Tulsa Medical Staffing | Ten Things Successful People who are happy do differently Part 2

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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, storing your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello,

Welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast are 10 things successful people do who are actually happy. What is it? They do different. I think it’s interesting. I’ve got a great group of ideas here that I think will energize the average person who is, who has a desire for success. And so we’ve, we’ve gone into the first four and I’ll jump into number five about Tulsa Medical Staffing. This will be a three part series here. And the thing is, is lasting fulfillment comes when you pursue activities that address four basic general needs for success. One is happiness, where you pursue activities that produce pleasure, satisfaction to achievement. When you pursue activities that have tangible results for you, your family, your paycheck, all of these things. Number three significance when you pursue activities that make a positive impact on people, around you, especially those that matter the most to you.

And number four legacy. When you pursue activities, the witch, you they’re going to pass through your values and what it is that you desire to leave here on earth. And then later on, people will remember you by, you know, I, I once read a book, it was a great book. And I think that it was, Oh man, it was, it was written by a great author and I’m missing it, the title of it right now. Um, but it was, it was the successful, it was traits of the successful. And, um, it was written by very popular, but the very beginning of the book, he said, he asked you to close your eyes and think about your funeral. Sorry to be so negative. It’s it’s not negative though. And it, and the sin, the scenario asked, what is it that people are saying about you think about it with our Tulsa Medical Staffing.

What are people saying about you that they absolutely believe and everyone in the audience agrees with them. And then you’ve got to say something nice about someone you might want to ask yourself. Are there, are there quiet conversations happening either internally with people that are, that are going to be up on stage at your funeral, or are they having it in the background going alright, are they having a tough time coming up with good things to say about you as a Tulsa Medical Staffing usrer? Are they really having to think of a creative way of making you sound really good or bringing up some of the positive things about you? Or is it one of those things where there are so many, and it’s so easy that you really have to figure out which ones you want to focus on? What is the scenario happening in the background of, of your funeral?

So the idea behind it is think of the end first, what is it that you want to leave here on this earth and begin doing those things now that you know, are going to produce those kinds of results. And that, for me, that concept really woke me up to what am I really, what am I really leaving here? What do people really see in me? And that became very important to me and it changed my life drastically for the better. And it’s a great question for anyone to ask themselves. So, um, the first four things I went over earlier is that people who have achieved this success while being happy, they’re passionate, they swim against the current, they finish what they start. And then the next thing is they’re resilient to be successful and happy in the long run. You have to learn how to make mistakes, look like an idiot and try again all without flinching.

Um, you know, I think that it was Zig Ziglar that said it, but maybe not. I don’t know where I got this phrase, but fail faster. The faster you fail, the quicker that you’re able to really achieve. I was on a call with our CEO round table and they asked me, they said, listen, you were working on some technology and you’re really excited about it. How did that go? And I told them, I said, listen, we really failed pretty bad on that because really the technology we were creating, the way that we were creating it, it was just annoying people around with Tulsa Medical Staffing. And it was not truly reaching out to them and resonating with potential candidates. It was a new way of recruiting that I thought would really work. And it was very creative, but we really didn’t make it work properly. And, and that was with a lot of effort.

And so it’s really okay to fail. And I was trying to tell them that I was like, listen, every probably about one in every 10 big ideas that I have really hit, but it’s the, it’s that ability to just go do it anyway, go try it anyway, throw everything you have at it. And if you fail at it, just beat big enough pants to just say, listen, that didn’t work. And you know, a lot of corporate ways. And I saw some of the people on that pod or on that, uh, call that day, looking at me going, man, you really failed. Didn’t you not? And I’m proud of it because at least I tried, at least I threw my name in the hat. So people are resilient. The next thing is they make their health a priority.

If you study really, truly successful people now take away the happiness part. But if you study traits of the successful, you are going to notice that as a whole, they get up probably about two to three hours before anyone else who is average, almost guaranteed every morning for the past six, seven years. I get up in the morning and I work out and I I’m up at, uh, five in the morning so that I can go work out and get back and, and, and eat breakfast. You know, by the time people have gone to work, sometimes I’ve eaten to breakfast. And so I eat to get some protein before I begin working out. Then I work out, then I’m going to eat protein afterwards, and then I’m going to go get a shower and get going in the morning. And that’s just been part of my routine for years and years, but they make their health a priority for the. best Tulsa Medical Staffing.

And there are a, there is an absurd number of links between your health, happiness, and success. And definitely death is, is an absolute essential health habit is staying alive that successful people have, but the quality of life that you have, um, it also fights stress. I’ve noticed that if I’m creating enough of a stress on my body and getting my heart rate up to a certain amount, it really does change my mood. And it’s a great mental game for me. You know, another thing is, is taking vitamins. I didn’t realize how many vitamins impacted your mood and making sure that your body is getting the right vitamins is really also a great help, you know, definitely check with your physician or somebody that knows because I want you to know, just understanding the right vitamins for myself and what I was deficient in. That was quite a process that required a physician’s help and honestly drawing my blood and having physicians look at it and going all right, you’re deficient in these areas.

And having somebody really tell me from a scientific level where I needed to put efforts into. So I wouldn’t go at that blindly actually. Um, the, the next thing is, is they don’t dwell on problems. I really struggle here. Sometimes I did even last night, but I did. I had to do something specific to get my mind off of it. So I could focus on what is pure, what is just, what is noble, what is positive and what is worth focusing on because what you focus on, you will eventually leak out and you got to be careful with it, where you focus your attention, determines your emotional state. And when you fixate on your problems, you create and prolong negativity and negative emotions and stress, and that hinders your performance. Um, you know, however, by focusing on actions to better yourself and your circumstances, you can create a sense of, you know, just product production productivity, and it produces positive emotions when it comes to Tulsa Medical Staffing.

It, it, it produces potential. And it gets you thinking about your potential rather than, um, all of the things that have gone bad, successful, happy people don’t dwell on problems because they know that they’re most effective when they can focus on solutions and potential. So this is the, this is I’ve hit the end of my 10 minutes here. I’m going to finish this up with part three. Um, if Trinity can help you in any way, please give us a call. We are one of the top staffing firms in this area, and I would love to be a staffing solution for your company, or if you’re looking for the right job to be the right staffing agency for you, please give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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