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You are listening to trinity employments, eight player Matchmaker podcast starring your Tulsa Staffing host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter.

Hi, welcome to the a player matchmakers here with Ethan May where we’re always trying to make and looking for ways to help add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast are saving shocking seven. What did I just say? Having shocking seven shocking job search statistics and how you can use them. Um, and some of these are just fun to talk about, but it’s interesting if you’re not in the job search and game all the time. It’s interesting to know this, this type of stuff. And so you know this, this content might be able to help you. It really, if you are searching for a job and you’re trying to figure out what is working, what’s not working or really just your Tulsa Staffing perceptions, perceptions really create anxiety or create peace and we’re hoping that this creates a little bit of peace for you.

Let you know kind of what the average person, um, would, should expect or what you should expect when you’re doing your job search. Some of this is going to give some people some relief hopefully today. So if not, it gives you a few fun facts and stats for you know, little cocktail conversation. Right. And your Tulsa Staffing next party. Yes. Just one good stat. Exactly. Yeah. Just to make you make you sound great. Um, so we’re, uh, you know, we want to ask that you, if you find this content valuable, please share it. We would love for you to share it. We’re, we’re just weird wanting to genuinely help people out here and give them good information and try to bring relevant topics. So if you find this helpful, please share this at where you can send anyone to our Tulsa Staffing website and we have a podcast tab there under our career center.

So let’s go ahead and get started with seven shocking seven, seven shocking job search statistics and how you can use them. Uh, the number one, uh, one that we have here is the average time recruiters spend looking at resumes is six seconds. Do you agree or disagree with that? You know, man, when I first read that stat I thought, wow, like only six seconds. And then I, you know, the next day at work I was like, oh yeah, that’s super accurate. Like, I mean if not less, I mean the amount of time I spend glance senator resume before I decide if I’m going to call them is definitely six seconds or less. Very rarely do I spend more time than that before deciding to give him a call. Yeah. When you get so many, I would think less because you look at the first job title, job title and job title.

I look at dates. That’s the first thing I’ll usually, yeah man. I mean if I get a resume and it’s okay, this person’s had four jobs in the last nine months then and none of them say contract work under this. This is not a good sign. You know what I mean? Yeah. It is really true. You’ve got it. I want to, I want to give this scenario to people is that when you’re looking through resumes, I, I used to get complaints all the time because the thing is is that people now are going to, uh, resume databases. They’re applying online and what it feels like to people is that you’re going to one big dark black hole and you are just, uh, you know, you, you don’t know what you’re just frustrated. We hear a lot of frustration from people. You know, when, when I went to this, uh, conference just the other day and they talked about the amount of time, Ethan, this is actually interesting, the amount of time that people are willing to actually spend, uh, just giving the general information to you that they’re interested in the job.

Do you know how much time it was? No. It was like 20 or 30 seconds really. And they had everybody go into their website. This was a, an entire group of staffing firms and hiring agencies. And they said, all right, I want you to go and apply for a job on your Tulsa Staffing company, on your company’s website. And so me, me and amber, we went to go do this. And uh, so they timed out at 30 seconds and I barely got through my name. Wow. And so you know, right now we are, if you are applying for Trinity Employment Specialists, one thing that I’m glad to say is we are, we are in the process of drastically reducing the amount of time that you would spend on just an initial contact with us and giving us some general information. The thing is is in today’s society people are really, really concerned with giving up too much information and so that rather than doing that, they would rather just bail and um, and I don’t know what their second action is, but it, one of my, no is not applying on, on our, on our Tulsa Staffing website.

But anyway, that I want you to think about a recruiter here. And the way that I used to explain it to people who weren’t, have never been a recruiter is that going through a resume is like going down a highway at 65 miles an hour. If you’re here in Tulsa, we all know what, how he won 69 is how we won. 69 is full of billboards. You’re going 65 miles an hour. Try to read one of those daggum resumes. Or one of those signs in marketing pieces at going 65 miles an hour, it’s actually quite difficult. And so seconds, seconds. You’ve got to capture someone’s attention in your resume. That’s what I’m wanting to try to say. I took a long time to say it now, but I finally got it out there. You want to make sure and capture someone’s attention at the very beginning because people like me and Ethan who read through these things, you’ve got 101 your desk, you’re flying through them at six seconds, six seconds of pop.

Well, it’s real easy to forget to miss some really important things if you’re not strategic in that. Yeah, I mean definitely. Yesterday I came into the office, I had 211 applicant’s overnight and uh, I got through all of those applicants and I did a few interviews and I called like 30 people. And so like all that you have to do in one day, I don’t have time to spend 10 minutes on each resume, you know what I mean? So you’re flying through them and that’s, I love that analogy is your Tulsa Staffing resume. Resume’s a billboard. Um, and uh, and that recruiter or hiring manager, they’re flying down the highway at 65 miles an hour. Well, I think that a lot of people run into the same problem I do when I’m trying to read a billboard. If I find something that looks relatively interesting, let’s just say the picture captures my attention, but I can’t really make out what in the world are they trying to communicate.

You’re all right. Bye. See Ya. [inaudible] that’s really kind of what it’s like and I’m sure that a lot of people can, can actually relate to that. Yeah. You know, I agree. The second thing is 76% of resumes are discarded due to an unprofessional email address. What do you think about that 76? That’s, that’s a high number. But I will tell you, I’ve run into a few inappropriate email addresses or just weird email addresses that you can tell someone made up when they were in like high school or Middle School. I don’t know about seven. Definitely not for me is 76%, but I wouldn’t discard it if the work history, um, intrigued me. Yeah, I can tell you that. Sure. If the work history was there, they got good longevity. Yeah. And they’re in the field, especially in today’s job market. I’m probably going to make the call.

Sure. No, that’s fair. But, but uh, you’ve already got a perception. Oh, definitely. I had someone apply the other day, their email address. I won’t do the whole thing so that whoever’s listening, we’ll email them. But their email address started with Dank Kush and then a few numbers at [inaudible] dot com and Dank Kush. I mean, that was as a drug reference, 100% about really good marijuana. And so see, I’m completely out of, I’m just an old Polish and I was like, oh, okay, great. I wonder what [inaudible] I’m wondering if you can pass one down. Neither. Woo. We do randoms here. I don’t know.

Um, well, uh, the next thing, the next one here on our Tulsa Staffing list is 68% of employers search applicants on Facebook. We did an entire podcast over this just yesterday. Yep. And the answer, yes, definitely. And our Tulsa Staffing statistic that we had yesterday that we found of course is statistics that give you a general sure. And this is pretty close, but it was 76% federal, just 70 on the dot. I thought, Oh, was it? Yeah. Okay, well then this is more accurately wrong. Yeah, yeah. Right around 70% 70% of employers are going to be checking people out on Facebook or on social media. You’re not going to stop it. It’s just going to happen. And so you can have that work for you or against you. Yeah. And a lot of people have at work against them. Yeah. Yeah. 33% of bosses say they know within the first 90 seconds of an interview if they will hire the candidate.

Yeah, that’s super true. And um, for whatever it is, it’s just a little bit that intuition. Cory, I know you’ve got a story about, but the, the glass door effects and you said this was a huge part of you, um, your staffing experience. Yeah. Im always tell a story about why I created trinity and this is a part of it because I would use staffing firms and I had a glass door and I’d walk down to a hallway nude, take me probably five to six seconds to walk down this hall hallway. And it was always a huge disappointment when I knew before I got to the glass door and some people might be saying, well you’re being judgmental, you’re doing this, but you can when you’re trying to hire for your culture and you can tell this person has come in, they have not come in prepared for this culture.

And the recruiter at that point in time obviously did not prepare them for this. When you get them into the interview, they don’t talk in a way that seems like it fits your culture, but you can, a lot of times you could see it and then whenever you saw it in the first few seconds that you spoke, solidified it and you just, it was such an interesting thing. Yeah, that I would notice it so often. And it’s not every time I’m in this that says 33% of bosses know within the first 90 seconds. And again, it’s not necessarily like they walk out and, Oh that person looks like this, I’m not going to hire them. It’s the things like, yeah, you go up and you introduce yourself and say, hi, I’m Ethan, thanks for coming in. And they just don’t say anything. They just kind of put their hand out the Va, you know, very softly shake your hand.

You walk into the interview room. So how are you doing today? Good. And they, they’re not making eye contact, they’re very quiet. They’re not really talking, not smiling, no engagement. Things like that will immediately, just as a person kind of turn you off to the idea of that, of that candidate. You can pick up on it real quickly. But I do want to say this and I’m not trying to save my tail with what I said earlier, it’s, it’s just this, I’ve been wrong before. Oh sure. Where you walk up to glass door and you’re like, oh good grief. And then you were wowed by this person. So 33% is probably an accurate number. Yeah. You know, but, um, but man, that is so true. Yeah, really true. And I’ve been proven wrong a lot when I talked to him on the phone and I scheduled an interview on, I think I dunno about that person.

Then they show in and they blow my socks off. Really excited, you know? So the average number of people who apply for any given job is 118. Would you disagree or agree with that? I’d agree with that. Oh yeah. I would definitely, I would say maybe at least so many people apply for a job for the unemployment rate being as low as it is below 3% I think, or right around 3% you’re still getting 118 yeah. Lots of people, man. Yeah, man, that is, that is interesting. Definitely the, the uh, 58% of hiring managers said that they’ve caught a lie on a resume. We probably have one hour of stories on this, at least at the very minimum, and we probably ought to wrap this up, but the, the answer is yes. That happens. Yes. A lot. Yeah. And to take away from that is don’t do it.

Don’t lie. If you have a good recruiter, they’re going to catch you on it and man, and if you don’t have a good recruiter, then you don’t really want to work with them. I mean, if you’re going to get away with a lie, that’s going to be a company that, uh, a good office manager or, or HR manager, they will see right through a bad recruiter in a bat, in a, a bad recruiter is the only one that would miss that. Now they’re likely going to catch you. So be very careful with that if you want to really reached the top of your potential. The, the last one here is the only the top 2% of candidates land an interview. So don’t be discouraged when, when you don’t get some callbacks it, it’s going to happen. I think if you put some effort in your resume, that’ll help your chances.

Learning and being inquisitive, listening to podcasts like this, I really think that out of everything that we’ve done on this podcast, we have a great amount of information for someone to just listen to and give some good ideas too. If Trinity can help you further, please give us a call. We would love to be able to do that. We love serving people and helping people find, um, an extraordinary opportunity. And, uh, so you can check us out online@trinityemployment.com where we have a lot of information on our Tulsa Staffing website. I’m including this podcast or you can just give us a call at nine one eight six two, two, two, five, eight, eight.

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