Tulsa Staffing | 14 Attributes of a Great Employee

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You are listening to trinity employments, a player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter.

I welcome to our show the a player matchmaker. I’m here with Ethan May and today we’re talking about 14 attributes of great employees and how to hold on to great employees. Recognize when you’ve got one. So if, if you are, um, if you are an employee and you are trying to figure out what makes a great employee, what does my manager one, we’ve got some good ideas here for you. If you’re an employer though and you are wanting to make sure and hold on to your top players, recognizing the attributes that make great employees, it’s really, really important. Um, and so that’s what we’re hoping to do is spur some of these ideas in both the employer and the employee today. Um, you can see all of our new content on our website. You can see it at Trinity, employment.com. You go to our career center, there’s a dropdown menu in there is our podcast.

We would love it if you joined us. And then also sharing with other people about this, about what Tulsa Staffing talk about if, if you think it would help them, especially someone who’s underemployed or someone who is a manager struggling to hire the right talent for their team. Um, and so this particular talent as particular talent, this particular content, I think it’s really important because today it’s so important to be able to recognize your employees. Um, whenever they do good. And it’s also so important to be able to know what if you’re an employee, what is it that my boss wants? And so we think that this, this kind of content will help you. So we’d generally get started with some with either some statistics or quotes. And so I kicked that off to Ethan to get us going. Sure. It’s really important to, I mean, to recognize really, really great employees, you know, so when we’re talking about today is 14 attributes of really great employee.

Uh, if you have a really great employee, a true like a player, you don’t want to lose that person by any means. You want to hang on to them, especially in today’s economy. Holy Cow. Yeah. Like right now, you know, if you’re listening to this, you know, next year in 2020, which it’s probably going to be up then, well things might change. But right now in 2019 holy smokes is do we have a low unemployment rate? Um, and we are having to go out and recruit and recruit and recruit and we’re going after people who are currently employed and they’re probably hopefully an a player. Yeah. That we’re bringing into our clients. Well, it’s not like we’re trying to go out and snipe people and hurt other companies, but our job, we are commissioned to go and find the very best employee that we can with that skillset will, a result of that is Tulsa Staffing are to be talking with people and aggressively pursuing people who are currently employed.

And you don’t want your employee to be frustrated with you at the moment whenever they get a call from a recruiter like us. And so being able to hold onto an employee lot of times just recognizing what it is if they do. Yeah. Employers, he gotta be able to recognize her great employees so you can keep them. And employees. You got to recognize what makes a great employee. You got, you got to work on it. I mean, lifeworks is a site, they did a study and said 76% of employees who do, who do not feel valued, are actively looking for other job opportunities. I mean, so if you’re not, if you’re not valuing or even really realizing who your great employees are, there’s a huge chance they’re looking for another job or, you know, and I’ll tell you a story about someone that we lost that I just hate, that we lost.

They were so good and this, this is what, this is how it came about. You know, they had been approached at least two or three different times that they told me about and you know, they said, no, no, I’m really happy where I’m at. We’ll in somewhere in between there we had, um, one of our other employees just kind of be a negative and planning some bad ideas in, into their head. And, you know, they called again and she was just tired of the culture. It was getting negative. I had no clue. Had I known, I mean, what, what would have changed if that day I had gone to him and said, you know what, how do you know how much I appreciate you? Yeah. That may have changed the whole thing. No, no. I mean, God just blessed us with an, with someone to replace them.

Um, and, and so we’re so grateful that it happened that way. But one word might’ve changed that all I’ve, I’ve never forgotten about that. How important it is to let people know. Yeah. It’s so important as an employer to recognize and yeah, to let people know. I, I, this isn’t a stat that I know, but I would say a majority of people or words of affirmation are a huge motivator for them. A love language for them really hearing, Hey, you’re valued and you’re appreciated. We’ll be huge. Uh, another, uh, set a study by Korn Ferry, Korn ferry. Okay. It’s spelled K, O, r n and then ferry like a boat like f e r. R. Y. But this better be a great statistic like the food and it’s gotta be inspiring Ethan. No, it just says 90% of executives, which is a lot. 90% of executives said that keeping new hires is an issue in the organization.

It’s hard to keep people that are new hires and man, I mean the bureau of National Fair say that $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover. That’s so much money. So as an employer, again, it’s, it’s so important for you to recognize really great employees so you can keep them. And then as an employee it’s really important to recognize how can I make myself a really great employee? Yeah. And I don’t know if anyone’s paid attention or not, but we have 14 attributes we might want to get started. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. Yeah. Let’s get started. Let’s get going. So let me, uh, let’s start out with the first one. Hold on, let me [inaudible].

Here we go. I’m really organized over there. My, my fingers are slippery. Something the, the, the, the first attribute is just having, having ambition and being ambitious. You know, these are admirable attributes of great employees and someone who’s ambitious, you know, they always find new ways to, to be better and improve regardless if it’s work related or their personal skills, whatever it is, they’re always trying to move the needle. And I just love people that are always trying to move the needle. You know, w when, uh, when Cassie are our recruiting manager, I, one of the things that I love about what she does is that if Tulsa Staffing ever just get stuck, that girl is not okay with getting stuck and getting goose eggs, you know, and she, she has taught you guys so well how to just not tolerate, not having people come in and figuring out ways to change the ballgame.

Yeah. Uh, yeah, that’s super true. Having ambition mean there’s a great quote I’m thinking of actually that I really like it. It reminds me of this. It’s by Jack Welch. He’s a CEO over a general electronic. Um, but he says before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself and after you become a leader, success is about growing others. But the beginning part of that I love and it, it really speaks to that. I think that before you become a leader, before you can grow, you’ve really, success is about working on yourself, working on your ambition so that you can become greater and then grow professionally, financially, personally. You know, in the, the, the biggest leaders that I speak with and I get, I get the opportunities to hang out with people. I just can’t even believe you. You’re wanting me back. You know, 10 years ago I would’ve never ever thought that I would have the opportunity to meet.

And none of that just become friends with people that I respect and admire so much. And almost every one of them I talk about, uh, we, we, we sit back and we’re talking about where like, you know, it’s really a good thing that Tulsa Staffing really had a lot of ambition and I keep using a quote. In fact, I have it up on my wall. I’m going to read it off my wall and it says, thankfully persistence is a great substitute for real talent. And Ethan really, who said that? A Steve Martin, Steve Martin. Yeah, he’s great. Love it. Um, and he, he said it in, in his book standing up it where he talks about how he created his standup routine that really killed it in the 80s. And he talks about how many times he bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and then got one joke and then he bombed and bombed and all.

And that’s why, that’s where that quote came from. You know, it’s just such a great book. If you, if you admire people who struggle that that is just a great book to read. But ambition just kills everything else. Even talent. Yeah. I didn’t really does, it really does. Our, our next one is being autonomous. One of the most admirable attributes of great employees. And these employees have the ability to work on task by themselves with very little help, um, which at times it’s necessary because you’re, as a supervisor, you can be very, you know, as a team you can get very distracted. A supervisor can get very distracted by having someone who can really get in there and just wants to take the bull by the horns and get going. Yeah. There, I mean there is almost nothing more frustrating than having to hold someone’s hand through everything you know.

And there’s a few things that are more a hindering to productivity and success than doing that. So having someone who doesn’t need you to do that is huge. The next one we hear about every time I have a meeting with an employer and we begin, uh, every time Ethan, we’re asking, we’re asking him, so what is it that you’re looking for an employee, you know, what do you think the most number one thing is that we hear about? We want someone to show up every day. I just want somebody to show up. I said, I said it earlier. I think it’s 80% of g of the entire job is just showing up and showing up on time. Being dependable in our culture. This is sad, stinks, but it is what it is. So Tulsa Staffing all got to deal with it. Just having people show up is rare.

It’s a rare thing now. Being dependable is extremely important. Our next one is being humble, having humility and not being arrogant I guess would be a better way of saying it. But I mean, do you have a story or an example about just being able to be around people who are humble? Man, you know, I’ve interviewed people that have just zero ounces of humility ever. You know, I interviewed someone just the other day actually. It really hadn’t really made me laugh. She came in and, and we were talking and she said, yeah, I interviewed at a place the other day and a in a finished. And I said, great, when do you want me to start? You know? And they said, oh, we’ve got a couple of other people that, you know, Tulsa Staffing still have to interview. Um, and she’s like, I got up and I left.

Why are you wasting my time? I said, Whoa, Whoa, whoa. I mean, do you not understand how interviewing works? You know, like, yeah, they want to interview the other people that want to interview as well. And that’s okay. You know, but, uh, she was infuriated that they would even think of someone other than her, you know? And she told you that. Yeah. Yeah. And so if you’re the lawyer, you’re like, well, if, I don’t know, I don’t know. I guess you’re gone. I was like, oh, let’s see. I guess, you know, but no one wants, no one wants someone like that. No one wants someone that’s like, yeah. Arrogance in conceded that it’s frustrating to work with. Yeah. I, the, our, our next one is, that’s just everyone wants someone who they want to be around people who are, have a certain amount of humility to them for sure.

Our next one is just being passionate and dedicated and immediate. Me especially, I just loved being around passionate people who are, who are just really, they want to really get in there and dig in and crush it. And I think I just gravitate around people like that anyway. Um, but having, having people like that around, it’s contagious and employers know that and they know that that’s going to drive their team in the right way. Yeah. I mean, having someone who’s passionate it, I feel like maybe this is just how I feel, but I feel like someone with passion that is one that is one of the most contagious personality traits someone can have. You know, when you’re around someone who’s just so passionate, you leave feeling passionate yourself. You leave feeling, you know, jazzed up and ready going in. And why would you not want someone like that on your team working for you, working with ya?

You know, that’ll get you, that’ll get everyone just so amped about what you’re doing just because that’s so contagious. Yeah. I love it. Being around that. Um, the next one is honesty. I know that sounds crazy. Uh, nobody likes a higher, but the perfect employee always speaks truth. Um, regardless of the circumstances. A lot of times I attribute that to be a quality of an a player. They don’t, they’re confident enough in themselves that they don’t feel like they need to lie, fib, or just stretch things to make themselves sound better. There is pretty honest and authentic regardless of what the circumstances are. And so having somebody who’s just 100% honest, it, it’s so refreshing to not ever have to wonder. Yeah. And there, there are a few things a little more quickly turned me off to someone just as a person. Then if I, if I feel that they’re not being honest with me, you know, I don’t want to have anything to do with people like that, man.

For me, if you lie once, I just know. Yeah, I know it’s not going to stop. Um, the next, the next one is being confident, competent employees is, you know, a confident employee is always the one who’s bold. They take risks. Employers want confident employees because they usually get the work done even during stressful and demanding situations. And then when they do do it, they produce results. And if they don’t get results, they’re unhappy with it. And so they switch gears and try to figure out a way to get results and, and those, those type of people, it’s so refreshing to be around and it gives you a lot of confidence yourself in, uh, in your company’s abilities succeed. Yeah. And you know, they’re, this kind of reminds me as well. It’s good to be confident and that’s a, it’s kind a fine line sometimes between confidence and arrogance and being yeah.

And not being humble. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Well you, you get that in these interviews apparently, that really, that really sets you off. Oh No, it just, I mean, that woman in particular, I like, she was like angry and she was basically saying that like, so don’t waste my time, you know, like, I’m here so I can get a job. Don’t waste my time. Well, you know, with the staffing, with staffing companies and agencies, I always had that happen to me. And it always bothered me when you had someone who was relatively talented and you’re like, you know, if your attitude wasn’t in the way, I would really want to work with you. Yeah. And not only that, I need to find people like you for our client, but there’s no chance I’m going to send you over because I don’t want you to do to them what you’re doing to me.

And, and the thing is, as a staffing agency, a lot of people will come in here with the ideology that I’m, I’m better than this. And I think it’s because Ethan, they see it as a temp agency and not what we really do over here. And we know that Tulsa Staffing create positions with people all the time, you know, at high levels, at low levels all over the place. And it always frustrates me when you get somebody who’s so full of themselves that they, that they treat you poorly and uh, you know, I mean that they’ll never see the opportunities in the, and they’ll never see the context that we have. You know, it’s good as well. On the flip side, it stuffs when sometimes, you know, someone comes in for an interview and I, and they have no confidence and I feel like there’s, they’re scared of the process.

They don’t think they deserve the job. They’re too nervous about the interview. And, and that’s tough as well, you know, cause you know, you can’t, you, you, you’ve gotta be very cautious that sending that person out to the employer. Exactly. Because they’re going to be like, well, why aren’t you sending me them? They, yeah. You know, I’m, I’m not confident at all. Yeah. And so I think that the, yeah, the, the good balance there is being confident enough to believe, you know, I’m, you know, I may not be the best person in the world for the job, but I’m sure going to work the hardest at the job. I’m going to give all that I can. And at the end of the interview when they say, well thanks, we’ll let you know, we’ll talk to you and say, you know, trust that I did great. I did good, I did the best I could and I’ll let them make a decision. That’s the key. Well, if you could change that entire statement that she said and just say it like this, you know what, I really, really want this job and I’m confident that I could do a great job for you. I hope that you consider me. Yeah. I mean that’s confidence right there. Yeah. And it, but that, that’s confidence. That’s appreciated. Yeah. Yeah. So we, Tulsa Staffing beat that one dead. [inaudible].

So, so our next one is, is being creative. Being creative is always great attribute to have regardless of the industry or trade that your business is in. A creative person is the one who often is asked, um, unexpected and related questions. They always ask those questions and you know, companies want a creative top of environment. We’re always trying to push the needle with our social media and stuff like that. And it takes a level of creativity. I’m so proud of Alexis and what she’s done with art, with our social media and just putting creative pictures up there that actually grab attention and stuff like that. But being creative, sometimes you’ve got to stop and take some time to be creative, but if you know you have someone who’s creative, please make sure that you don’t go too long and not tell him about it. Yeah, creativity.

It kind of plays into a lot of things that we’ve talked about. We talked in our last podcast about, you know, some that makes it really great employees being able to roll with the punches and that’s part of being creative. Just being will take whatever’s given you and go with it. Yeah. The next one is eager. We’ve already kind of touched on that. I want to move on to having a positive attitude. I’ve always wanted to put this in my job ads to be honest with you, Ethan. I’ve always wanted to put in there, listen, if you have a bad attitude, please don’t apply for the position. We’re looking for people who lean in towards positivity and they stopped the drama. If you are a drama starter, do not apply to this position. If you stop drama and enjoy and, and don’t participate in it, please, please, please apply for this position.

You know, and just go over all the stuff the employers really want to say. Yeah. But you just can’t do. Definitely. And we were, Tulsa Staffing were talking a little bit before this started, but a great quote by Andrew Carnegie was a, there is little success where there is little laughter, you know? And if someone can’t have a positive attitude, can’t have a good time, can’t laugh, can enjoy life, then there’s not going to be what success though. It’s just awful. So having a positive attitude is so, so huge. Being multi-skilled or being willing to be trained to be multi-skilled is our net, is our next attribute. And I think that that man having someone who is skilled in different areas, mate, you know, and it oftentimes comes like this where you brought them in to do a specific job, but you learned that men there is something really special about this particular thing about them.

Yeah. They, they have a great memory or you know, or man, they really are great at computers. Holy Cow. We didn’t realize you’re like a wizard over here, you know, having multi-skilled people, it’s always so, so great to just be able to rely on that. Yeah. And I challenge you to find a single job anywhere that what it started as is exactly what it was. Then a year later, you know, your job job’s evolved so much. Even just a little tiny things that change about your job, you have to kind of evolve with the job. Being multi-skilled enables you to kind of adapt to that change or even just developing into it. You can train yourself into that. Um, I want to read a quote, uh, before our next one. It’s by Napoleon Hill. I was just informing Ethan the importance that this guy had on my life with his book, think and grow rich.

I think it’s one of the best books ever. If you Google it, you’re going to find that it is the staple for, uh, for success. But he said this, he said most great people have attained their greatest success. Just one step beyond their greatest failure. And I always find that fascinating. So our next one is being proactive. You know, just another admirable attribute of great employees is being proactive and you have to look out for employees who are willing to take action and chances and be able to reward them and let them know about it. Our next one is diligence. Our last one, I’m sorry, his diligence. And um, you know, the Bible talks about diligence a lot, you know, and it says what’s going to happen, success is going to come to the diligent, you know, Steve Martin said, persistence where persist. Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent.

You know, God was trying to tell us that when we’re diligent in our actions, when we do everything that Tulsa Staffing can do, and um, you know, I, I say this on, uh, on ending of, of my, of one of my talks that I do, but w and, and I’ll, I’ll go spiritual for a second. But when you believe in the Bible and you believe in that, in your word and your diligent, you’ve done everything you can do. You’ve checked every box, you know, you’ve talked to everybody that you can on whatever it is. A lot of times when you’re diligent, you just need to get some sleep and pray and ask God to, uh, to send his angels out into and to do the used his holy spirit to do some amazing, amazing things. And so I always loved the word diligence because I believe it’s something that God uses to really promote you in life. Listen, if trinity can help you in any way, we would really love to. Um, you can go to our website@trinityemployment.com, and you can go to our podcast by hitting our career center that we’re in a drop down menu there. Um, or you can go and just call us nine one eight six two two, two five, eight, eight. We would love to speak with you. Thank you for joining us today.