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Tulsa oil and gas jobs | Look For The People Who Can Get It Done

Okay, so mark I’m going to try to kill two birds with one stone here and in Tulsa oil and gas jobs normally I will I shoot these videos for seo, because I I need content on the back into my website and but at the same time, I’ve written something that I wanted. I wanted for you to read and be thinking about over the next 3 or 4 weeks. I know you’re getting ready to go on a you’re going out of the country and all that stuff. So anyway, I’m going to record this today, send it over to you and but the thing is, is I’ve got to get some more keywordsinto this? So it’s going to be kind of funny, because so it’ll be like this and then I’ll go in and out at random, say we also staff for our ends:lpns medical assistance, we stafford bank tellers we’ve been one of the top staffing companies in the last several years, so I’m going to need to enter checked hat at times in this video, but trust me the way that this works it’ll actually benefit trinity, all at the same time. Tulsa oil and gas jobs

So so anyway, deal will deal with me on this, but alright, so I was sitting therelast, saturday and I felt like god gave me something to share with you and it’s decently. Long like I’ve got like 4 pages here in I wrote it I wrote it while I was tired, so i, don’t remember some of it so you’re going to see that I’m going to have to read my phone riding through out the the thing, but I think that there’s some good stuff in here that maybe you can take him contemplate Tulsa oil and gas jobs while you’re out of the country and so on so I’m going to I’m just going to go ahead and kick it off. This video may be a little lengthy and so sorry about that mark, but I think there’s some good stuff in here for youthe. First thing that the general idea that came into my mind is:is the quality of your life is based upon how you communicate.

You know it it that works in sales. You know probably a big chunk of my success. If you talk to cindy is the way that I communicate with other people it. If it’s a differentiator in the way that I’ve learned to do it and people have appreciated me-and you know my impact on them, so that. Hit me, but Tulsa oil and gas jobs this was what I think is going to be more relevant to you. So I got I’m going to read most of this year, but I think what’s more important, though, is not so much the way that we communicate with other people, which that is very important, but it’s. How is it that you communicate to yourself, so your quality of life is going to be it’s going to be affected drastically by the way that you communicate with yourself. So your quality of life is is based on how you communicate, but man that is so much more important, probably with how that you communicate with yourself how you feel is determined by the way that you communicate with yourself how you and that’s going to do to give you your basically your belief system about yourself later my dad was hitting up hypnosis, therapist and so I wanted a lot of stuff in your subconscious. Memory remember account. This example Tulsa oil and gas jobs like when you were kissed for the very first time it wasn’t the kiss that meant something it was what and how you communicated with yourself about the event that created the feeling. So it wasn’t the event of the kiss.

It was kind of what went on your mind and the ss dude you’re, like hey i, like that, was a positive reinforcement. Most likely it’s like I want that again, and so we determine how we feel by the way that we communicate ourselves. It’s not the event that determines how we feel it’s the meaning that we associate with the event that determines how we feel so, Tulsa oil and gas jobs when you associate a meeting all of a sudden that determines how you feel, and that feeling is what we create by the way that we communicate with ourselves. Okay, so if you’re upset with something it’s because you said this means x. So if, if you’re upset with something most likely, it means that you’ve associated a negative thought process about it. So your mind will likely say stuff like hey. This made me sad man. This means I’m forgetful. This means that I’m this this means that, if you’re upset with something it’s generally a negative thought that you’ve associated as the meaning behind the event. But this is the problem. Have you ever been wrong about something? I’ve been wrong about a ton of stuff I’ve been wrong about a ton of stuff about the way that I’m associated, meaning to different events in my life, you know it if I have an experience with someone Tulsa oil and gas jobs and I assume that they’re thinking this about the way that this whole event happened will then all associated mean be like man that person doesn’t like me because of this or that each other and then later on, to find out man that had nothing to do with it. At all news on my mind, so we’ve all been wrong, but you control the meaning, like you give the meaning, but whatever it is, so you label what things mean, but you sign the light. Will you decided what it mean? You know you sound of me for it, and then you give yourself a label because of the following saying the label that you put on your experience becomes your experience she can lay, but whatever you want, but you decide the meaning and you’re Tulsa oil and gas jobs the one that does the labeling and muppets eat. This is the biggest problem.

No more. That I think is important. Is that sometimes we get on autopilot with Tulsa oil and gas jobs our thinking and we don’t? We don’t think about it consciously, but this is where this is, where I believe satan creeps in see when we, when we get to a point where we’re on autopilot with our thinking and we’re not putting any intention to it, will satan can get into your head in a crazy way and that’s when he does it a lot of times when you’re isolation or when you’re, not thinking about anything or when you just get lazy or whatever? That is, but you know what it is when satan starts to creep. In generally, it happens when you’re an isolation when you’re by yourself when you’re on autopilot-and you just allowed these things to happen is want-seems like you’re, going to get what you tolerate. But Tulsa oil and gas jobs if you don’t, if you’re, not intentional with it, many just beats on your beats on the until all of a sudden, it becomes your belief system. Alright, here’s here’s my break

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