Tulsa oil and gas jobs | Solving Problems

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Tulsa oil and gas jobs | Solving Problems

Hi, my name is corey mentor and I’m, with trinity employment specialist for staffing organization located here in tulsa. We staff all around our region and I’m going to talk to you real quickly today about some of the things that employers do to retain their employees, attract and retain. If you watch all of the different videos that I shoot I’m, always talking about how to attract the right talent over to your organization, I think it’s really really important. I think it’s one of Tulsa oil and gas jobs the most important things that you can do, because your company’s only going to be as good as the employees that you have in it and the training and development that you do with those employees. It’s really really important thing to do so. Once you get an a player, you’ll know it. When you got them and then you need to make sure that you’re retaining themand, you know I’ve been very beginning your tracking them too. So that’s what I want to talk about so I I was reading an article in ink magazine you the day that I thought was really interesting and you know we were in one ink.

One of the inks fastest growing companies here in america, and so they took they took some data from some of the top companies in america, some of the fastest growing companies in america, and they asked them why they retain, or you know why they think that they retain employees. What is it that they do in in their companies that bring the top people? So one of the things that we should take note of is is that to get on. This list is no easy thing and they ask you for your financial on those personally, Tulsa oil and gas jobs like you have to you, have to reveal all of your financial financials. All of your all of your information. It’s it’s like opening up your books to someone, and so they are truly verifying was where this company has done what it says it, what it says and claims that it’s done so here’s one thing that we should know each one of these companies for sure has done something really remarkable. That leads him to grow. Alright. Also these companies, they are not going to be able to create that kind of growth are just not unless they have the right people in place it it’s just not going to happen. Cuz, you have to be a certain size before you can even get to be considered in this. Tulsa oil and gas jobs You can’t be one of those companies that starts up here, like what I had a hundred percent growth. It hits your second year.

You know I mean like it’s, it’s not like that. So, let’s think it looks, think and talk about some of these things. I think this is very interesting because everyone has their own little thing, and my idea behind this is i. Want you to think about what? What is it that differentiates you? These are some things that they think differentiate them, and then some of them are huge winners and some of them I think we’ll talk about it. The first thing is, they said they said it Tulsa oil and gas jobs was they created quarterly retreats around the world. This is justin cook of an empire flippers I’m, so this company I’m really not sure exactly what they do, but they they have. A retreat system that they do that lets employees go all of his world. I’ll tell you that I have personally wanted to take our entire team on a cruise, and if we get to a certain level this year, that’s probably going to happen. You know I love. This idea and I’ll tell you there there’s some really top high-level corporations, and this is what they do when I don’t think they take them around the world, but they sent him on a really really nice vacation and everything is paid for and the top players they they get to go. Tulsa oil and gas jobs Do it. So it’s something that the team competes for to be able to go and and do this, and if they generate enough money for the company will then it’s it. It’s a guarantee, that’s what that’s what happens, but it’s something that puts a carrot in front of people and what I like about creating experiences in I was reading this the other day on what gets people. You know what what creates the most value to them, and you know I was just talking to the guy the other day or just behind the camera second ago, and he has a new wife, one of the one of the things that I’ve learned as a husband is you go, create experiences, spend your money, spend more money on experiences than you do things. That was hard for me early on, but this is this is what this company’s doing. They are giving these people the gift of experiences, and it will last until remember that trip for the rest, your life to be 80 years old and something silly will have happened on that trip or they’re going to have pictures from that trip that show up, and it just means a lot to people link. It means a lot more than if you gave them a new, the newest ipad or whatever new tech gadget. There is a personal development and they find find out that everyone has access to so they they make sure that they have counseling services for personal development day. They make sure that they have a way in books that they can go, read different things Tulsa oil and gas jobs that they can do to develop themselves. They offer training for for certain things, even outside of the company. You know like that. I, don’t know what they would pay for this, but like, if you offered them to go to a tech school for a semester into a woodworking class.

You know, if that’s something that employee really appreciates. Will you know that’s I’m, weird, so that’s something that I would probably go to do. You know I’d be like I am or how can I work better on my 4-wheeler back it up to where it looks not so you know what whatever it is. The guy that came up with that is courtney nichols gold and was smarty pants vitamins, that’s that’s what they do. Caring and caring is dave grainger’s from oxford road. This is more of trinity style. We really invest into our Tulsa oil and gas jobs employees. You know I have to there’s a there’s, a certain gap you have to put between friendship, but one thing that our employees know for certain. They know that i, love and care, for they know that I’m going to put their personal interest first, if they have a death in the family or something like that. I had an employee that had something happen medically we paid for it. You know it there. They know that we care-and you know my management philosophy in this person’s management philosophy is-is that you can take a whip and you can whip someone to go, do what it is they want and that eventually they’ll pull you up the hill right. But if, if you care for them in the right way, don’t carry you up the hill on their back as a leader and and so that’s the type of culture that I’m trying to create-and you know I’ve got a really close friend of mine and that’s not the way that he does it, but he still a great leader. He has a great culture. It’s just have to figure out how you’re going to do it.

So caring, caring and caring is this person’s way. It’s doug ranger for oxford Tulsa oil and gas jobs road steven tyler’s from boost marketing group said that they they do a hundred percent paid medical coverage and they also pay for the person’s deductible. Some people have gotten used to that. My my thoughts on that would be that we have a lot of companies that do that. That’s not unusually that’s not unusual anymore. That’s pretty that’s a regular thing that we hear about how ever you got a big family. You got an a player that has a big family. That’s a big deal. You know! That’s thousand thousand dollars! Course you, as the employer, your one company with late the ceo summer, hamda with zeal incorporated. They do weekly, massages and I’m, not a huge massage guy. So I don’t know if that would be a big deal for me, I’d feel like somebody’s tickling me the whole time. You know that’s the butt for some people this. This might be a big thing. You know I I love. This I think it was because it’s a it’s another staffing firm. You know you always got this competition thing. He said Tulsa oil and gas jobs I need to work on this and I love it because I work on this all the time. Listen, your culture that you create is really really important and i. Think that hearing what other companies do is often times it get your creative juices going. If trinity can help you, we would love to. We love helping companies, create great culture and being a part of adding the people that create that culture. Give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com thanks

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