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You are listening to Trinity employment’s A player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists. Cory Minter. Hello,

Come back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers, the title of this podcast, or job search tips for your 2020 job search, um, grit and grind. It’s always gonna matter on the job search. Um, it’s as much as having hard adequate skills, even, but hard work in years to come will look much different than it does today with our great Tulsa Medical Staffing. Partly do tell job seekers will market and present themselves to the world. Uh, you know, long after a single employer is interested, many surveys, including remote.co predicts that half the population will be remotely employed by 2020. Um, that’s now this will require a significant change in the way that we navigate our careers. Everyone should imagine what 2020 will look like, um, for their career. And I think that that, uh, that prediction from remote.co is pretty, um, aggressive.

I don’t see half the workforce working from home. However, I will tell you, there are a lot of people working from home, even in our office. We’re allowing our employees to work from home at least one day a week. And we’re trying to break it up a little bit. I think it can be a good thing. And it actually shocked me at how well it worked to be quite Frank. Um, but uh, I wanted to give some job search tips and the number one, the first one is your life lessons matter in your job search. Although hardships are not a direct career accomplishment, it’s a part of the fiber of what, of what created you up into this point. Um, it’s a big part of your career trajectory. The, uh, the success building blocks that have created resilience, and that’s what employers really are gonna want to see.

Um, they’re wanting to see the opportunities, um, are, or the opportunities you’ve had as a, as an employee to endure and go through are quite vast in your, um, in your life balance. Um, they’re wanting to learn what this is like navigating your career becomes, um, really just, uh, a big, a big issue because a mobile job search is not, is not the Haven. Everyone thinks it’s going to be, and the cost needs an assessment, whether it’s a lifestyle change or career choices, um, you’ve just got to be ready for what’s coming. And employers are going to realize that your life lessons are really going to matter. And one of the things that I think is going to really hurt or a group that is going to be hurt is now more than ever. I think it’s going to be very different

For Colt to be really excited about hiring new grads. And I hate to say that for new grads because I remember being a new grad and trying to get my first shot, but with more and more employees working from home, your new grads are not going to have the opportunity to be mentored and coached the way that they would if they’re working in an office setting with other people around them with more levels of Tulsa Medical Staffing. And not only that, if I were an employer taking someone from day one and having them work from home and then being straight out of school with no work experience, man, that is a really dangerous place to put yourself as a company in or any, any higher level, um, important job. It’s very difficult and risky to put someone that’s a new grad into that position. And it really kind of sets them up to fail to some extent, if you’re not careful, we really need to be careful as employers with that, but I can guarantee you that’s coming.

The next, the next job tip is compensation. Negotiation is really important upfront. You really need to know knowledge gives you power. You really need to know what is being offered in your field. And you need to make sure that when you do that research, that you don’t just take the first thing that you get from salary.com and you need to see is that what I’m seeing on job posts, you can go and take a look at your job post and find out what they’re offering and get a pretty good understanding of a low and a high for that particular top position. But you really need to know your industry. And then you need to know your industry locally because it can vary quite greatly. I know that an RN in Florida right now makes a whole lot different of a salary than what they do in Oklahoma or California.

I know that in California, you better pay almost double to get an RN to work for you, but that’s because the cost to an employer to hire someone in California is outrageous. Um, and the cost of, you know, complying with their employment laws is outrageous. Um, and so you really need to be thinking about that upfront. Uh, next thing, a clear career trajectory 10 years ahead will be rare if not impossible, but you need to be able to share with employers what it is that you would like to do in 10 years right now in five and 10 years with the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around, um, maybe, and you might want to just move it down and just do two years, right? The work history of individuals now in today’s working environment is so much different than it was just three or four or five years ago, for sure the people are staying less and less time at each position, which I honestly think really hurts them because one of the things that I notice from employers that we staffed from, they will pay more for someone who stayed at their last job longer.

You really need to pay attention to this. If you’re an employee. Um, I know that you’re going to, you’re going to hear a lot of wisdom from school, from different websites, that the way to increase your salary, the fastest is to move jobs. And I don’t think that’s a good call longterm. I do think that there is some, there there’s some validity to that statement, but in the long run, people are going to get really wary of you if you, if you move jobs too often, um, but you really need to be able to share a career trajectory with your employers so that they can have a decent understanding on what it is that you’re wanting to do. I totally get it. It’s, it’s going to be very difficult to project what’s going to happen in 10 years when it comes to the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around, especially with every, all the changes that are happening with this COVID thing are really, really unique, but it’s, I think it’s important for you to have a vision for your career for your employer.

The next thing is your network is your job search navigation. Um, I said it earlier in another podcast that 80% of all jobs found are found through networking. It’s really important, but those who are vigilant and connected to their networks, especially networking, uh, in groups on Facebook and being connected to different people in your field, they just discover more jobs, um, more seamlessly than ever, um, social media. Um, it’s, it’s proved that the norm it’s more of the norm than the exception when it comes tot he top Tulsa Medical Staffing around. And there’s clear evidence between an active networker and a weak networker based on the relevance of your connections and the connections, not just your direct connections, but also your secondary degree, connections matter as well, because you can reach out to them. Um, but your network really matters. And if you don’t know how to arrange your network, I think you really need to get on and watch some YouTube videos from some professionals.

I’m not talking about these, you know, my, my daughter’s 12. So she’s talked to me about these influencers that are out and everything that I’m hearing from her about influencers. It cannot be positive from a professional standpoint. I just don’t see it being positive at all unless they’re an influencer with how to get a job. And then even then I would question their knowledge. Um, you know, it, knowledge is only as good as the person that it comes from. So I would definitely check the credentials of any influencer before you took advice from them and we really want to offer the top Tulsa Medical Staffing by far. Um, the next thing is to be mobile, agile, and visible, and be adaptable in your job search. Um, one of your options may not include, um, physically moving, but understand the roles of any of, in any and all parts of each job. You know, technology is also going to create a lot of opportunities in each different, um, career field that you can be a part of.

I just think it’s really important to be flexible right now with everything that’s getting thrown at employers and employees. It’s just a, it’s an important thing to do is to be flexible and to try to just navigate the best that you can, the right career path during a weird time. But one of the best ways that you can do is contact a staffing agency, because even if you’re trying to get into a new field, um, having someone advocate on your behalf if they believe in you is one of the best ways that you can do it. Give us a call at Trinity at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.

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