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Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs | Recruiting the Best

Hi, my name is corey mentor I’m, president trinity employment specialist, and we are staffing organization in tulsa and oklahoma city. We staff for everything from a front-office person to a physician in medical facilities and then also we staff in accounting and finance and banking, and want to talk real, quick about different hiring techniques that we have found to be helpful over overtime in all of these that I that I shoot regularly. I’m always talk about different coloring techniques. I want people to think about it and specifically, if you’re going to hire in a medical facility, I want to talk a little bit about that, because a lot of the medical practice manager I’ve noticed over time. There are there a lot of the smaller organizations that just don’t have a lot of hiringprocedures that they have that the hiring procedure is hurry up and get somebody in the seat and oftentimes. That’s where a lot of the turnover comes up comes into play now. Sometimes it’s because the manager is kind of hard to deal with, but often times where you got a great manager, and it’s just that they they really haven’t learned. How to hire, and so we try to teach our our customers these processes and then we have. We have the candidates go through our process before we can get it over to them. So often times were able to help a lot of the smaller medical facility. Don’t get me wrong, I mean the bulk of our business is in the largest places around in oklahoma city. That’s who you wait, staff for, but here’s some things that I think can help you whenever you’re getting started when, Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs when you very first get started with your hiring for a medical front office orhiring for medical assistant, or even one of your our ends are lpns. You need to have a list of what it is that you’re wanting to hire the person for and make sure and go over that with him. There been a lot of instances over just the past year and this I’m sure this happens in every staffing organization, and it happens with a lot of other companies as well. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs

Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs Wear the employee gets there and they’re like man, i, didn’t know, I’d be doing this or I thought I would be doing a little bit more of this, and so that the whole idea behind that is, there was clearly communicated what it is that they needed to. They were going to be doing so. That is a result of a lot of people who just quit it’s very rare. That I expect expectation zaroff where the person doesn’t just quit, and most people just don’t recognize how much money that cost a company, even if that person were to have stayed there for 2 weeks, will you’re paying their salary there for two weeks and especially if it’s an rn, you know you’re, like probably about 3, to $4,000, just in the salary and then also you’re, taking the salary of all of the other rn’s that you are putting around her to trainor or him, and you know at the end of that they only work for you for two weeks and all the sudden you’re pretty much out 10 grand think about that. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs Like that’s, that’s a lot of money! Lot of people don’t think about that, because accounting services they’re going to talk more about what it, what did it cost to acquire the person missy? Here’s another thing you forgot, you got to start recruiting again, so you got to put that money and ever back into recruiting somebody else. So turnover is just so much more expensive than what you might think. So, when you do get a good team that comes to the door, I mean good grief, have a list and know what it is it there that you were going to want that person to do make sure you can clearly communicate that to them. So there’s not there’s not a misunderstanding and then either you have to terminate the person because of an attitude thing that comes of it or they just quit on you, and so what this means is list out. Every detail that they’re going to be doing make sure you talk to the other employees or talk to your previous employee makes you have a really good job description of what it is that you want to do now. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs If you had somebody, that’s been there for 5-10 years, all of a sudden they leave and they go somewhere else. If you’re going to readjust the position, make sure you readjust the job description that you hand them whenever you’re bringing them in, but this job description thing not only is it important to clearly communicate, but also, even if your an illegal suit later on, you need to be able to show that you clearly communicated to them what it was that you were going to have to do it’s really important. So that’s that’s the number one took a long time for number one, but that was number one number when you get when you get started. The very first thing, I recommend that you do. This is what what trinity does ask for referrals. We have a big referral program that we use. I strongly suggest that you do that. I was talking to a pretty large oil and gas company the other day when we’re going to be hiring for one of their accounting positions and I asked note. I’m sorry is an engineering position and I asked him. I said you know. What’s what is it that you’re that you’re wanting to accomplish here? You know where? Where is it your wanting? What is it your wanting to go? Do and I told him I said:listen, i, think you should ask for referrals i, like I mean that kind of cost us money, but I told him. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs

I said that’s what we do. That’s the first thing that we’re going to do. We have referral program and if you don’t have a referral program, I strongly suggest you get one and start implementing it. Number 2 or number 3 consider and listen to your a players. If you have a nurse or medical assistant, or even even a physician who is in a player sitting, interview then find out what it is that they that you like about them, find out what their background was before they got into that position, find out about their personality. I even go as far as running a personality test on our a player’s, so that we can do our very best to duplicate and a player in the future. It’s not a hundred percent guarantee, but it is another way to reduce the margin of error and that’s really what you’re trying to do when you’re hiring someone you want to reduce the margin of error as much as you can so often times, you’re going to come at it with with different techniques. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs But when you interview you’re a player’s, you should start to look at what makes them tick. What is it about their personality that you like in that position? You might need to ask your a players. If you have a commission structure, what drives you? What what is it that gets? You excited really know. Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs

You’re a players extremely well know what it is that makes them tick and make sure that you try to duplicate them as much as possible in your culture. Remember you can hire for skill and that’s great, but really the end of the day, you’re trying to find somebody who culturally fits within your organization so put just as much time into culture as you do trying to find the right skill set, you’ll hire for the skill set, but you’ll terminate cuz. They can’t play well in the sandbox with the other kids. You know so make sure that you can hire for culture so number for ask your staff for input. I mention this just a little bit ago, but you need to talk to your staff and find out what it is they need, because sometimes things will just like I mentioned earlier. If you got somebody and they haven’t been in the position for like or if they’ve been in the same position for about 5 or 10 years likely something’s changed.

Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs Some things have changed. You might want to interview your staff and make sure that you that you know and understand the position. Well because, like a job description, that’s 5 or 10 years old is almost guaranteed to be outdated. So if you can do something to adjust your job description, just on laws alone, I’m telling the last eight nine years, the employment laws have been flipped upside down because of the the obama administration hit switch things, it seems, like things, are getting switched back quickly, but still a lot of those laws are in place. You need to make sure in and take note of those things you want to make sure that you stay in doubt make sure that you’ve done some preparation to make sure that your company stands out in front of all of the crowd. I think that these things will help you in your hiring processes create a process for you. Even if it’s not this, hopefully this gets you thinking about. What’s important to you, trinity would love to be able to help you if you needed any type of hiring assistance or using our system, that’s already developed to benefit. You would love to be able to do that. Please give us a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you Tulsa Oil and Gas Jobs