Tulsa Medical Staffing | Ways to Spot a Potentially Toxic Hire Over Video Interview

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s eight player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, and welcome back to the

Player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers Tal this podcast is for ways to spot a potentially toxic car over, get this video interview. Uh, Oh, we’ve got COVID in 2020, and now a majority of our interviews or probably nationwide are done through zoom meeting or a Microsoft teams is what we have. Um, we have to cater to every kind of employee and the technology they have on their phone. So we’ve got Facebook, we’ve got, um, uh, face time. We have, we have every kind of video conferencing tool that you could ever think of so that our candidates won’t have to download new software. And so it changes things when it comes to the ebst Tulsa Medical Staffing. When you’re trying to look for toxic employees, there’s nothing better than just being right there and seeing across the table and knowing what you’re sensing and feeling some of the highest emotional intelligence people.

They really need this to be able to identify someone who might be toxic. And so doing this over interview is very difficult. So you’ve got to do it in a little bit more of a technical way. We’ll talk about that here in a second, but I’ve got a really interesting fun quote. I think, um, Benjamin Franklin once said the rotten Apple spoils his companions and every expert is going to agree that one bad Apple, it can hurt your entire team’s productivity. I’ve had one employee decimate the culture. And the thing was, is I didn’t even know what was happening. I don’t even think some of the team knew what was happening because the best toxic employee meaning the most effective toxic employee in, in my experience, they start out with small grumblings and it slowly resonates throughout the office until all of a sudden you have this very jovial top office where everyone’s talking, everyone’s having a good time.

And then one or two months later, you walk in and no one’s saying a word. Um, and I’m not saying that you want to promote an environment where people are not, uh, you know, people are, you know, talking all the time. I’m just saying that you want to have an, you want to have an environment where they’re not terrified to talk to one another and you’ll, you’ll feel the tension. It’s really unbelievable. Um, but you know, you get those rock. Those rotten apples are toxic employees. They’re character, they’re characterized, not just by their negativity, but also by their contagious effect on other people. Christine paratha, she’s an associate professor at Georgetown told Harvard business review. There’s a pattern of de energizing for our level of Tulsa Medical Staffing, frustrating, or putting down teammates. It’s not just that Joe Joe’s rude. The whole team suffers because of it. And without being a surprise, a toxic employee is extremely expensive for your company as well.

According to research one bad Apple costs more than two great apples. One study found that a superstar superstar employee or an a player defined as the top 1% of workers on teams adds about $5,000 per year to the company’s profit. I would say it’s way more than that. One toxic worker in the same study can cost the company around $12,000. I would imagine it’s way worse than that. And if you’re lucky enough to be hiring right now, because you’re growing hopefully out of this COVID thing, well, it’s really crucial to identify toxic employees during your interview process. And, you know, because remote recruiting can make it trickier. I think it’s important that you get, you get really strategic in how you do it. So the first thing is ask, ask difficult questions, be very specific with your key questions and have a thought process behind it.

According to recent LinkedIn survey, many hiring managers are hesitant to take on a new hard during the pandemic. It’s understandable because of all the things that we’ve talked about, you can’t really see field touching in and get a gut feel. So to get over this hurdle, if you’ve got to hire someone it’s important to prepare a set of questions to help you really understand a candidates, character, Christine Prath, uh, in Harvard business review, um, recommends asking about past behaviors rather than posing hypothet hypothetical questions and then requesting two or three different examples. So you can gain a little bit more insight. So for example, describe a time when you’ve dealt with stress in the office. And another, another thing that you could possibly ask is can you recall working with a difficult person? How did you handle them, the interviewee, their answer. You’re going to be able to see how creative they’re getting on their answer to, and then you document, document, document, these answers.

And then when you get a chance to check with their references, cross reference that and see if you feel like they’re saying the same thing, because that will give the best Tulsa Medical Staffing for you today, that will give you a better insight into what your interviewees emotional intelligence is when it comes to seeing himself as, or seeing himself or herself as they are. Because if they say one thing that’s often left field and you speak to the manager and the manager is telling you something completely different, most likely, not all the time, but most likely the candidate just, they do not see their flaws as much. And that can be very toxic, um, focus on how over what, when conducting remote interviews, focused on the candidates responses, responses to how questions were, what questions you can find the most information on their resume or on their LinkedIn question on their LinkedIn page.

But you need to find out how ask each candidate, um, you know, how do they act under pressure? What’s their demeanor? How polite are they pay attention to how they treated the assistant when they walked in or your receptionist honing in on the candidates, professionalism. Um, does the candidate speak negatively about former colleagues consider whether they’ve arrived, uh, you know about the best Tulsa Medical Staffing today, or, or logged in promptly to the interview and make sure that it prepared, um, you wouldn’t believe how many people show up late or don’t show up at all to interviews right now. And, um, God, I cannot believe the problems they’re creating companies during this time. You know, an employee is toxic by virtue of his or her effective on others. So the, the third thing here is get your team involved. And that’s why it’s important to see how they act outside of the interview.

You know, you can take them to lunch, get in a different space. I know a friend, I mentioned it in an earlier podcast, um, or I’m sorry, it was a tech giant CEO. And he loved to take people to lunch or dinner and then arrive early and ask the waiter or waitress to mess up their order. And they would take care of it. Don’t worry about it and just see how they behaved and how they handled it and how they talked about the waiter or waitress behind their back. They wanted to see how they treated the everyday person. And so, um, I suggest you get at least two team members in your company to participate in the interviewing process. And together everyone’s going to see a different angle. It’s really fascinating that one, one of our recruiters will catch something completely different than what I will or any of the other recruiters.

And you want to give the candidate a firsthand opportunity to observe your team’s organizational values and how they work. You can see how you work in and communicate. Um, it’ll also help the candidate to consider whether they’re willing to live up to the values that you hold and the way that your team communicates. Um, the last one is speak with former colleagues and direct reports. Um, as Tom Gimbel writes in fast company, reference checks are typically done near the end of the interview process for the most amazing Tulsa Medical Staffing. They’re considered as something to check off the list rather than a valuable tool to prevent a bad hiring decision. I will tell you that one time I interviewed someone that looked so good sounded so good, felt so good. He was going to bring business instantaneously tediously to our company. And I was so excited about this individual. However, I wanted to go check the references.

And when I got to check the references, although everything was perfect. I started noticing that this reference really did not have the knowledge of the person that he, that this candidate claimed that she was, which was his direct supervisor. And I real, I knew our business and I knew that if, if they didn’t understand, if they didn’t know the numbers at that level, there’s no way they were a good supervisor and they didn’t even understand anything. And after asking these questions and it was very clear that she didn’t know what she was talking about. She finally just answered, said, listen, I’m his wife. And he asked me to voice for him. Now what’s funny is, is I had another staffing firm, good friend of mine. And he hired this guy and he called me. He said, listen, he told me that you gave him a job offer.

And he turned it down to come over here. What did you offer him? And I was really reluctant to say anything at all, but, and I didn’t. And he said, listen, I hired him. And he was a dud, man. I, he didn’t understand anything like what he said he did. And man, I don’t know how much I saved myself there, but that poor guy dealt with him for three or four months until he figured out that everything that he said that he was he wasn’t about the top Tulsa Medical Staffing services. And so asking references and treating them as important and not an administrative task is very important. If you are a manager, I recommend that you do the reference checking yourself and that you have prepared questions, go to Google and type in really great questions to ask a reference. You can, you can get some great ideas and, and put together a set of 10 good solid questions that will help you get through almost anything. Listen, I hope that this helps you as a manager. If, if, if we can help you in any way at Trinity, please give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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