Tulsa Medical Staffing | How to Create a Great On Boarding Experience

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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, welcome back

A player matchmakers. We’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is how to create a great onboarding experience for future employees. It’s really, really important that not only do you recruit high-quality candidates and, but you keep them, it’s really, really important. Listen, it’s one thing to get the employees to start, but it’s another thing to keep them. Um, I remember a Jerry Seinfeld episode. Um, I don’t know if you remember this one, but it’s the one where he spends almost the entire show dealing with a rental car situation. And he told them, he told the cashier, I thought it was brilliant. He said it, see, you’ve got things all mixed up especially since they didn’t use a Tulsa Medical Staffing service. He said you know how to make the reservation. You just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s the most important part.

And don’t, we all feel like that sometimes when we’re dealing with customer service type people, all right. Um, we know how to recruit. Do we know how to hold? It’s really, really important that the statistics or the quotes that I use all the time is that, uh, you know, Steve jobs says a small team of players can run circles around a giant team of B and C level players. Um, and you’ve got to get those a player, but you’ve got to hold on to them. , another great quote that I saw when it comes to the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around, and this is anonymous is that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. And at the end of the day, you bet on people, not a strategy. So it’s really important that you get the right people and you’re able to keep them in. Can you believe the impact of a first impression?

Now I understand that when an employee starts, it’s not necessarily just a first impression like this, you, you probably at least met with them at least once, maybe twice, maybe even more, but now that they’re starting, what does the onboarding process look like? And listen, it really matters because talk is cheap and it’s really easy to talk. And how many times, how many people have, have met with someone and you’re really, really excited about that person or that company. And when you really dug into the weeds of it, you’re like, Oh man, they were not what I thought they were. It is, it is the truth. And so as a company, the first couple of weeks really matter because people are creating a belief system very, very quickly. And it’s really important that we, uh, that we deal with this and make it a priority.

So the first thing that you can do is just make sure that you prepare for their arrival, show your new hire, that they are important by making sure that you’re prepared. And you’ve got an entire agenda for them that day. You know, other employees that are going to be there, um, and walk them through, introduce them to people, you know, make them a welcome banner at art at our company for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around. We put like all these things on their desk and, and really try to make them feel comfortable. Um, number two, give them a tour of the office, make sure that that is planned out and there’s an agenda with it. And that the person doing it knows what they’re going to go do. Show them where the bathrooms are. Um, show them where the break room is. Give them the lay of the land. You know, a new office can be really disoriented.

You know, let them know where HR is, let them know where the recruiters are for us. You know, let them know where the sales team is. Let them know where, you know, they have access to this conference room over here. Um, let them, let them know how things work so that they’re not hit with. You know, when you got 20 people in there, you might have somebody come in and don’t, you know, that you’re only supposed to do it like this, you know, or, or, you know, whatever it is. You don’t want them to feel that way. Their first, uh, week number three, train them the right way. I think that you need to have an entire agenda for at least a week to two weeks. We have a detailed agenda. I think it’s so important that way they don’t feel like you don’t know what you are doing. We really look forward to helping you get the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around.

I remember when I started Trinity, my very first employee, uh, God bless her. She was so, uh, she’s such a wonderful individual and I still am friends with this person this day. But, uh, she literally makes fun of me when, when we see each other now way afterward saying, um, your first day was awful. You were not prepared. You just told me to get at it. And that’s just not the way you want people to feel. Um, start with small manageable tasks first, you know, they’re, there will be there. It’s gonna come to a point into, uh, your new, where your new employee becomes a seasoned veteran, and you can pile big assignments on them, but in their first week, give them a chance to ease into their new role and start learning, um, in bits rather than just being thrown in. Uh, I, I understand at some point you got to throw them in, let them do their thing, but maybe their first week might not give them a, at least a foundation first.

Um, number five, assign a mentor, assign the person that they should go to for questions. It’s really, really important. It’s normal for a newbie to feel unsure of the specifics during the first few weeks of the job, but many can really help when, when they have confusion about something, assigning someone who can give them the answer and then just walk them around, make sure that they’re, everything’s fine. Number six finished the paperwork. One way to know whether a company is organized or not is how their paperwork goes. And so it’s not the most enjoyable part of the process. In fact, no one really likes it generally, but it can really help your new employee to feel productive on their first day. If they, if they can be walked through the paperwork quickly. Um, last thing here, check on them often, let them know that, um, let them know that you’re there with the top Tulsa Medical Staffing around.

Let us give them permission to come and check with you. Uh, make them feel comfortable to come and ask questions. Don’t put the person that doesn’t want to be bothered, who loves their spreadsheets. And they just want to sit in their corner and be left alone. Don’t put that person in general in charge of making this person feel extraordinarily welcome. They don’t like people bugging them with all these questions. You want someone who is nice, friendly and welcoming to do it. Listen, Trinity is a staffing organization that we do our best to train our clients on the best ways to onboard employees that have a great Tulsa Medical Staffing need. We onboard employees every day and we want our employees at our customer’s place to feel welcome. And so anything that we can do with any of our customers, we want to add value to them with, uh, helping you with a, uh, an onboarding system. But I believe we’re one of the best staffing firms in the Tulsa area. For sure. We’re a staffing firm near you. Please give us a call at Trinity employment specialists at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.