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Hi, my name is corey mentor and I am present. Trinity employment, specialist, weird staffing organization, we’re located in tulsa, and but we also staff in oklahoma, city and surrounding areas and texas arkansas land in kansas is where we have staff currently I want to talk just real quickly about characteristics of hiring. So your top team members. How do you figure this out and how do you figure out if someone is or can being a player for? You I think it’s really really Tulsa oil and gas jobs important to know what these things are and to be able to spot them, and here you could probably go out and find like a million different characteristics of an a player. You know each one of us probably knows one, and if it will, you ask to give us some examples, but these are five I think are pretty good, pretty good measuring tools, so, whenever you’re interviewing I would write these things down and score them on these things, that’s what I’m, trying to tell artour managers to do is to write the top characteristics that you want just write them down and then, at the end of the interview, just scoring with a number 1 through 5 1 through 10 whatever it is that you think that way, you can start Tulsa oil and gas jobs to quantitate the hiring process and make it

a lot less of a I’m, an emotional decision and more of a quantitative process. Tulsa oil and gas jobs So it doesn’t mean that you have to go with the person that scores the most you can use both, but at least you got it there. You got it there for a measuring tool for you to help keep your emotions center, because the problem is, is it somebody comes in there good salesman? They they connect with you just real quickly, and then you hiring for that. But you and I both have had situations where we really like someone the first couple times we met him and then wowzers you know it. It came alivestop. Anyone listening this from hiring someone in that way. So, let’s, let’s take a look at these-are five things:five characteristics of going to beat your top notch. Eight players on the first one is there going to have a desire to compete. I think this is really important. You’ll see this truly when they start, but you can ask a Tulsa oil and gas jobs lot of questions behaviorally based to be able to tell you whether or not this person is a it. Has this type of characteristic. So a type of question or set of questions that you can ask about a desire to compete is tell me about a situation where you had to work with your team members.

Did you ever have a competitive type of a top of a game going on? Can you tell me about that? How did you interact with that you’ll see how they come alive with this and then you’ll see whether or not they they really want to compete or not, but ask yourself this questionhave you ever met and a player that you’ve worked around where they didn’t have this under find competition. You know and I love it so move. Your eight players are tough to manage, sometimes because of this, but if you, if you can garner Tulsa oil and gas jobs it in the right way, I’m listening to a book right now by phil jackson and he’s talking about how he was how he worked with dennis rodman right, now. Keep this in mind, you know dennis, rodman and I heard on the radio the other day he head-butted someone kicked a camper in the groin. You know in all of this happened before he got to phil jackson phil jackson talks. So much about this guy’s desire to compete and his unbelievable desire to want to do well and he was able to horner it right, harness it in the right way. You want some of this now. You might not want to goall the way dennis rodman louisville, you better, be a great leader, because if you know in basketball past a lot of great leaders could not manage him feel jackson could. But you want to get someone at least to that level, where it kind of pushes you a little bit. Tulsa oil and gas jobs You need someone’s desire to compete and you need to start. You need to begin to see traits of this in their interview process score them on what you think their desire to compete is at the end of the interview, but make sure you ask a question that specific to it I think that’ll help you. Here’s number twothey need to have a champion’s mindset, so these to go kind of with one another, but this is a trait of a champion’s mindset that I love ask questions about this. When people get defeated, what do they do when they get knocked down? What do they do when they have a horrible day? What what is their behavior? This is something that you’re likely going to want to ask more of a manager. This is something that sometimes gets misconstrued in people’s minds where they believe that they are a chant. They have a perception that they are but Tulsa oil and gas jobs they’re. Really not. You met people like this before they. They just think that they’ve got this drive and then everybody sees that you know they get they get. You know wiped out one week and it’s a four to five week process to get them right back up for the supposed to be champion’s mindset me and go get go, get beat down there and step step back up and go again that it might take him a day or so butright back the next day, and they have this desire to fight they’ve got grit, I’m, I hate to say this, because this is this is I’m really generalizing people and saying this, but this is a pretty good indicator.

Someone who’s had a really easy life. Okay, they it’s going to be hard for them to have a champion’s mindset. There are some that do so. Please don’t let me put everyone in the same box, but often times I’ve noticed that people who have had a real, specific struggle. That was not their fault. Man I’m out here that great players that got grit. They have an ability to Tulsa oil and gas jobs overcome obstacles because it’s it’s been ingrained in them throughout their entire lifetime, and so, if you hear of things like that, don’t be scared of it. I’m don’t be concerned by it might be your biggest asset because they have lived a life where they’ve had struggle and as a manager, you want to work with people whoknow how to deal with struggle and bounce right back up the next day, so champion’s mindset that will help you number 3. You want somebody who’s self-disciplined, someone who is self-discipline, you don’t have to keep telling them stuff. If you say hey, listen, I need you to take care of this. At the end of the day, someone who self-disciplined you really don’t have it I need to ask them cuz, you kind of already know that they did it, but the way that you tell is that after they after you’ve, given him a task, Tulsa oil and gas jobs you ask him if they done it and 99% at unlock. I took care of it this morning and those type of people are are invaluable, at least to me. They are often times i. Have so many things rolling on roland on in my mind and things that I have to get done, that if I I’ve got people now work, if I tell him hey I need you to take care of this. It is a rarity that they don’t get it taken care, ofand I’ve, had it the other way and I’m telling you.

This is a trait of an a player on somebody who can you give them a task and they just get it done. This is another thing you need to ask the references on the scene to a specific questions like how often give me a percentage of time if you gave him a task where it was done on time, what’s the percentage and then when they didn’t start asking secondary questions to the reference say yeah but I mean tell me about a time when they didn’t what did that look like and then get them in that mindset to really tell you the Tulsa oil and gas jobs real deal, I’m, don’t just ask a blank question and not follow up with it on your references. You need to trust me on this. This is this is a very key thing that out that I learned a long time ago, number foryou want somebody who has integrity, and everybody says this:maybe it’s character that has this definition but I think integrity gets it too, but like what? What are people going to do when no one is looking? What what? What kind of integrity does this individual have and again? This is a reference question. You want to ask that person and try to see how they handle things. You should start to see patterns, but when you ask the references this is, this is a relatively easy thing to gain out of the references in that, and that is just to ask them. You know what what how would you score their integrity? You know on a scale of 1 to 10 and then ask them why it is the likelihood is people are going to give you a 10 every time, but scoring someone’s integrity. You know I would score based on the reference and then I would give it my own score and thenyour take take both into account. The last thing is to think ahead and Tulsa oil and gas jobs anticipate these are characteristics of your greatest leaders. They have an ability project. What’s going to happen at the end of the year. I think that this is something that you’re going to want to look for if you’re trying to hire someone as a potential manager. These are. These are great things for you to consider. These are things that I always consider and I love putting a scorecard to it. So you can see a numerical value at the end. I hope that this helps you. If trinity can help you with your hiring process, give me a call or give our team a call at 918-622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com thanks

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