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Tulsa Staffing | Amazing Experience

Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’M president of Trinity, Employment, Specialist Trinity, we’re staffing company that I we staff in the Oklahoma City and in the Tulsa markets. The two different groups that we staff for our and we step for everything in the medical field, from a front-office person, all the way up to a medic, all the way up to physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner, and we also have a division that does accounting finance And banking, so that’s primarily, what are markets are kind of our lanes are understand, want to talk about some hiring and recruiting mistakes that many companies make think it’s really important news lot of times. I spend most of my time talking about the things that you should do for recruiting and trying to give good pointers on what to do, and I’m just as equally as important is what not to do so. I I like four or five things here that I thinkare really important that some people – just they don’t see it thing, is things are changing things change so quickly, Tulsa Staffing especially technology man. It’S just crazy. How quickly it changes. If you don’t pay attention to it, there will be disruptors that happened in any kind of industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the NBA or the NFL, we saw a disrupter happen in the NFL this last year. Just things that happen that adjust the course of that business. Well, in our industry, there are lots of different new technologies that are coming out that are trying to replace the human brain on on how to recruit. That’S something that’s coming into our industry and in your industry. I’M sure there are certain things that you got to be paying attention to, Tulsa Staffing because if you talk to some of the most leading experts in change or just in the leading experts in business in general, they will talk to you about how important it is to watch Out for change, so I want to talk to you about some mistakes that I think people make in recruiting, and some of these have to do with the technological technologically they fall in behind the first. The first thing is, is it’s a mistake to not have a mobile-friendly application process or process at which the candidate can interact with your company, and so any website that you have?

A lot of websites still have not been updated to a mobile-friendly top of a platform, Tulsa Staffing and when that happens, people get frustrated and they move on, and it’s really important that you have a mobile-friendly platform. It’S if you don’t have a mobile-friendly platform. It’S almost like the comparison of having a digital photograph to a digger types that people have laying around it’s. Just it’s not something that is relevant and in so you need to have a mobile-friendly ability for people to scroll through see the position and have a clear and concise description as to what you’re looking for, but also it’s. So it’s so very important to have some SEO or some search engine optimization to be put on your website, because I’ll tell you just on are on our site alone. We get contacted in general by about 30 to 40 applicants a week just for seeing the different job ads that we have not a job ad, but just what we have online, they read, you know they researched. Tulsa Staffing The terminology in the terminology comes up. There are search engine optimization, and so it’s really important for companies to have this in process. That’S number one make sure that your mobile friendly number 2, I’m it’s a mistake to not leverage referrals from your current employees. Having a referral process is probably the number one way to be able to recruit the best people. Tulsa Staffing Unless you got an entire team of B players who got an entire team, be players, I probably wouldn’t try to recruit from them, because most likely they’re going to bring you a beer or sea level player, that’s just kind of what BNC level players do they want. It they want, they are concerned about having an 8 player to take over the role or their potential growth in a company. But if you got a good, solid team will be very best.

Thing that you can do is ask them for a referral, mainly because, if they’re in a player, the very last thing that they want to do is bring a beer at sea level player into their team and likely any players hang out with other a players. And it’s very likely they have worked with other a players in the past or they know of them and don’t bring them over to, and it is by far the best way to do it. So I would encourage you to have an aggressive bonus for someone who starts with your company and stays like 3 or 4 months. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, but a minimum I would pay, them is think about the amount of money that it cost just to acquire. Tulsa Staffing Any any employee you know you’re looking at around ,000 minimum to be able to do that, and so, if you just had a simple referral fee man that would gain a little bit of interest that I would consider it to be much more higher than that because In our experience having referrals, those are by far the best ways to acquire new employees, number 3 is using interviewers with poor interviewing skills because we are recruiting agency. I can tell you for certain that there are companies that we work with and they’re their main office manager or the recruiters that that we send their candidates to. They are not really great interviewers, often times. We know this because we are needing to point out concerns that we have for them that they just did not even see, and there’s sometimes did for customers who want to see multiple applicants, and you know what we pride ourselves on at Trinity is sending you only. Tulsa Staffing Maybe two or three of the best, not five or six and load you down. But there are some of our customers. They want to see a lot of people, and so we will send them the people that we have with warnings and they’ll still pick the people that we are concerned about and over time, we’ve been able to track the data.

In the end, they were very poor decisions, and so those poor decisions cost the company so much money and I we boss – we’ve often wondered what if the company were to either provide some interviewing training skills to that person or or had another person interview the candidate. Most likely they would have seen the flaws that we saw at our company that we tried to warn them about, and so it’s really important that you have somebody who’s really good interview with this is the this is something else that I think is really important. Tulsa Staffing You need your, you need your team to have good intuition. How are recruiters based off of what I have seen and what I’ve heard from their references on what their intuition is there, some people that have a higher level of intuition than other people do and those people with high levels of intuition. Those are the people that really really make the best difference in interviewing. These are just a few interviewing tips or mistakes that I see, Tulsa Staffing people making and I’ll do another segment about this. It at some point, but I hope that this helps you listen. If Trinity can help you at all, we would love to. We have really great recruiters that that we work with and we put a huge emphasis on quality over quantity, and it makes a big difference in the customers that we work with and because of it, we’re able to save them. Thousands and thousands of dollars each year in acquiring the right person to put on the bus. I hope this helps you please give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at Trinity. Employment.Com thanks.