skin in the game to try to at least help that person succeed.

And one of the worst things that I always hated was somebody hired someone without my, um, without me even meeting them. And they got in there and I was like, oh good grief. You know, but hey listen, these are some things that I hope that they help you in thinking it, at least beginning to spur your Tulsa Staffing thinking about hiring the right people, bringing them on and just learning from some of our own authenticity what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping for. We’re definitely not perfect, but man, if we’ve been blessed over here, and so you know, we’ve done a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. Hopefully it’s helped you. If Trinity can help you in any way in your Tulsa Staffing hiring, we would really love to have the opportunity to earn your trust. Please give us a call. You can call us@nineoneeightsixtwotwotwofiveeighteightoryoucanseealotofinformationincludingthispodcastonhiringanddifferentwaystohireanddifferentoptionsabouttrinityonourwebsiteattrinityemployment.com.