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You are listening to trinity employments, eight-player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the Co-founder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter.

Hi, welcome to the A player. Matchmakers are, we’re always trying to find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast podcast podcast cast is how to explain why you’ve been job hopping. I bet you there’s some people that you’ve talked to maybe this week that could have used some help. Um, and so we’re, we’re going to be going over this. So if, if, if you are an employee and you’re struggling trying to figure out how is it that I explained that and you know, there that could be a lot of it, it could be a weird situation that makes you look bad, it makes you, it makes you look worse than what it really is. And so we want to try to help you to come up with different ways to go about explaining that to another employer. And I think that we’ve got some really good ideas here for you Tulsa Medical Staffing.

Um, before we get started though, you can see all of our new content on our website@trinityemployment.com. Um, we’re going to be, uh, we are, we’re constantly adding new content there. So there’s a podcast dropdown. You just go to that and you’re going to see like we’ve got what, what’d you say, 64 episodes or something like that. So, um, we’ve got a lot of great, uh, content on there about, about just trying to navigate the world of job hunting. So we would love for you to go and take a look at our podcast and share it with other people that you might know. Um, because we’re not doing this to make money or anything, we’re genuinely doing it to help other people out. So, um, before we get started, we always start out with some, uh, some statistics. Ethan, our statistical miracle, that’s the last time I’ll say that this is the best Tulsa Medical Staffing no matter what.

He’s gonna, he’s gonna hook us up. What’d you find, Ethan? Sure. Um, the, uh, the bureau of labor statistics was thrown out. Some stats, uh, from this last year are saying that, uh, this last year they were 3.6 million employees who voluntarily quit their jobs, um, voluntarily, not, not fired, not ushered out that they voluntarily quit. And that is a huge rate of our workforce. They estimate that that’s about 2.4% of our overall workforce and they had quit by the end of July. And so like that’s only halfway through the year essentially. Yeah, lots of people quitting. Um, and so when lots of people quit, obviously it kind of definitely affects your resume. Um, a lot. Obviously that’s going to end your job. And you know, they continued on with the difference that saying job postings this last year exceeded up, sorry, up until July, job postings exceeded the number of unemployed people by 659,000.

Just that’s, that’s what shocking. And that’s such a huge, that switched. So if you’re an employee right now, um, you get to jump up and have a little bit of a party because the tables have flipped. And if you’ve got a skillset there is, there’s a high likelihood somebody is really desperately seeking you right now. You know, I had a meeting, um, earlier, oh, earlier today and this guys, this guy is, um, trying to bring in, uh, independent contractors. Now listen, that’s a risk for people, but their average independent contractor is in six figures, you know, there and this guy is begging, begging to train someone how to do, you know, uh, installing windows and having their own company and starting that and getting going. They literally cannot find enough people. They’re there, they’re all begging us to try to help them to find people. But it’s shocking to me that he can’t get someone. Be sure to contact these guys now for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing services today!

And within a two year time period, you’re supposed to be at about six figures. Yeah. And that’s how tight the job market is. You go rewind it three or four years and you’re gonna have people jumping at that. I would definitely, and you know, I would say, and this is maybe just this is my personal opinion, but, um, when you’re looking for a job, having really crummy work history in my opinion, is the biggest setback to you getting a job. I’ve had people that have awesome work history, they as a person might not be my favorite person, but I know they can get the job done. Their work history speaks for itself. We can get them a job. But if I meet someone who I really love and they’re awesome, but man, they’ve got terrible work history, it’s harder for me to convince a hiring manager to take a shot off.

Well, and not only that, your reputation is on the line and I know good and well you are like, I’ve only got so much social equity here. Is this person worth my social equities? I believe them that much. And listen, if you’re, if you’re an employee, you need to know this, that recruiters really get the shift a lot of times. Yeah. When it comes to a, you know, a recruiters, uh, social equity because we have people every single day. I mean today, how many people didn’t show up for an interview that said they were going to be here? Um, like for you personally, personally, four out of the six sides schedule. Okay. I want you guys to know that that is the norm, okay? And when you are trying to get, when you’re trying to get someone to trust you and believe you, especially if it’s a recruiter, I’m telling you, we are not alone. Just reach out to the top Tulsa Medical Staffing today!

We, I go to conferences all the time, not only with other staffing firms, but I meet every day, every day I’m going to meet with the new, um, HR manager. There is not one of them that is not absolutely shocked at someone’s scheduling saying that they’re going to do something and then they don’t do it. And then if you’re an employer, every single day, we have employees. You have employees out there working for u k, uh, Ethan that say that they’re going to do something and then they don’t go do it. You know, we’ll run drug screens, background checks, we’ve got, we’ve done it all. Some of them will do immunizations for hospitals. We’re going to pay, you know, two or three, $400 to get someone ready to go and then they’re not even gonna show up to war. Yeah. So this happens all of the time. So you need, I’m not saying that to make you feel bad.

The only reason I’m wanting to say that is I want the average person to understand what’s going through a recruiter’s mind so that you can begin your, you can at least start with the foundation of understanding why they’re thinking, what they’re thinking. And that might help you to determine how you will address it. And so we’re, we’re going to go over that, but I’m sure that you’ve got some frustrations that you’ve had. Luckily I haven’t done it in a while, but I used to have all sorts of frustration. Yeah, definitely. And you know, we’ve talked about the step before that, um, the average time a recruiter or hiring manager looks at a resume, spends time looking at resumes six seconds before they decide if they want to call or not. Call that person six seconds. And the first thing we’re going to be looking at is, wow, they can’t keep a job or they won’t stay at their job. Be sure to work with the best Tulsa Medical Staffing today!

That’s always tough. I personally, there’s a girl that, um, I kind of took a gamble on. She didn’t have awesome work history. I wanted to interview her anyway, I went ahead and interviewed her and um, she, the next day called me before I had done anything with her, with her account, with her file, and she said, hey listen, I got another job somewhere else. Thanks so much, but I’m won’t be needing anything. Okay, great. And then she reached out to me about a month later saying, hey, listen, that job didn’t work out. Um, I got another job now, but I’m kind of looking for something else. So like if you can get all this since, since I met her, which was this last March and it’s July now, she has had five jobs since then. Right. And I told her, I, after her reaching out to me again saying, Hey, I’m looking for a job. Do not wait any longer for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing today!

I just told her, I don’t think we have anything for you because to be honest, I, I don’t have any managers that are going to take a shot on, on someone who jumps around jobs as much you’ve been doing. Just be candid. So you’ve, you’ve got that type of scenario where I’m an employer needs to look at it like what Ethan is and he’s like, Whoa, there’s no way. Like I’ll waste my client’s money. That’s what he’s saying. So then I want to propose another, uh, I want to tell a quick, very quick, very quick story about, um, my wife. I’m laughing cause you said very know. I know. Well my last story was long. That’s why I said that. So, um, she worked, uh, she worked for several companies in a row and they all went out of business and it made her resume look as though, oh, good grief.

And so as a, you know, as an employee or a person or another recruiter, you need to know, listen, that’s not the case with everyone. So, um, as an employee you need to give the, the opportunity to know. And as an employer you need to give that candidate the opportunity to let you know because listen, the people that missed out on amber, I mean think about it, you’ve seen her work like she’s super smart and she’s really great but there for a while as a couple. I mean this was before we own the company. We were struggling because everyone put her in that box. So be careful not to, not to just put yourself in that box, you know? Yeah, definitely. You know, I’ve seen candidates that have done this and I encouraged some candidates to do this cause you got a lot of people that said, Oh yeah I worked here and here and here.

And those were all like seasonal temp jobs, you know. And before that, like I great work history cause they were in good jobs. But those are all seasonal and I’ve seen them put, you know, you know, position name, company name the dates and then in parentheses next to the dates, seasonal, temporary work, you know, things like that. Which as a recruiter, if I’m looking and I just see that they had five jobs that you know, didn’t work out, didn’t work, that didn’t work out. And I don’t know why it’s hard for me to want to call them. I’ve had people put in parentheses, you know, from January to April, same year, parenthesis company went out of business, things like that, which you may not look as professional on a resume, but um, especially I would say with contract jobs or temporary jobs that I would advise people to do.

Oh, absolutely. Would, that leads us to our very first point. And that’s to optimize your resume. Listen, if you have something that’s like that, I do recommend, look what Ethan says, use some common sense and, and yeah, I know it might not look as crazy professional, but it communicates and, and that’s what your resume does. It communicates a message. What were you gonna say? You’re putting it into place where it recruiters and hiring managers are looking first and foremost as a recruiter. I can tell you the first thing that I look at is I look at that top where it says your job title, where you worked, how long you worked there. That’s the first thing I look at. And I don’t look at the bullet points until after I look at that. And so if I see that right, their company went out of business, I can then immediately say, oh, okay. If you are ready for the best of the best when it comes to quality Tulsa Medical Staffing then call these guys now!

That’s why that’s an instant forgiven in your mind. Yeah. You’re like, oh, thank goodness. So then you move on to the next one. Yep. So, so listen, you can go in there and put these things that Ethan’s talking about and it will really be able to help you. Um, one thing that I want to also give to people is that when, when you have stayed in the same company, but you’ve held different positions, sometimes it looks on your resume as though you’ve moved, you’ve moved positions and companies and that there’s a company change there. So you’ve been one year here, one year there, one year here, and oftentimes that’s all in the same company. Make sure that you make it clear that this is all with the same company. So you don’t have a recruiter thinking that, that you are a job hopping. But the first thing you want to do is exactly what you said.

Optimize your resume, make sure that you go through there. And if there’s anything like that in, in, in the, you know, in your background that you can easily explain that it really puts an recruiter’s mind at ease. Yeah, immediately. And I see that often as well just to tip for if you’ve worked either with the same company and you’ve just been promoted multiple times, um, or if you’ve been working for the same company that’s been bought out by another company and then bought out again. And so then the name of the company changes. Um, I’ve had people who put, you know, name of company underneath it, multiple jobs or like multiple positions held and then the dates that they worked at the entire company. And then underneath that bullet points were this date to this date. Here’s my position title and what I did under that.

You know, the state did the state, here’s the position title, this is what I did. But then the first thing you’re seeing is, oh, they worked at this one place for a long time instead of seeing a bunch of bullet points with different days. Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes sense to me. I hope that does to everyone else because that’s a really good point. Yeah. Um, so moving on to our, our next point is, the next one is to draw attention to your skills, abilities and achievements. Now there’s a, there’s a style of resume that you can look into. It’s going to call, it’s called a functional style resume. I’ll tell you that. Me and Ethan, every recruiter, they would prefer to see a chronological resume when every time I see a functional style resume, I’m like, all right, what are they trying to hide?

Yeah. So, but this is an avenue for you to look at, especially also if you’re trying to move and change career paths, this is going to be a better thing where you highlight your skills and abilities more than you do your work history. Um, because if you’re trying to change your career, um, and the, the thing that you’re trying to move into has nothing to do with what you’ve done in the past, what you’ve done in the past. We’ll direct the recruiter’s attention in the wrong direction, but you’re going to want to make sure and put attention to your skills and experience any certifications that you have. You want to make sure and put that at the very top of your resume. Make sure that that gets a read and did. It’s in the right place. Now keep in mind that your resume, I’ve used this example several times.

Your resumes like a billboard on the side of the road. You’re going 60 miles an hour. That’s the way the recruiter fields, and they’re going to look at it at about the same amount of time that you have to read a billboard on the hallway. So sometimes when you take a look at that billboard, you’re able to clearly see what they’re marketing and then sometimes you have no idea what their marketing, make sure that your resume gives people, they know exactly what your marketing, and I think that that will help you to be able to highlight some of your skills over your work history. Yeah, definitely. And sometimes you can even do that still with the chronological resume and have you look at your resume. Oftentimes people will do, like at the very top they’ll do objective wear summary, you know, and he just very briefly tell about yourself.

Then under that it’s work history and then education, then maybe skills, you know, and sometimes it’s as simple as just rearranging that all of a sudden you put your skills up at the top. So that’s the first thing that a recruiter sees. And then you put maybe education then may be work histories at the bottom. Um, that’s not something that I would recommend normally. But if you’re afraid of your work history for kind of like what you said and you really want to draw attention to your skills, make it the first thing that people see. Yeah, know. Um, next thing is don’t lie. Um, this, this should be a without saying, but I want you to know that, um, if I were to really truly say what we do as recruiters, it is a lie detector. Yeah. We are a human lie detector and sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong, but it doesn’t change the fact that that is still our job because how many interviews do you have?

This, uh, today? Today I had six. If ever I had six. Yeah, I know. But you had [inaudible] you had two. All right. What are the odds that you got lied to? Uh, do you think you do, actually let me, let me ask you, do you think you were lied to today? I don’t think so. Okay. I know, I don’t think so. There’s one person that was a little hesitant about why they left a job, but then they talked about it. Right. But I could tell immediately they didn’t really want to talk about it because that’s your job though. When someone is honest and you know they’re honest because what the revealing to you is like it could be detrimental to them, but they’re honest about it anyway. Where does your SPEC level go? Right then very high. Remember this, please remember this because I think in our culture it is just a thing where it is.

Most people think that it’s easier and better for them in the long run if they lie and I’m telling you, I’m convinced that when you tell the truth, when you just go, you will get somebody that will respect so much that you told the truth, that they will give you a chance. Oh definitely man. Definitely. I had a guy just last week who I called him for a phone interview and everything was going great. We were talking good and right before we got, if he goes, hey man, real quick, like I’m glad we got this interview schedule. I just want to be honest. I did have a felony on my background some 20 years ago when I was young, but I want to be forward with you open about that so that you didn’t feel like I was hiding anything. And immediately my respect for him went up and immediately I felt like I could trust them.

Well your concern dropped to the ground because you’ve got you, I’ve got someone with some real character here. Yeah. And that’s a big part of what we have to look for. We have to find good character. And um, I’m just telling you every recruiter, we’re not alone. We’re not on an island over here. And I know we try to, you know, paint trinity to be a little bit different in everything that we do. Listen, we’re the same as everyone. This is a human need. This is a human Harkey needs top of thing. When people tell you the truth, it really sets you in a different place with them. Yeah, I agree. What’s our next one, Nathan? Man, we’ve got another one. Um, I’m actually going to say is assure them that you’re there to stay. Um, that’s so important man. And, and it’s, it’s, to me that one’s difficult.

Like you want them to know that. But man, guess, guess what, that girl that I was telling about earlier who’s job jumped five jobs in four months. Yeah. Guess what? I bet she’s told every other person though. Like, I promise give me a chance and we’ll go. When I told her that I couldn’t take a shot on her because her work history was so poor, she told me that’s not fair. I’m a hard worker. Yeah. I promise I’ll stick around. I want to give, I want to give people a, this is sales one oh one but I’m just telling you it works. I’m a salesperson by nature and God’s just given me this ability. So I’m going to share with you a secret of my trade. Um, when you share the reason why with a quick story, now we just laughed at. It’s true. It’s tough for me to tell a short story.

So I understand that if you’re one of those people, I get that. Um, but if you will tell, if you will answer that question in the form of a story, it will become much more believable because you’re going to have layers in there that will make it believable. Now, I can also teach you how to lie effectively by using stories. I don’t want you to, we just went over that. But let me, let me give you an example. Why did you leave your last job? Well, in my last, in my last job, there was something that was not a good connect for me. I realized it, it was not, I wasn’t operating in, in the talents that that I’m given is things that are easy for me. And I knew that I needed to adjust to be able to get into an area that I could be passionate about and then I would be naturally good at.

And so I, this was a tough decision for me, but I decided that I wanted to make this move. Now I want you to know that this move right here, I believe is moving me into those areas that I’m really gifted in. And when I get in that area, I am not going to leave. That’s really truly what I’m trying to find, and I know that when I get in the right place, I’m going to be an unbelievable asset for someone and I just want you to know I’m looking for what you’re looking for. I’m trying to find the right fit for me. I know that you don’t know that and I don’t know that, but I feel like this might be it and I would really love to have a chance. All right. You’re telling the story, you’re layering it with believable things, and so I just want you to know it doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Be sure to call these guys now for the top Tulsa Medical Staffing today!

If you sell it with a story, it’s going to go over a lot better. Yeah. And I think also doing that, it kind of, when I’m trying to sell a candidate to a company that I know has poor work history, the first thing I do, every time as I, as I addressed the fact that they have poor work history and it makes it, it makes them realize I’m not trying to hide anything. I know that they’ve got poor work history. I know they’ve jumped around a little bit, but I believe in them. I think they’re going to do great. And it’s the same thing that you’re saying. You’re like, hey listen, I’m not going to try and hide the fact that the junk job, the job, I’m, I’m aware that my work history isn’t awesome, but here’s the reason and here’s a story of why. You will not find a better Tulsa Medical Staffing, call now and be amazed!

And here’s why. That’s the second thing you do. You tell them that you tell them the truth and then you tell him the story on why you’re, you’re so, that’s exactly it. So, um, listen, we’ve got to wrap it up. We went long. Yeah. Ethan just gave you the nod. So listen, if we can help you out in any way with your, uh, with staffing, uh, for your company, or if you’re an employee looking for a job, we’d love to be able to help you. We’ve got a lot of great content on our website@trinityemployment.com or you can just give us a call at nine one eight six two two, two, five, eight, eight.