Tulsa Medical Staffing | How Covid-19 is Reshaping Hiring

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s “A” player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, and welcome back to the A-player match bankers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value

job seekers and employers. The title of this podcast is our 10 tips for hiring in a post-COVID 19 era. I feel like everything I’ve done is post-COVID. This, these last three podcasts I’ve done are all post COVID. That’d be a bit quite honest with you. I’m so sick and tired of hearing COVID anything. And I think the reason that I keep looking at this and using topics like this and not just avoiding it is that it’s just right in the face of everyone. And when it comes to hiring, that’s just a part of it. And so if you do listen to this regularly, I’m so sorry for the word COVID happening at the very beginning of my podcast. So many times it’s just a reality that we’re all having to deal with and it is changing things quite a bit. And so it’s really important for us to understand what, what is it that we should do without a great Tulsa Medical Staffing service?

So some statistics, you know, we have, uh, in the months of March, April, and may, and then probably into June as well, we had 30 million people apply for unemployment benefits, according to the, um, according to the department of labor. And so that is going to throw a ton of people out there. Um, I know that in our medical facilities, we lost at Trinity roughly 99% of all of our medical personnel, which is really just unprecedented. Um, I would have never thought that I’ve been doing this for 12 years now. We’ve never had anything like that happen in the, uh, in the medical field, especially it, I was literally telling my mentor previous to this. I said, man, we’re almost just Bulletproof with the mint, with the medical community that we’re doing, because we also had opened up, a division in travel nursing. And I was like, man, this is just going to completely recession-proof us.

And literally two or three weeks later. And he had told me, he said, man, be careful when you say that, you just never know what’ll happen. This thing happens. And it just demolished our medical groups. It’s pretty crazy. But, um, I, I’ve got a few things here, here at 10 tips. It’s going to take me at least two podcasts to get through this. But the first, the first part of this is, uh, um, understand that there are changes in the job market and you’re going to have to deal with them. Um, this pandemic has impacted just about every person, company, and industry out there. Some of the companies have benefited from it. I have, a good buddy who isn’t a manager or not a manager and owner at a couple of Chick-fil-A’s and they’ve increased by 30%. I’ve another one of my best friends. He owns, uh, a, a, it company that provides its services for us with ours as the best Tulsa Medical Staffing company.

Well, now that everybody’s working from home, his increase, his company has increased drastically, but each company has been impacted differently and has the recent changes to the job market impacted the industry that you’re most active in. It’s going to depend. Um, how will it impact your candidate supply when you start hiring and knowing where your industry lies is the very first step to revamping your strategy in hiring during a situation like this, Aaron Stewart, who is the co-founder and chief visionary officer for job.com did a great job of articulating how different industries are being affected by this pandemic. He says some sectors have been obliterated like hospitality and travel, conversely to that summer, absolutely booming logistics and healthcare workers are in huge demand is what he said. It’s very obvious to me. He has no idea about the healthcare field. The healthcare field has been obliterated, and it’s just now beginning to make a little bit of comeback.

And if you don’t believe me, just if you take out, um, if you stop all voluntary surgery, which is probably what, 70 or 80% of surgeries like orthopedic, um, gallbladder, some, something like that. Um, what do you think that’s going to do to the specialty clinics and also to hospitals that support those surgeries? Like it’s going to obliterate them. That’s, that’s, what’s happened. Like we staffer hospitals all over the nation and the companies that we normally have roughly 4,000 job opportunities, it’s down to less than a hundred in the medical field. So that’s that quote that he has, that he has there. He doesn’t work in the medical field. Sorry. Uh, sorry, Aaron. I think you’re a little bit off there. We all thought it was going to boom, the healthcare field, but it didn’t, it really heard it a number two anticipate your short and longterm hiring needs with our Tulsa Medical Staffing.

The key to recession hiring is analyzing and anticipating your short term and longterm needs. So to do this, you’re going to need to quickly adapt and adjust your hiring plan to make sure you’re reflecting the current state of the workforce. You got to do really. You just got to do a lot of reading Harvard’s own CEO barren RAF explained the current climate and why being proactive is important. He said, companies that are struggling today should remember that this crisis will eventually, will eventually end and they should have a reopening strategy in place. Keep former employees close because tens of thousands of companies will reopen overnight resulting in an unprecedented recruiting storm. And that’s what I was been talking about, said the labor. He said the labor market is shifting from a candidate-driven employer-driven. However, employers still need to be strategic about filling their roles and selecting the best candidates I’m telling you.

This is going to shift and it’s going to shift quickly and employers really need to be ready for it and start staying close to their networking contacts or they’re putting their former employees. Number three, prepare for your recruitment tech stack recruitment technology is going to, it’s going to continue to change, and it’s even more essential now than it was before this from remote interviewing to applicant tracking for the best Tulsa Medical Staffing around. There’s a number of solutions that can ease the process of hiring in a recession. Plus you can also contact a staffing firm, but to prepare for your talent for your recruitment, a technology change, um, you, you’re going to need to review the solutions that you use right now and see if they’re going to be able to help you in the next following weeks. You need to look at sourcing tools, applicant tracking systems. So you can keep old, uh, uh, resumes, pre-employment assessment tools, virtual interviewing software recruitment, marketing, suite, onboarding software.

I’m telling you this whole thing has changed completely. The way that we recruit I’ll bet you, 80% of all of our interviews are done online and our recruiters can work from home. It’s crazy. I would have never thought that number four, define what candidate quality means for you. You decide who is a good candidate for you. And while there’s no doubt, recruiters are gonna see soon. See a huge uptick in job applications. We’ve got 30 million people out there and only 2.5 million of a comeback in the last two or three weeks. It’s important to continue prioritizing candidate quality, um, and, and job fit in times of budget cuts and cost optimizations. You don’t want to spend money on hiring someone. That’s just going to lose them because they weren’t a good fit. So you need to ask yourself, what kind of candidates are we looking for and start looking for them now because I’ll tell you it’s not easy to recruit right now with this unemployment package that they put together. Many employees with our Tulsa Medical Staffing today, if they’re making underneath $50,000 a year, it’s very difficult to get them to come back to work. And I wish that the employees could see the long term game plan for them for their lives, but they’re only seeing the short term game plan. And that listens, I’m making more money on this unemployment thing that I’ve ever gotten before.

You know, I’m car shopping right now from a wife and she’s trying to get a new car because hers just keeps breaking down. It’s just, it’s this first thing deal. But anyway, one of the things that we cannot find our cars, because people who have gotten this unemployment package, they’ve gone out, bought cars, all sorts of stuff. Uh, other industries that have improved our, uh, pools. I’ve, uh, I have a good buddy who owns a pool company. They’ve exploded. I have another buddy who owns a, like a pergola building, you know, outdoor living space exploded. Their business has, you know the best Tulsa Medical Staffing is here for you, these $2,500 checks that they, that the government handed out, man, it’s spring our economy, at least with small business. Um, number five, focuses on promoting job security and growth. You need to make sure and let people know they’re going to be okay. All of these 30 million employees, if you don’t think they’re going to be a little bit gun shy on, Hey, are you going to survive? This is you, is your company in a strong position.

It’s going to be really important. It’s going to be the number one thing. Job seekers are going to be looking for, especially because they just saw that economic downturn and they’re not alone. Let’s just be honest. If you’re an employer, you’re trying to figure out the same thing. What is this thing going to do? But if you’re going to be trying to attract new employees during your session, it’s important to build job security into your employer value proposition. So you can then promote security growth in your job postings and your communication to candidates, to at least get them thinking that this, you know, your company is a good option. Number six, align the team with your recruitment strategy, make sure your entire team knows what’s going on. Keep in mind your best hires around for the top Tulsa Medical Staffing services. Come through networking with your in referrals from your employees, your player employees. They do not want to bring a B player onto the team. Your “A” players are a great resource for you. So your recruitment strategies likely already changed, and you’re going to need to make sure your internal team is exactly aware of all the modifications that you’ve made. Making sure that people who are involved in the recruitment, such as you know, your hiring, your team members, that might be a part of the interviewing process and your top little level executives, understand what you’re focusing on right now and why

when you align your team and get them up to date on your strategy, you can pivot a lot quicker, a lot quicker and make sure that everybody stays on the same page, but most companies aren’t going to do this. They’re just going to assume that everyone knows, and they’re gonna S they’re, they’re already overwhelmed. So they’re just going to steam forward with most people, not even understanding what’s going on. Next thing is, is focused on maintaining a strong employer brand Mark Cuban. Who’s obviously a well-known entrepreneur said it best how companies treat their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic will likely define their brand for decades to come. So your employer brand is a top priority for your business and people paid attention and people are going to talk about it. So the way that you bring them back with our Tulsa Medical Staffing, everything matters in according to a LinkedIn survey, one in four company posts on their site mentions coronavirus. What’s even more companies on LinkedIn with the most engagement use specific words and phrases more than others. For example, terms like social distancing, public health take care garnered with higher engagement than just normal Corona of ours.

Um, last, last thing here, um, hire fully remote workers and contractors remote and contract work has been on the rise, and this is likely going to change things. And so companies might want to take a look at this, um, Lee, the last statistic I’ll share with you, 66% of organizations, Mmm. Building a candidate pipeline is currently their top priority. And that is, that is really, I think the big thing, because you’re going to need to build a talent pool and stay in touch with your quality candidates and make sure that you are showing them some love to use a, I don’t know, uh your just the top employees with our Tulsa Medical Staffing services, like a language that’s of the youth. I don’t know what I’m trying to say there, but Trinity can help you in any way. Please give us a call. We love to be a resource for you. Our phone number is (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us at online at trinityemployment.com.