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Tulsa Staffing | Best of the best

Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’M president Trinity, Employment, Specialist Trinity. We are Staffing organization. We work in about the Tulsa Oklahoma City Markets, see we’ve been in Tulsa for over 10 years now we won lots of awards and an Inc 5000 Ward, 1 closest top 40 and we’ve had a lot of our customers by doing a quality job asked us if We can staff for their companies in Oklahoma City and so all of a sudden, we got a decent Staffing, Oklahoma City and now we’re we’re going to be opening up an office in that location. And this is what we staff or we are specialists in the medical field. We staff for every major, every major Hospital, except for one in the Tulsa market and then most of the major medical clinics we staff. For so we staff in urology family practice. We staff in room at allOrthopedics pain management. All of these medical disciplines were able to do very well with one of the main areas in the medical field that a lot of people like st. Francis Hospital really focuses on having us do this, for them is in the revenue cycle. We have an ability to know well the revenue cycle, because the people that I’ve hired have worked in the medical as a manager in the revenue cycle for at least 8 years, and so our knowledge base in these areas is very valuable to these companies. And so we are, Tulsa Staffing we are currently moving into the Oklahoma City Market start doing some staffing for their hospitals as well. Tulsa Staffing We’Re really really excited about that, and that will be that will be done, probably the next six to eight months. But today I want to talk to you on. This is my fourth wrap up session on recruiting strategies, because developing a recruiting strategy is extremely important in making sure that you have four or five main points that your company really wants to tackle in every companies. A little bit different – and I am – I am introducing 20 different, recruiting techniques that I think that people should put into the recruiting strategy, and now I’m also putting a disclaimer. I don’t think that you should.

You need to incorporate all 20 things into what you, but I think that you need to consider each one of these think about your company, your culture and what it is that you’re looking for and see, if any of see which one of these fit within your With with what you want your recruiting strategy to be, the thing is, most people will use the word drifting. Tulsa Staffing They they will just drift in the recruiting strategy, go, go out and blindly place an ad hope that people come into them harp somebody that they just kind of liked in the interview and the vetting process is just not as good as it could be, and most hiring Managers really do not see the numbers and the astronomical cost or loss of money, the burden that a company has on hiring someone who is the wrong person? You know the most accounting practices they’ll show how much it cost to acquire the employee. They do a very poor job of showing how much money is wasted by holding on to the wrong person, and so I think that it’s really important for for companies to put into place an ironclad recruiting strategy truly important. So I left off with interviewing your top performers and making sure that you understand the psyche in the background of top performers in each position that you’re recruiting for and duplicate that as much as possible, Tulsa Staffing even going as far as running a disc analysis and understanding who you’re Talking formers are try to duplicate that. The the next thing is is you can create a system for a data based, add a decentralized way of making a decision, and so the way that this works and in many companies use this. They use a number system on grading each one of their employees. They this this was introduced by a book called top grading. I believe it’s one of the best recruiting books that you could come up with, that I’ve ever read and what they do is and we’d send. This out with the system for all of our customers and some use it and those that use it, love it and some donuts much, but you will break different categories down into personality skill set in that particular area.

What is there math equivalent see? You know you? Can you can break you can break these things down into all these different categories? And I, if you, if you buy this book, has the entire system I’m broken down for you and you don’t need to use all of the categories for your personal business, but most of them are going to be relevant, and so what you do is you. You have you and your team grade the employee on each category and you take the score at the end and you make it a numbers based decision and there’s some companies when they do some experimenting with this and they use that number system. It really helps them to make the decision now the companies that I believe use it the most effectively. They don’t rely 100 % on the number however. Tulsa Staffing It is a heavyweight, probably about 80 % of their decision making, and then they use common sense with the right person that would fit in with the group, and so you know I just talked to just a second ago about interviewing your top formers, not for each Position I would interview my top performers and put some categories in there that is specific to that those top performers. How how what what is their background in this, in whatever it was relative to your top former, and make sure that you put some things there specific group performers next thing is: is you want to build a recruiting culture? I talked about this just briefly in one of my my other videos, but you wanted to create a culture where people want to talk about your company. Tulsa Staffing We do a lot of unique things in our organization in our culture is probably the highest that I’ve ever seen. It in our company’s history in the last 10 years, but because of that I put a lot of effort in that I’ve studied the crazy out of building a culture. I put effort into it everyday and in fact today I’ll be mentoring, one of our employees, husband, because that is something that’s very valuable to do. You know I want to. I want to always be adding value to our employees and they really appreciate that and it develops a culture of when they see me wanting to serve them.

They want to serveHeather and Trinity because they see what the owners are doing for them, but you’ll be you’ll. Have to create this culture, and when you do, you will create, you will create employees that will want to talk about your company and because of that I’ve got like 3 or 4 people right now, just sitting and waiting that are friends of our current employees. That want to come work for us and there a players and their currently working and whenever and whenever a full-time opportunity opens up. Listen all we have to do is make a phone call and we’ve got those people ready to go. So I’ve got that on our sales in our recruiting and our admin, I’ve got people waiting in line it’s all, because our employees are our sales team and they go out and they do are recruiting for us. It’S a really really great thing to have. So I would encourage you to develop a recruiting, culture in your company, and you might need to put some kind of an incentive in place there to keep to get your employees to have an incentive to want to to send employees over to us. The last thing is create a candidate Centric approach, so what this means is is whenever you bring in a candidate into your company, Tulsa Staffing you need to make sure and make them feel welcome, make them feel comfortable and make sure that you are addressing all of their needs. If they’re, currently working with them to be able to find a time that will work for them to meet and not put a huge burden on them, for it make sure that you were providing the things that they need and in the things that they might be Concerned about ask them if they’re anything anything that are concerned about, but when you put an emphasis on helping them to make the best decision for them, they will see that and appreciate it and it’ll make them want to be a part of your team. These are just a few things that can really help in your recruiting strategies. I hope that this helps you I’m. If Trinity can help you in any way. Please give us a call or number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.com. Thank you. So much

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