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Hi, my name is Corey mentor and I am with Trinity employment specialists. And at Trinity, we work with companies who are trying to figure out a pathway and a process of finding a players. So I work with hiring managers that have really struggled to get top level talent in their companies and work with them to try to create a strategy and a platform on how to recognize top talent and then eliminate those that are not serving the company well. And, um, in doing that, you’ll create a team of a players. Um, a players do three things. They, um, they stay longer, they do one and a half times the work, and eventually they will begin recruiting other a players to bring them on your team. Steve jobs said this when he created the Macintosh section of Apple and he was really wise in doing it when it comes to our top Tulsa Staffing services.

And he said, listen, a small team of a players will run circles around B and C level players. And when he did that, he took four to five people from Apple, a company of like thousands and thousands. They were making all of these huge computers and he goes and creates the Macintosh and Caratias it. So he takes him and five people and they outperform a company of like five to 600 people. Isn’t that crazy what a small group of a players can do. And good to great writes about this. All of the great books write about the magic that happens when you can get top level talent all together, working for one goal. And that’s what we do. We try to help companies get that today. I’m talking to employees though. I want, I want to talk about the, how to create a career path so that you can become an, a player because if you get going in the wrong direction, you, you can really, you can try all you want.

You never really get there. And let me give you a great example of, of this. What if Tom Brady, which has like what six super bowl championships? I think I was reading his net worth is like $560 million or something like that. You know, he’s run so many pro bowls. I mean, like he is arguably one of the most decorated, uh, quarterbacks in the NFL, but what if Tom Brady wanted didn’t really want to be a quarterback anymore? And he wanted to be, be the next tech giant. Okay. All right. Hit pause on that for a second with a great Tulsa Staffing experience. What if Elon Musk who’s worth billions started space X, one of the founding members of Uber. I think I’m trying to come up with all these things, um, that he’s done. You know, he created Tesla, which is likely going to be a driving car company. Like anything innovative.

This dude has really brought some great ideas. Yes. It’s almost like the next Steve jobs ish type of guy. Right. But what if he wanted to try to become the next it, you know, NFL quarterback, all right. Both of these guys have enough money to make pay for the best trainer there’s ever, ever. So let’s just say, Tom, Brady’s like, all right, I’m going to try to become this tech giant. I’m going to try to become a genius and really begin to create all these products. All right. Most likely he will be okay. Be able to hire the best of the best for a great Tulsa Staffing option, come in and train him. He, both these guys have crazy work ethics. Tom Brady will put a ridiculous amount of effort and most likely he will be marginally successful. I think he would probably be somewhat successful in that, but nothing like what he is being, he had become as an NFL quarterback.

This was his God given it was his talent. He puts effort into something he’s already gifted in and he goes to the moon. All right. Same thing with Elon Musk. If he buys a billion dollars, he got $6 billion, let’s say spends a billion dollars to get the best quarterback training that he could ever do. I think he would probably become an okay quarterback, even with hardly any athletic skills. He probably is going to be able to learn decent amount. All right. But he’s never going to become great. He’s going to put the same kind of effort, but because he put his effort in the area he did, that’s where the magic happens with a better Tulsa Staffing service. I want people to understand this as we move forward in these last four points of how to get into your career path. So number six is you got to assess your current skillset.

You got to understand what it is that you’re good at and what it is that you have an aptitude and an ability to do so that you can begin to look at other things, go, all right, how can I maximize this ability? Like how can I make the most money using this ability? And then at the same time, enjoying myself, like, what are the options out there? But here’s the ability. And here’s where, and this goes, you’ve got to begin to understand these things. Number seven, you got to take note of your interests. So how do you do that? I, I, I believe that you’ve got to really analyze the different things that you do, you know, in my personal life, if camping, I, I love it to huge green arrow. I bet I’ve done a ton of assessment with this in my own job. Listen, I’ve been a recruiter. I started this company. I did everything with a top Tulsa Staffing solution. Okay. The one thing that I noticed that I good at, and when I got done doing it, I was really energized and results followed was when I sat down with high-level managers and began discussing, you know, how to create systems for better hiring. I noticed that when I did this, it was easy results came, sales came, Everything came. Yep.

My way when I was actively involved in this thing, but I was interested in it. I was energized by it, most likely. Okay. It’s going to be very difficult for you to really reach a huge pinnacle. If you don’t enjoy what it is that you’re doing, like it’s just gonna be really hard. Um, but if you can have a good, solid definition and understanding of what your interests are, it’s really going to help you. So what I’ve learned is I love pioneering things. I love, uh, creating new companies. I love that part, man, Retaining the company pretty boring for me, but creating it so great, man. And I’m sorry.

So good at it. So, you know, any activity before I agree to it, I always run it through this definition of does this meet my interests? Does this meet my career goals? Is this going to energize me at the end of the day and do it, is this going to fit my core abilities and talents? And if it hits those four things, then I say, yes, let me tell you a great, this, this is so true. And you won’t believe me until you live through the pain of it. People make decisions based on one or two things, pain or pleasure, right? The pain generally comes first. Um, most of the super successful say no to almost everything. And the reason is, is because they have a good understanding of their design and they know if it fits in it and they know if it doesn’t.

So you’ve got to begin to understand who it is that you are and who it is that you, that you’re not. They say no to almost everything for a long time. I said yes, to almost everything. Most of these things were outside of my design. I was operating in what we would call reds and yellows, which mean, um, activities that doesn’t mean it’s not up or down for me. And then reds are always down. And what happened was, is I was depleted at the end of the day, miserable. I hated what I did. And it was because I said yes, too much of a bunch of things that I should’ve said no to, but I didn’t understand my design. It’s really important to take note of your interests and then begin to activate on it. And when you do this, it’s going to make a great difference for you, your career with a better Tulsa Staffing experience. Listen, if there’s anything that we can do at Trinity to help you to get on the right career path, we would be honored to be someone that you would consider calling, give us a call. We do everything that we can to put our candidates interests first and then put our interests. Second. That’s how we’ve always done this business is how we get referrals. It’s how people come to us and it’s why people appreciate us. We’d love to help you. You can call us at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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