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Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs | Staffing Professionals

Hi, my name is corey mentor I’m, president of trinity, employment, specialist and trinity. We are staffing organization and we’re located in tulsa here and then we also a staff in oklahoma city. We have a staff, that’s working, kansas and arkansas all right. Now we we began as a staple staffing organization in the medical clinics around town, so we staff for the major hospitals as well as most of the major medical clinics, and we did this for several years until the affordable care act came out and everyone could see what that was getting ready to do to the smaller medical clinics with that was at the time of majority of my business. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs I wasn’t big enough yet to be able to get into the big institutions which we are now, but we we changed course a little bit and began a business division and it’s been veryvery successful. So in that division we recruit for accounting and finance and banking positions. So in those positions we staff for bank tellers loan processors loan originators in the accounting we we staff for accountants. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs You know accounting assistants, payroll, specialist, new everything in the accounting and finance world is what we’ve been able to do very well with, and so today, I’m talking real quickly about hiring people who are extraordinary into the fine it.

You know we talked about it in that first section there, where someone who’s extraordinary, you can walk into a starbucks and sometimes find someone who you can tell is extraordinary and in your mind, you, like you know I can so I can see so much promise and then I’m I know they’re, probably in school right, Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs nowbut, they’re, great, listen, I recruit from starbucks. If I find someone that looks extraordinary to me, you know I love to have a conversation with him and give him an option were very specific sword on an option for everyone. But it’s happened. A couple of times and starbucks has a great little train program. They have to take advantage of. So when you find someone extraordinary, you can kind of see it will companies who are extraordinary. They have extraordinary people that are working there, but listen it didn’t get there by accident. The people who have staff who are who are as a majority extraordinary it was very intentional. It was purposeful. They had a plan for doing that, and so what I’m going over is I’m going over the five traits that we look for in trinity for identifyingextraordinary people, you could call them a player’s. Some people call top notch play whatever it is. You want to call you know the the top performers on teams like that. That’s what I’m trying to do in five personality traits of the first one that I talked about is having a desire to compete. That’s on the previous video before and the second one is I got long-winded. So is the champion’s mindset, and what does that mean? Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs You love if you ever been around someone who just has this insatiable desire and they’re just going to win, and even when things are dar and they don’t look great and then they they win it anyway. You know n n sports not too long ago. The whole world was abuzz because tim tebow went and one games where there were insurmountable odds, I mean the guy wasn’t even he was kind of known as being a subpar quarterback, but in those momentsshe had this attitude like a champion’s mindset, and so how do you identify those things I talked about in the last one and in so we’re going to pick up your rent to get the last 3 out in this in this segment, and so the third trait is for someone who’s extraordinary.

Is there self disciplined and there are people that you’ll notice it real, quick and it? If you give them something, it’s almost guaranteed. It’s done when he asked you know, or they beat you to the punch, I love it now or are i, don’t know, I’m trying to figure out specifically what I did to get this tablet? Okay other than interviewing appropriately, but now in general, if I ever asked any of our staff and say hey, did you ever what what happened with this thing? Oh, that’s. That’s already been taken care. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs When that happens all the time and I mean we’re far from perfect. In fact, work at our company I tell them. I said we are a bunch of imperfect people trying to do the very best that we can. So, let’s give each other a little bit of grace when it’s needed. You know, but but you want to try to have someone who’s self-disciplined and they look out for problems and they look out for things and they just go to them. You know in you oughta be able to see this. You ought to be able to interview for it. You know you can ask questions, you know like what what is it? What is your practice to do whenever you know you kind of? Have you completed your job and what is it that you do? You can ask questions about this, but you can ask the question of the individual but verified with the references. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs That’s where you find out a lot of these things is in your references and that’s why, in a previous video, I’d, really suggestedthat you that you, the owner, do the reference checking it’s really important, so you can really dig in there and find out these tray if they acquire these traits or not. I was at a video shoot mine at my daughter, one of my friends shoots all the commercials for the pioneer woman, not the commercials, I’m, sorry, the show for the pioneer woman. He shoots bunch of commercials for remington in mossy oak. My daughter told me a long time ago that she wanted to be on a commercial, and so you know i.

Let my friend know that, and so she was in a commercial this last month, no last tuesdayand there was a team of I couldn’t believe what they brought in for the stack of commercial they brought in the entourage with it was 10 cars deep, you know, but they had all these people around all these people around, and you know what you know. One of my friends, sons was on the crew, he’s wanting to try to learn how to do video and see if he wants to get into this industry and I noticed something everyone’s around working together and this poor guys off kind of over in the corner, just kind of watchinglike. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs Always you know in anything that they need. You know they’re having to call out to say:hey, can you go get this and he was just not engaging himself and he could have been right there and looking out for problems ahead of time and here’s the thing I hate to say it, but they’re not going to hire him. You know and I want it for him. Cuz I know him and I care for him. You know, but he was standing so far off, and that was such a one. He was with the a team, but he wasn’t engaging himself and he wasn’t self-discipline to try to look out for problems ahead of time and solve the problem before it got there. Listen. These are things you need to ask in your references. These are things that you need to know. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs Ask questions about it in an interview and get the applicants take on how they are, but this is one thing that I’ve noticed about people. Most people judge other people on their actions and they only judge themselves with their intentions. Okay, so if you ask the person most likely you’re going to get what their intentions were, not necessarily what their actions are, you need to ask the references about what their actions are. So I’ve gone a little bit long with self-discipline, but I think that it stands for itself, just the terminology alone, but maybe some of these illustrations I’ve, given you helps you to try to start looking at these things and man.

This is an integral part of getting people who are extraordinary that their self discipline they don’t need to be micromanaged next thing is, is make sure they have integrity. You can ask this in people, you can ask questions about. How did you handle situations? How did you handle conflict and then verify this with the references, how they handled integrity? And then you know how they in tissa peyton act. I talked about that a little bit and self-discipline. These are really key attributes that you’ve got to pay attention to when you’re hiring people. If you want to have an extraordinary staff, listen I’m telling you google. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs Does this I mention virgin? Does this apple? That’s what these are. These are the people that made these companies great I mean applehead steve jobs. That was a huge huge deal, but I’m telling you if they didn’t have extraordinary people behind the scenes that got on top of his vision and just ran with it. That apple would have never had that it would have probably never made it I’m in need of wood, google or virgin, or any of the great companies that we see so I’m trying to encourage you day hire and retain extraordinary people top talent, a player’s top-notch, whatever you want to call him. These are the people that will make companies great hope. This helps you. If trinity can help you find these people have a system forgetting give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you

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