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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, welcome

Back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is titled 10 things that successful people do who are actually happy and what it is. They do different. Really. These are great traits of a players by the way. And I love going over some of the things that just better people overall, and everyone who is a professional really drives for success. And really they want four basic interests that lead to success. One is happiness. Uh, these people pur they pursue activities that produce pleasure and satisfaction. Number two achievement. They pursue activities that that bring tangible results with our great Tulsa Medical Staffing. And number three significance. They pursue activities that make a positive impact on people, around them and people that matter to them. And number four legacy, they pursue activities, um, that really elevates and shows their values and knowledge to other people that matter and lasting fulfillment comes when you pursue these activities.

And when any one of them is missing, you kinda miss you just have this nagging sense that you should be doing more or something different. And what we want to do is just bring these things up in just most of these, everyone knows. They’re just reminders that these are things that we need to, um, remember. So I’m going to get started on the sixth thing, and that is people who have been able to do this. They celebrate other people’s successes. Listen, I used to, I remember when I was younger and very immature, and when I saw other people succeed, I would have this little gut thing in me. If you nee the very best Tulsa Medical Staffing can only be found here It just bothered me. And it wasn’t because I didn’t want to see someone succeed. It’s just that I was really selfish and only wanted to see that success in myself and man, what a great lesson to learn when you can see someone else succeed and you genuinely can just love it and be excited for them, go celebrate with them.

And that is one of the most important lessons that I learned is stop, stop being so intrinsic all the time. Uh, meaning, well that doesn’t help me. You know, that doesn’t elevate me, that it was when you have a me, me, me mentality. It’s the Mo it’s one of the most draining things that you can have. And so, you know, when, when you don’t celebrate other people’s success, it creates insecurity, insecure. People constantly doubt their relevance. And because of this, they try to steal the spotlight and criticize others in order to prove their worth. But confident people don’t do that. They’re not worried about the relevance because they draw their self worth from who they are. Instead of insecurely, focusing inward, confident people focus outward, which means they’re trying to elevate everyone else around them. They’re not focused on whether they’re ahead or not. They try to lift everyone else and provide the top Tulsa Medical Staffing around.

Zig Ziglar says, if you help enough people get what they want. You’ll never have a problem getting what you want. It’s just that the pathway to success, it’s opposite of what most people naturally think. Most people think, well, let me go do, do, do, do to do, get everything I can so I can be successful. And it’s not that way. First you help other people succeed. And then your success comes. You help you help first. Then it comes it’s opposite of what most people think. The next thing is people who have achieved success and happiness. They live outside of the box with the most amazing Tulsa Medical Staffing around, successful and happy people haven’t arrived at where they are by thinking in the same way as everyone else. Remember the quote I gave in the second part to this series by Carl John to be normal is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful.

It’s very, very true while others stay in their comfort zone prisons and invest all their energy in reinforcing their existing beliefs. Successful people are out challenging the status quo. Take a look at it, take a look at every new great idea. Listen, it was right against the current of almost what everyone else was doing. It’s always that way. And honestly, if you stay in that, well, we’ve done it this way. So we, you know, so we’re always going to do it this way. Listen, it’s going to pass you up. The new technology is going to pass you up when it comes to the most fantastic Tulsa Medical Staffing by far. I’ve a very good friend who has very successful business. And man, they just concentrated on the, you know, what they were good at and what they were comfortable with. And very quickly technology passed them up. And if they were too late in the game, it’s a very dangerous, dangerous slope to not, you know, concentrating on thinking outside of the box and always trying to be unique and be creative.

Um, the nice thing is they keep an open mind that this is really, really important. This is the best way to learn when you know everything or when you’re doing all the talking. You’re the only one not learning. I’d remind myself of that today. When I was around somebody that was honestly smarter than me in the particular area that we were talking about. And I told him audibly, I was like, listen, man, I’m doing all the talking. That means I’m not doing any learning. And you know more than I do, man. Tell me what you’re thinking right now. And then I got to learn that the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around today., but exposing yourself to a variety of people is useless. If you spend that time disagreeing with them or Reyes reassess, re affirming that you’re right, reaffirming your position and comforting yourself with your own opinions, successful, happy people. They recognize that every perspective provides an opportunity to learn a little bit.

And it’s important. You need to practice this, put yourself in other people’s shoes and try to see things from their lens and not be so pretentious to think that all of your ideas of the best ideas, a great way to keep an open mind is to try to glean at least one interesting, useful thing from every conversation that you have, and really try to learn something from it. It’s really important. Last thing here that I have is, um, successful people that are happy. They don’t let anyone limit their joy. When your sense of pleasure and satisfaction is derived from comparing yourself to other people. You’re, you’re no longer in the game. You, you, you lost the ability to really find joy when successful, happy people feel good about something they’ve done, they don’t let anyone else’s opinions or accomplishments take away from them. And while it’s impossible to turn off your reactions of what other people think, you don’t have to compare yourself to others and you don’t have to take their opinions or their assumed opinions when it comes to the most amazing Tulsa Medical Staffing by far. I had a really good friend. Tell me just the other day, he’s like, man, I met what you know, he said, I met up with this guy and this particular guy is super, super successful. He doesn’t just have money. He has crazy money. And we both knew him. And he met him at an airport and he was like, man, that person, he was really cold to me that day. And all of a sudden he started going on in his mind going, well, man, he must not think very much of me.

He, uh,

He doesn’t think I’m significant. And in going through that process in your head are a bunch of assumptions that may not be true at all. Listen, you don’t know that that person may just had a bad day that day. I know him probably a little bit better than this guy does. And I know that listen, man, he’s just, sometimes he’s moody when it comes to the top Tulsa Medical Staffing today. I know him quite well. And sometimes he just doesn’t want to talk to people and you can’t take that stuff personal. That’s something that was going on with him, not

You. Okay.

So anyway, these are just important lessons that some of the most successful, healthy minded people, you know, they, they put into their lives. I hope this has helped you. I hope this is encouraging you and inspired you. If Trinity can help you or inspire you or encourage you with your career, we would love to be a resource of doing that. Or if you’re an employer and you’re looking for a staffing firm that puts values first and tries to put quality over quantity. That’s what we do. Give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can just go online and check us out online@trinityemployment.com.