Tulsa Medical Staffing | One on One Meeting Topics For New Staff

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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists. Cory Minter. Hello.

Hello, and welcome back to the, a player matchmakers where it’s always our job and our goal to help add value, jaw, job seekers, and employers, and the title of this podcast, our 14 different topics that you should go over. I’m going to go over as many as I can. Um, but one on one meetings that you should be discussing with employees. So this per this particular podcast is going to be specifically for employers who are looking to do a better job in managing. Let’s just be honest, man, when, when work and your main job is a primary function of what you do well, it’s really difficult with our great Tulsa Medical Staffing services. And it’s sometimes not top of mind to go and have discussions with your employees, but right now is such a weird time. I’m just going to go over just a few statistics that are interesting right now. Um, you know, in, we had 5 million, 245,000 new unemployment claims in the first quarter of this year, there’ve been 22 million new claims just in the last four weeks.

And these numbers, you know, even shattered forecasts. Um, they’re saying that one in three US workers are worried that their companies might collapse. And some of these things are getting better because we’re, we’re a little month away from when the statistics were put out. 23% of us workers expect to lose their jobs. And 18% of workers said they did not know how to carry on during their job. And I think that’s a majority of Oklahomans. Um, Oklahoma, just, uh, governor Stitt just came out, uh, and sent a text out saying, listen, Oklahoma is going to be ranked in the top five states for unemployment. And what is really great is when the article actually came out, he, it, Oklahoma was actually number one. So in Oklahoma, we haven’t seen so much of this, but there’s definitely been a shakeup in the employment market. That stat is really interesting.

18% of US workers said they didn’t even know how to carry a one in their job. I heard from our salesperson just this morning, she said, you know, Corey, I heard from one of our managers and their sister just, or their brother just got laid off from a huge company that has been, that has never done layoffs in the 40 or 50 years. They’ve been a company they’ve never, ever had to downsize with our top Tulsa Medical Staffing services. And this person just had no idea what to do because they had expected to be there the entire time. And you know, there for a long time, they didn’t know what to do cause there was no work. And it’s just, it’s just an interesting thing. But now weird starting to build back up, or at least in Oklahoma, we’re starting to see some increase in hiring. And so you’re going to have a lot of new employees, I believe that is going to be coming into, um, clinics or, um, different business places.

And so as managers, it’s going to be very likely, you’re going to have a new employee in your placement employment. I think almost everywhere, all over the nation, you know, tons of people just got laid off or in on this article, we had 22 million new claims in a, you know, at the end of April and now you’re going to, we’ve got people coming back into work. So the likelihood of new managers or not new managers, managers, having new people in their workspace is very likely with our solid Tulsa Medical Staffing services. And so how to manage people and, and talk with them is very important, letting them know where they stand. So I’ve just got a few things here and we’ll go over some of these things and see if it doesn’t add value to you today. I hope I really hope that it does. So, um, in a world where texting is a primary form of communication, it’s really not all the time, easy to build an authentic relationship with almost anyone, you know, in inter one on one meetings.

And these conversations are often centered around employee performance or something like that when you’re talking to your employees and they should be about that, but they can be a lot more than about that as well. One on one meetings can really involve sharing new ideas in which, by the way, your new employees likely they’re going to be coming up with the best ideas because they’re not stuck in, this is the way we’ve always done it. Top of mode. So working through feedback and obstacles and further discussion of performance goals and just, I encourage managers to know what their personal goals are. And that way, if there’s anything that you can do to add value to that particular employee, I think that you should do it. So I’ve got several things that I want to try to discuss meetings that you should consider being intentional with having with your employees.

Number one is ongoing performance conversations. I think that it is really important for employees to know where their break-even point is. So what, what does that mean? Um, I, I think it’s helpful for us and us, we do the cert Trinity, you know, we pay a salary and we want our producing employees to be able to know this is the level of the rev. When you bring up, when you bring in this much revenue into the company, this is your break-even point. And at this point, right here, you begin making Trinity money with the best Tulsa Medical Staffing by far. So our breakeven point is here and then here’s where Trinity is able to make money. And so at this point, right here, this is as a bare-bones minimum. This is, we’re not losing, this is crushing. Now we’re loving life. And giving people these numbers every week at Trinity, we send out our, our financial report and everyone knows exactly what our gross profit was that month.

They know it’s broken down by employee, what each employee brought, brought in. And it’s very easy for a producing employee in our company to let them know exactly where they stand. Now, this can’t be the case with everyone because oftentimes you might have an HR department that you manage. Well, an HR department is technically a nonrevenue generating position. They’re very important to the company, but they do not generate revenue. And so those conversations are different, but having ongoing performance conversations, letting people know where they stand is really, really important. Um, number two is year-end, performance reviews. Um, I think everybody gets this. It’s really important to do this. We do yearly raises. So our employees never ceased to let us know that it’s their year-end and they’re ready for a raise if they deserve it. Um, and this is pretty common practice, but what I’ve noticed at least early on in Trinity is that it was very easy to overlook these meetings because we had so many other things going on.

And, and we really had to just think about, you know, an increase and what does that need to be? And it was a lot of work. And so we put it off until honestly, we had one of our employees, I don’t know, seven, eight years ago come to us. And she said, you know, that really discourages me when it makes me feel as though you don’t care. And now this is one of our key employees. Now, when you’re a manager, you’re like, well, why did it make you feel like that? I can’t, I can’t imagine why you would feel that way. I talked to you every day, but the reality of it is, is that was what happens we are here for you with our great Tulsa Medical Staffing services. And, um, I found out and just doing further research. They’re not too far from most people. Um, number three, performance improvement. I encourage every manager to have an employee, an imp performance improvement sheet.

Um, there are several of them out there and I think you should look at four or five of them and pick one that really works well for you and your organization, understanding how to set goals and put a performance plan into place is really, really important. And sometimes just an outline is really great at doing that. I’ve got to wrap this up, just this last one here, and then I’ll, I’ll continue apart. Two of these goal setting are really important for employees to understand what it is that they can achieve. Sometimes you just need to set a vision for employees on this is what I think that you can do. Do you agree with this? Is this something you think we can do and then setting goals and getting excited about it and your Tulsa Medical Staffing are here to stay, players are gonna love goals, and they’re going to love it when you celebrate when they win. Listen, if Trinity can help you in any way with your hiring or with just coaching and stuff like that, we love doing these types of things. Give us a call@trinityemployment.com. Um, well, I’m sorry. You can check us out on Trinity employment.com or call us at (918) 622-2588.