Being Genuine Is the Best Way To Recruit

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Being Genuine Is the Best Way To Recruit

An article written by Tulsa Staffing Leaders, Trinity Employment 

The biggest mistake that many new recruiters make is trying to oversell positions to good potential candidates.  This happens over and over again with candidates that have a good background for a specific position that is being highly sought after by the recruiting agency.  The problem is that the recruiter’s intensity is focused not on finding the right position for the candidate, rather it is to fill the position that will be the most profitable for the agency.  In the long term, looking at the end first, is very important.

Generally,  either the employee ends up quitting once they find what they are really looking for, or they get fed up with the day-to-day duties and  then start aggressively seeking a position that is a better fit.  When this happens, three separate parties lose:  1) The recruiter’s client is not happy because they just invested money into someone who did not stay; a wasted investment.  2) The employee has a blemish on their work history and it was just an overall negative experience.  And 3) The recruiting agency has an unhappy client, and they have to start over in the recruiting process. They will most likely get a negative reference from both the employer and the employee.  Over time, this can be very costly.

Being genuine with employment candidates is the best thing that a recruiter can do for both their career as well as any potential employee that they will work with.  Being transparent about the Tulsa job duties, the workplace atmosphere (if you know anything about it) and any potential negative aspects of the job is greatly helpful in producing long term employees.  Letting them know the good and the bad up front lets them make the decision for themselves while keeping in mind the pro’s and con’s.  This helps them have a good idea of what to expect and being mentally prepared upfront for the duties they will be expected to perform.  When dealing with negative aspects of the job, it is always a good idea for it to be the employee’s idea that they want to move forward rather than urging them against their underlying concerns.

When Tulsa employees ask for the recruiters advice as to what they should do, many recruiters take the opportunity to sell the candidate on taking the position they have available when the best advice is usually to urge the employee to pursue what they want and enjoy doing.  This is just general “keep it simple stupid advice”. However, in the middle of the grind of recruiting, it is often easy to focus on getting the job filled rather than genuinely attempting to find the perfect job for each individual, especially when the perfect job is often not the job the recruiter has an opportunity to make money on.

Being transparent also earns quite a bit of trust from both the candidate and the client.  They learn to trust the recruiter because they can see over time they are in fact looking out for both of their best interests.  No question, it is tempting to try to fill any position quickly when you get a great candidate.  But if it isn’t the right position for them, everyone loses and no one is happy.  Doing the right thing just always pays off.

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