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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, storing your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists. Cory Minter. Hello.

Hello, and welcome back to the, a player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers in the title of this podcast is recruiting is tougher in 2020. You think I hate that. I have to start now every podcast with something about the craziness of what’s going on right now, we’re in June of 2020. And ever since February, if you have been in tune with the world, your, your life is likely been, at least effected and recruiting has just been really difficult and tough and today’s job market. It’s just pushing talent, acquisition professionals to rethink how they engage and evaluate candidates for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around. And, you know, the latest recruiter nation survey from job byte, which is a recruiting technology company, reveals that the difficulties of attracting and hiring talent in a candidate-driven job market, as well as the creative methods that recruiters are using to try to get the job seekers attention, you know, experts are trying to weigh in on how and why recruiters can put these methods to use of the 800 recruiters responded to this survey of recruiter nation from job byte.

Um, 74% of recruiters believe that hiring will become more competitive this year than ever a majority of respondents. 67% said that their biggest challenges in hiring are the lack of skilled high-quality candidates. And for years, we’ve been hearing about a tough talent market. And this year we’ve hit a specific tipping point. It seems like to me, with more jobs than people have to fill them with our amazing Tulsa Medical Staffing services. And then, and then also having the huge layoff happened, then we, for most positions that are in the 15 to $20 an hour, um, range people not willing to go back to work because the unemployment benefits are better and getting them convinced to go back to work has been crazy, you know, there, and then you’ve got recruiting online and through Instagram and social media, and through now you’ve got a text not call. It’s just one of the craziest things I know that I had.

Uh, my mentor actually reached out to me and said, Hey, listen, um, I’ve got a friend from our church. This is from a hometown. I don’t know this gentleman, but I do know his parents. And he’s like, man, he just graduated and he’s trying to find a job. Would you mind speaking to him? I’m going to give you, give your contact information to him. I said, yeah, absolutely. Go ahead. No problem. And this person texted me. And when I called them back, he didn’t call me back. Like I asked him to, he texted me back. Um, and it’s just been difficult, to say the least, to get ahold of this guy because I don’t understand it, but he does not want to speak with me. He just wants to text. And that’s a big part of this new culture that’s coming out. Um, recruiters are going to have to text a lot, which I think I’m going to get into this here in a little bit.

But the first thing that I have for, for companies to do, to try to overcome some of the recruiting battles that we’re going to have. And the first thing is you’re going to have to hone your marketing skills, promoting a company’s values and culture and making it open and available for people to see is going to be very critical. This year, companies, some of the top-level companies are making investments in this area, um, said Amy Warner, who’s the director of talent acquisition software company with us because we have the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around, ICI IMS employers are creating new roles, dedicated to marketing and recruitment in order to effectively promote their culture and values that will eventually attract WellFit candidates because the recruiting is harder than ever before. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to recruit right now because we just had basically, um, unemployment rates hit greater than the great depression, but it is right now.

It’s very difficult. And recruiters without recruitment, marketing skills are not only less effective in their roles, but they may soon become obsolete. According to rally recruitment, marketing, um, executive Laurie, Sylvia, um, and she isn’t. She is the head of the, an online community of 14 HR and talent acquisition practitioners. The candidate journey is influenced at every stage of the marketing game. Now in search engine optimization, landing page conversion optimization, digital marketing, content, marketing, social media engagement, reputation management, it’s all a big deal if you want the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around. And I was talking to another executive of another staffing firm and they did not understand the importance of, or they hadn’t even really started search engine optimization and all of the crazy amount of effort you have to put into to become recognized online. Listen, this podcast that I’m doing, it’s an effort to get recognized online. I don’t want anyone to pay us money for this effort of education, but we have to have content out there for Google to see that we’re recognizable.

And we have to drive people to our website for a reason, and then give an offer good content, informative content, helpful content in order to be recognized. It’s just a big part of it. According to the job bite report, the top companies grow employer brand through social media, 47%, their career sites, 21%. LinkedIn is the most-used channel for recruitment efforts used by 77% of respondents followed by Facebook, 63%. However, recruiters LinkedIn use declined from 92%. This last year recruiters are turning to social media platforms where they know potential candidates are more active because, in this new unemployment, people are more active on social on Facebook. And I think the reason for that is because they’re going there to see opinions of the craziness that’s going on in our world in June of 2020. The second thing is you’ve got to take care of your employer’s reputation.

It’s really important. The marketing, the brand, it’s just not enough. Job seekers are cruising anonymous employer review sites to see what life inside the company might look like. 75% of recruiters told Jobsite that Glassdoor reviews are at least somewhat important to them, to the hiring process. I know that for us, it’s really important for people to see our Google reviews. That’s what people go-to for us. Um, Kurt’s advised HR or this job site, uh, advised HR to follow the company’s glass door or indeed profiles to receive notifications of reviews. As they come in, develop a plan for responding to reviews, which we have here at Trinity. It’s very important when somebody gives you a negative review, which it’s going to happen. If you’ll go on to Google reviews or any of our reviews, you’ll see that people respond. People have, um, they, they write negative reviews about you with the best Tulsa Medical Staffing.

Um, and, but we never take them down. We want people to see an honest approach. A lot of times the people that write us a negative review, a lot of times they’re people. They are people that we would never want to hire a lot of times. And sometimes there are people that we have no idea who they are and in the response we can easily say, listen, we’ve gone through and we’ve looked for your profile. We cannot find that you’ve applied to our company. If you have, have experienced something dissatisfaction, airy, please give us a call, give us a chance to review this, you know, and sometimes you can’t go over all of the details. Um, but it’s really, it’s really important for you to at least address them. But you want to encourage more reviews by dressing and responding to them and being active with them and not just asking for them being responsive.

It’s really, really important. Um, employers are gonna have to try texting. I just talked about, uh, how, uh, you know, a very young person just now getting out it, um, high school, uh, it almost appears to me that they’re literally terrified to get on the phone with me. And this is someone that is an old family friend that I’m just trying to help out, getting him on the phone is impossible. And if you’re really going to engage with the newer job market, try texting. I think employer employers are going to have to do that. It says, it says here 43% percent of respondents to the job site survey said that, uh, they have texted candidates and applicants and 88% report positive feedback from job seekers, recruiters, and job seekers if you want the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around. They’re both going to value their time and the need for hat faster. Hiring has made text messaging and chat even more important.

The next thing is employers are going to have to be very flexible. Um, you know, the job bite survey showed that even more instances with soft skills, like the ability to communicate well and enthusiasm decreased more than 20% among recruiters compared with that last year, the recruiter said they’re also less likely to disqualify candidates for rude behavior. And only 35% said that the culture fit was likely to influence, um, hiring decisions. Listen, one of the things that is just a truth is that our newer generation, they have spent more time on social media and on their phones. And they have in front of a human being and their comfort level being in front of a human being and their social skills are not going to be what they, what we’re used to as recruiters. I will tell you this though. I also think that those that do have social skills, I think they are going to be some of the top-level sought after candidates in our, in the recruiting world.

I think that they are going to be offered the most money. Um, the ability of just having the gift of gab, I think is going to be very important because human beings have not lost the desire to feeling as though they are appreciated. And those that can give off that feeling to other people are going to be some of the top sought after people on the planet. I hope that Trinity, um, that this podcast has helped you. If Trinity can help you in any way, give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinityemployment.com.

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