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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m the president of Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing organization located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re one of the top rated staffing firms in our state. And we are the top rated staffing firm in the city of Tulsa. Um, the areas that we staff in is in industrial staffing, administrative staffing and in medical staffing and in each one of these industries, we staff for almost every kind of position that you can think of. And right now it’s a really interesting environment to hire in one of the, one of the things that we want to try to do is teach people how to go about hiring a players. And I want to give you some resources that you can go and read about, um, that I believe will direct you to the best bit of information that is out there with top Tulsa Staffing services.

Um, and most of these resources have been around for a long time that I want to tell you, I’m going to give you the keys to the kingdom on trying to figure this out. But I want you to know that I have shared this information with probably at least 50 to 60 people that I trust. Not one of them has actually done it that I know of. Um, and it’s really sad. In fact, I set up this system for all of our customers. Now, one person actually went through with trying it, but I want you to know that in my opinion, and if you go to the top hiring systems, uh, or the top companies in the United States of America, this is what they do that the big boys, this is what they do, the fortune 500 or probably a fortune 100. This is how they hire with the top Tulsa Staffing services.

It’s not rocket science, it’s all out there. And it’s there for you to go read and learn about. But in small business, I’ve not had one single person that I know of follow this advice. So I’m going to share this with you. I hope it helps you, and I hope you get interested in it a little bit, but some of it’s complicated and most of it’s boring. So hold on. So sorry, but I’m going to try to make it a little bit entertaining. The first thing in this, the book that I want to reference to you is a book called top grading. It was written probably in the early nineties. It is the Bible for hiring a players. Okay. If you go to the top hiring places around and they, and you asked them what’s the top book, all right, everyone’s going to say the same thing, but very few people actually implement it, but I want to give you a key ingredient to, um, setting the system up.

Okay. Um, the first thing is you need to build a scorecard. So, um, you would have a scorecard, um, of a list of however many questions that you want to ask. Now you need to ask questions that are going there that are very, very important. And I really want to suggest that you get your staff and you guys really think about what questions and you need to cover certain things. You need to cover what your job mission is going to be like. Are they going to jump into the mission of your company or are they going to be this type of person with a great Tulsa Staffing solution? And you need to subset two to three questions that are around that, make those questions be almost the exact same. And see if you get the same kind of answers, this is just general surveying. It’s what you do. And then you score them on each question.

Um, one, the outcomes that you need, you need to, you need to ask them outcomes that they gain from their last positions and make, and make sure that they know what they are. If they don’t know what they are. Th th they’re probably not someone who really understands how to measure outcomes and how to go get them. Um, the next thing is through their competencies, you need to have questions about their competencies that are going to evaluate whether they actually know their stuff or not. And so in each one of these questions, you’re probably going to want to have somewhere near 10 to 15 questions. If you want the app, if you want the interview to last around an hour ish to two hours, depending on how long when did the person is, but on every single question, you want to have a quantitative way for you to score how they, how they answered in your opinion, each question.

And so at the end of the scorecard, the reason for the scorecard is it’s. It helps you to be able to make a non-emotional decision, the biggest flaw in hiring his emotions. Here’s a great example. Have you ever met someone that you really, really liked upfront? Like your first, maybe first time of meeting them, maybe the first day with them, maybe the first week with them is awesome. And then you got a chance to see them who they really were. And you’re like, man, I could not like this. I could not dislike this person more. The same thing that was, I don’t know, a lot of people that are really expressive and really super happy when you meet them. And they’re fun. And they’re joyful are just as quickly as those people got happy. Those people can get mad that quick with our great Tulsa Staffing solutions. Um, and so it’s, it’s really important for you to have a non emotional response in addition to your emotional response with someone, but not give one too much weight over the other.

It’s a really hard thing to do, but it’s something that you can practice. And top grading is going to help walk you through that. If you’re, if you’re willing to go read the book, it’s a great, great book, very boring, but the best information out there, I’ve already said it 10 times now. But, um, if you can have a scorecard and you calculate up the score and you can, you can know where, where each one of them scored after each, uh, interview, and then take how well you, their likeability factor and weigh both of those, um, in, into your consideration. It really helps people to not make only an emotional decision, because if I only made decisions based on how, how well I liked the person in the first hour, um, I will waste a ridiculous amount of money finding out who they really are, um, inform of paying them to figure them out, out who they really are.

Um, second thing is you need to conduct several times different kinds of interviews. Here are some possibilities for you first, before you bringing anyone in, you’re going to want to do a phone screening and it’s best to use this Brown screening to ask questions that eliminate, you need to keep in mind. Your entire goal here is to eliminate. Um, I tell our partners that we staff for tell them, listen, our goal together is to eliminate. I know that sounds crazy cause we’re trying to make money on getting them placed with you for the best Tulsa Staffing. But if you will work with us to eliminate the wrong candidate, you have a much better chance of having a long-term hire and not having the turnover costs, which is astronomical. Cool. Um, number two, you need to have, yeah, you need to have a scorecard. Um, you need to, you need to have those questions set up, have a scorecard and get your score.

Number three, you need to have focused interviews on cert and you can do this in the middle of your interview. You can begin to focus on certain areas that are really important to you and just make sure that they’re not fibbing to you. Um, a lot of, a lot of times you’re going to get, you’re going to get some great candidates that are eight, especially in sales. They’re going to get you to believe that they’re hard workers because they’re good in sales. But when, when the rubber meets the road, they’re not. And they, and these are the people that are not going to know their numbers with a fantastic Tulsa Staffing services. They’re not going to be able to explain to you numbers. They’re not going to be able to go into detail with you, but you need to be able to do that. Um, you need to be able to go over their competency and their skillset and make sure that you have the smartest person in the room in your company when you’re going over these things.

Again, you’re trying to catch people, trying to overstate what it is that they do so that they get the job. Um, and in our, in our society today, it’s, it’s just something that you’ve got to pay a lot closer attention to. And then the last thing that you need to do is you really need to make a decision and then begin to sell your company and be ready to sell your company and know how you can sell your company. Know what areas to sell your company in and make sure that it’s not just you doing the selling, um, in once your team figures out. This is somebody we want your team in the interview needs to begin to start selling the company a little bit. Listen, if Trinity can help you in your interviewing process. I, I ran through this at lightning speed. We’d love to be a resource for you. I’ve got all the materials here for all of our clients to be able to implement topgrading. I think it’s one of the most important things that companies can do. Give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.