Tulsa Medical Staffing | Remote Work Trends for 2020 Part 2

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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, storing your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello,

Welcome back to the “a” player matchmakers. We’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers in the title of this podcast is remote work trends for 2020, the present future, and of remote work. And I just, this is going to be part two of this. I just went over the basic increase in demand and interest in remote working. And now I want to talk about some of the hiring stats from companies. Listen, this is a very attractive thing for a lot of people. However, in 2019, a stat that we did I read in the very first one. I’ll read it again. Actually it came from a buffer.com about the state of remote work in 2019. Now, keep in mind, this is before 2020, when basically what would you say? 90 to 95% of Americans were working from home? So, um, the study said that in 2000, 1990 9% of the interviewees reported that they would like to at least once in their career be able to work offsite or work from home with our Tulsa Medical Staffing positions.

And that happened, what, what I mentioned earlier in the podcast is that there were some people that really, really loved that they loved it. They thought it was great. They got a lot done. And then there were some people who really enjoy being around other people and working in a team like collaborative space and they flat out hated it. They did not like it at all. And it was, it was really frustrating for them. I want to, I want to focus our attention primarily on hiring stats, um, from companies the, the attractiveness of remote work has already identified by companies that look to hire hard, to fill roles as a big attraction. And it’s an, an attracts applications from all different kinds of positions. Um, and it opens a lot of companies, uh, up to hire from a bigger and more diverse pool of applicants.

And if you do offer this, it is definitely not going to hurt. If you mentioned this one thing that I really get concerned for small business in just not having the right KPIs in place are your key performance indicators to be able to verify that work is getting done with our great Tulsa Medical Staffing services. Um, I can’t remember who said it, it was a, it was a famous quote, but it, it just goes like this trust, but verify, and it’s really important that employers verify that some of this work is getting done because I believe in, in the staffing world, this is what happens. You’re after 90 days, you’re getting ready to start seeing how a person is going to behave on the job for the next five years, right? At 90 days, why 90 days you might ask. It’s a good question. It seems as though not completely, but as a general rule of thumb, 90 days is right.

When someone gets comfortable and begins letting you see their true colors. And if you don’t believe me, just check it out. When you have somebody start next time, everyone starts out with this Gusto with, with all of these great intentions, they’re excited about the job they’re energized about the job. And then right at about 90 days, you start seeing what the true work ethic is with a great new level of Tulsa Medical Staffing. It’s really true. If, if someone is going to call off a lot with our great Tulsa Medical Staffing, you’re going to start seeing it roughly 90 days, almost every given time, not every given time, every time that we have, we have managers who universally that I’ve spoken to say the exact same things. They, they agree. It is just, it is an important number to remember. And so if you are hiring people and you’re going to send them at home, um, I would definitely have good KPIs, but I would really begin to watch things at around 90 days.

And, and I would even say so more. So if you really liked that person personally, a lot of times, people that you really like personally, it’s really hard, to be honest with them. If you’re concerned about something and being able to really watch during that time period and be intentional with what you’re looking at during that time period of any new employee would be really helpful for you. I’m Matt [inaudible] with getting lab said remote work is becoming less career restrictive. More employers are willing to have conversations with employees and candidates to have remote, be an option more. So companies are adopting remote as a part of their company culture versus remote, just being a work from home type of an option with a new level of Tulsa Medical Staffing. And so that is what we’re doing here at Trinity. Where it is a, it’s more of a part-time thing. The next thing is benefits from working from home, working from a remotely has been seen to solve a lot of advantages, not only to employees but companies employing them.

Obviously it’s going to be cheaper if they don’t have to have a workspace, but for us at Trinity, it was, they were far more productive in many ways. And the reason is there’s not a lot of distraction. Productivity studies have revealed that working from home has helped employees to get more out of their Workday. A study done by Stanford showed that remote workers were about 13% more productive than their traditional office colleagues. Moreover, remote workers took fewer days off on sick leave. Since the majority of their moat workers choose their work schedule, they can organize their work to best fit their most productive times. I got it. I got to say though, it, at least in our industry, that that would not be the case because eight to five is when our customers are working. And if you begin working outside of that, other than just recruiting time, um, it, it would be very difficult.

Um, amen. Local, um, quoted is quoted as saying remote is where all my new ideas meet life, thanks to focus and concentration productivity, relax, and no stress are the main advantages on the remote. I’m more able to switch between different topics and handle it well in that just an employee who, who began working from home. These statistics also go deeper than just work. Remote employees have reported feeling more productive when working from home comparison to working in an office, only a meager 3% felt less productive in the office. Wall 32% felt just the same fewer distractions and less stress were among the reasons cited for more productivity from home. Like I said, one of the things that were interesting to me was just that we had employees that were here really energized by the idea of going to work from home in, in, uh, 2019. And then when they got it, they could not wait to get back to work with our great Tulsa Medical Staffing services.

Now I will say this, I do believe that we have a unique culture at Trinity. I really do. It’s different. And I believe that it’s desirable to want to be here because even before I started this podcast, people were in here giving me a hard time, probably wasting time. But yeah, even though some of it frustrates me that I see that time is being wasted as a boss. I wouldn’t trade that because that’s where relationships bonding and it, and, uh, true, uh, dependence and reliability happens is when you have a relationship. And, uh, we, we really try to encourage that among all of our employees to, uh, be friendly to back and support. It’s easier when you have a smaller office as we do, we have about eight or nine people in here now I’m used to tin, but now we know we’ve had to trim down a little bit, but I’ll tell you having a family top atmosphere really changes the, um, excitement on coming to the office.

You begin to miss one another and the collaborative, um, not just reliance, but pack type mentality that is developed in an office is still important. And so, although this remote work working situation definitely has its advantages, no question. There’s still something to say about having a team that is willing to get each other’s backs, no matter what when it comes to your Tulsa Medical Staffing. Listen, I hope that this, uh, gave you some insight on working from home. If Trinity can help you in any way recruiting for employees that like to work for home, we’d love to do that. Give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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